Ember Fullbuster is your average fifteen year old girl. It’s the first day of school and a strange boy appears at her front door, saying that she is a werewolf and will have her first shift this full moon. During their conversation, she discovers that he is a werewolf himself. Ember brushes him off, thinking that he is just pranking her, she goes to school as normal, but the day of the full moon, she begins seeing strange things. Her head pounds and she gets a high fever. Her vision fades into a red glow. She gets sent home from school. But when the full moon rises, her life will never be the same again.


1. Fulki

The soft moonlight soaked into her fur. The rays enveloping her ember body. She tipped her head back and let out a loud howl, it vibrated through the cool night air. To her left, a cactus merged into a tree, and to her right, an open road ahead. The moon seemed to be calling her. Getting up slowly and adjusting to her furry body, she stumbled towards the silver sphere floating gently above her. Her walbed walk turned into a stable trot, then a swift gallop. She seemed to understand how to move her newly emerged body. Faster she ran, faster and faster, until there was nothing separating the trees and moonlight around her. The moon illuminated her world silver, she ran faster. There was only silver around her. Her legs stopped. The silver remained. The light seemed to flow around her, welcoming her with open arms, hugging her. A figure emerged from the light, and as he did, the light released her. She was sad to leave the comfort of the moon. The figure came closer, she soon realized it was different from her shaggy form. The figure was human. She wasn’t. Confusion stabbed its way into her mind. “Relax, you are alright, you are a wolf.” The figure spoke. She tried to respond, but all that came out was a low, bark. He chuckled. At first she thought he was joking, but after her bark, she realized, she was, indeed, a wolf. “We may never speak again, but know that you are not alone.” Confusion once again stabber her. She tried to saw “what?” but instead a bark escaped her lips again. Loud, annoying alarms surged through the silver darkness. “Goodbye Little Lite”. “Little Lite?” she wanted to ask, but even her bark was silenced by the ceiling of her bedroom forming from the silver moonlight blur.


The morning sun shone through her window, beckoning her awake. Her alam was blazing louder than ever, sending vibrations of pain through her head. Moving her arm swiftly, it came crashing down on the alarm clock, shattering it.

“Oh God” she said, thinking of ways to hide her broken alarm clock, which had run so much of her life. Finally rolling out of bed, realizing she was running severely late, she got ready, ate breakfast, and was about to leave for Oak Ridge, her new high school. This was the first day of freshman year, and the nerves were high. But as she opened the front door, a strange face greeted her.

“Hiya!” the boy exclaimed. Ember jumped back in surprise.

“Name’s Ash, and I’m a werewolf.”

“Yea, sure you are.” She challenged

“Yes, I am, and you are a werewolf too-” he was cut off.

“Sure I am.” Disbelief evident in her voice.

“Just hear me out.” He pleaded.

“Fine.” She told him, she was already late for school and her parents had already left for work.

“Thank you, I am a werewolf, so are you. I am a few months older than you and I started shifting two months ago. This full moon will be my third shift ever, a werewolf has to go through five full moon shifts before he or she can shift at will. It is rare for a werewolf to remember his or her first change. The energy required for someone to change their body into something else normally knocks the human unconscious for the first five times. Although the human mind may wake back up as the number of shifts increases, but will not have  enough energy to control the shift, only remember it. But on their sixth shift they will not only be able to shift without the help of the full moon, but they will be able to control their wolf form. When a shifter turns twenty-one, they will be able to turn people by biting them. Any release of venom into a bite before then will kill the prey.” Ash seemed to stop to wait for her reaction which of course was, PRANK. But one thing Ash said sent a shiver down her spine. The way he said the word prey shuddered her to the bone.

“Leave me alone!” She turned and slammed the door in his face and heading toward the back door. Just when she thought she got away, the same “Hiya,” echoed around her ears, but this time it was followed by a “you can’t lose a werewolf that easily.”

Remembering the way she shattered her alarm clock this morning, Ember said, “Maybe not, but I can knock you unconscious.” Mustering up all the energy she could, she slammed her clenched fist into the boy’s head. He fell with a thud and Ember went off to school like the incident had never occurred.

    The walk to school seemed a bit off, she had much more energy than your average fifteen year old girl should. But being the perfectly normal human that she was, she ignored this and walked into the next four years of her life. The outdoor campus makes for a relaxing school and a nice place for shifters. Why am I even considering that what Ash said was true? I am human, my parents are human. But that dream, I was a wolf, and who was that man and what did he mean by Little Lite? A nickname? A strong shove on the shoulder yanked her away from her thoughts and she turned to thank her savior, she was mere inches away from slamming her forehead into a pole. “Than-” Ember began to say, but was cut off when the boy turned slowly after muttering something that sounded suspiciously like, werewolf, turned on his heels, and darted back the way he came.

“Hahahaha, oh, sorry about him. His name’s Raef, he went to my old school. I’m Eden by the way” The girl standing infront of her outreached her hand and Ember took it, shaking it.  

“I’m Ember, nice to meet you, what class do you have next?”

“Geometry, you?” There was obvious dred in Eden’s voice, but her expression lightened when Ember told her she had the same class next. Side by side, the two girls walked to their numerical doom.

    The class went by dreadfully slowly, an hour and a half felt like a melania had passed, but now it was nine thirty and time for snack. Ember and Eden walked to the field causally, tossing topics up and down in light conversation.

“Hey, I just realized something.” Eden said.


“Both our names start with and E, Ember and Eden.” Eden said.

“Woah that’s cool, maybe we should make an Only-People-With-Names-That-Start-With-E club.” Ember suggested.

“That’s a long title.”

“It’s a work in progress.” Ember replied.

By now the girls had made it to the field in the center of campus and began eating with the rest of Oak Ridge. Ember caught sight of Raef walking towards them, just as her gaze landed on him, he turned and darted away.

“What’s up with Raef?” Ember asked, hoping not to get to personal.

“What do you mean?” Eden asked.

“Every time I look at him, he turns and runs away.”

“Now that you mention it, he does seem to do that, doesn’t he.” Eden was silent for a minute, “Maybe he likes you, but is too intimidated to talk to you.” She teased.

“I don’t think so, when he ran the first time, he muttered werewolf under his breath.” She decided not to mention Ash showing up at her front door this morning, her thoughts wandered back to when she supposedly knocked a werewolf unconscious. But was pulled from her thoughts when an arm thrust her upward. Almost a split second later, she fell to her knees, clutching her head, wincing in pain as her heart pounded in her skull sending waves of terror that made this morning’s alarm clock incident seem like a paper cut. Her vision was reddening from the blood flow to her brain, or so she thought. Everything went dark. There was nothing, only darkness. A brown wolf appeared from the shadows. It’s thoughts were clearing echoing through her mind. We will soon be separated no more.

    The darkness blinked away and two pairs of worried eyes were looking down at her. One, she recognized as Eden’s blue eyes, the other were forest green and she said to look at his face to realize it was Raef.

“Are you okay?” Eden sounded worried about her new friend, but Ember could tell there was something else in her voice, Raef was the one to confirm that.

“She’s fine, why am I here, I got excited for nothing.” Raef’s voice was rough and cold. Sending shivers down her spine in the same manner Ash did when he said “prey.” Raef’s attention returned to her, curisoulity glistening in his deep eyes. He was only inches from her face and she couldn’t help but look at him more closely. He had lightish skin and dark blackish-grey hair. His green eyes almost didn’t suit his black and white body. He leaned in closer, turning her face so they would lock eyes, he seemed to be looking for something. Only then did she realize that she said, prey, out loud.

“Prey?” She repeated curiously. Raef leaned closer so his forehead was touching hers, his breath brushed against her skin, but his stare kept her from focusing on the normally romantic situation. He stared deeper into her soul, looking for something there. Uncomfort seeped into her veins as she looked back into his soul. She wasn’t about to let some stranger force her into submission. But what she saw, when looking into his eyes startled her more than submitting ever would. She saw a fox, a fox’s soul. Only then did she realize what he was look for, he was looking for her wolf. It’s now or never. She told her herself, as she accepted her own animal soul. Looking into the void of her mind for her wolf, one word came to mind. Fulki. She felt something rise within her, the pounding headache returned, and her vision blared scarlet. Darkness once again consumed her as her body went limp in Raef’s arms.

    When she woke, she was sitting in her bed, almost being cradled by Raef.

“Mornin Sleeping Beauty.” Raef joked but his smile soon faden when he saw the look on Ember’s face.

“What the hell Raef! Why are we in my bed and how do you know where I live!” The rage made the headache return but this time, she fought the darkness and refused to go limp as the world filtered itself scarlet again. The boy next to her swiftly figured out her plot to fight, because he swerved around her and whispered something in her ear. The words itself were drowned out by her rage, which soon faded. Now realizing that she needed to stay calm, she repeated her question calmly.

“The nurse sent you home, passing out twice isn’t good for human health. I found my way home by following your scent.” Raef explained, obviously not hiding anything. But the way he specified human, the fox she saw in his soul, and following her scent. Tired of turning her back to what was clearly sprawled out in front of her, she returned her focus to Raef.

“Are you a werefox?” She asked cautiously, hopping she didn’t overstay her bounds.

“Yes.” He answered simply, “And you are a werewolf.”

She was tired of people telling her that, but she knew it was true. “I know.” She responded solemnly

“You do?” Surprise was evident on his face.

“Yea, this guy came to my front door this morning telling me about werewolves, how I am a werewolf and how he is a werewolf, and stuff about remembering werewolf shifts and-” She was abruptly cut off,“What was his name?!” Raef sounded more like he spoke a demand than a question.
“Ash.” She said flinching away from the sudden burst of anger. He must have noticed her movement because he wrapped her up in a strong hug and whispered, “I’m sorry” She drifted into his strong embrace then remembered she had just met this guy and backed away. Confusion and a strong, what did I do now, feeling washed over his face.

“I just met you.” Ember said, although her body felt cold without his arms around her.

“Fair enough.” Raef seemed to accept her explanation. After all, she was still a fifteen year old human whether she said the soul of a wolf or not, she still was part human.

“Where’s Eden?” She asked

“Probably at her house by now, it’s 4:30 pm.”

“What?” She glanced at the clock and realized Raef was right, how long was she out? It was around two o’clock when she woke up with Raef and Eden staring at her in the nurse’s office.

But her thoughts ceased abruptly when Reaf lifted his nose in the air and twiched it a bit.

“Sorry Little Lite, I wish I could stay longer.” He smiled knowingly before fading his body into a grey and black fox. The only thing that stayed the same were his gentle forest green eyes. The fox in question nodded before leaping off her bed and through the open back door. Her phone rang only seconds later, it was her mother telling her that she and her father will have overnight shifts tonight. But before Ember had a chance to relax, the doorbell rang. Part of her wished it was Raef. But she was sorely disappointed to see Ash waiting outside.

“Ready to go?” He said, clearly forgetting the fact that he had been unconscious for most of the day. But instead of arguing, she simply nodded her head. She needed a friend in all this, and while she had Raef, he wasn’t a wolf. So, she put on her friendliest face and walked out the front door with her new “friend.”

    Ash led her to a small clearing. It was well before dark and she was confused about her leader’s decisions.

“It’s not even five, why are we heading out already?” She asked

“Because it’s better to be here early than running for cover when the moon rises, and besides, I have something to show you.” There was a glimmer in his eyes as he finished his add on.

“Like what?” She said.

“Like a den.” He said, smiling proudly. They continued to walk in silence until the tree cover faded and the woods opened up.

“Woah.” Ember said in awe.

“You like it?” Ash teased.

“Like it, I love it.” As Ember said this, a proud smile found its way across Ash’s lips.

“This way.” He led her down the steep hill until they came across a cliff. He jumped down, she followed and was met with a falling hand. Ember realized what Ash was trying to do.

“Sorry.” She said, “But I can handle myself.”

“I can see that, but the walk here was about and hour, so we’ll wait here until the moon rises.” Something lurched within Ember’s stomach, this is real. She will go through more pain tonight than most people go through in their entire life. Fear was creeping its way into her mind when the first pang of pain hit her. She screamed, louder than she ever had, but the pain didn’t let up. It never did. It only increased. She felt everything, she felt her organs move within her body and she felt her bones snapping and adjusting themselves. Her skull throbbed, everything hurt. Fire ran through her veins. Then it was all black, everything stopped. She woke up the next morning in a completely different place in the woods. A blanket was draped over her body, when she sat up, it fell, revealing her bare chest. A whistle sent heat rushing to her cheeks, only then did Ash reveal himself from the brush. He was butt naked. Ember shut her eyes and turned away quickly, in an attempt to both look away from Ash, and hide her own body under the blanket.

“Where are my clothes?” She asked without moving from her balled in shape.

“You shredded them when you changed.”

“How do I get new ones-” She was cut off by fabric hitting her bare rump.


“I’ll turn while you change.”

“Thanks.” She said as she unrolled herself to see if Ash had kept his word. He did, his back was facing her. Woah, he actually has manners, she thought to herself. Getting up, she dressed herself in the loose clothing.

“How do we get home?” She asked.

“We are home, but I guess you want to get back to your lie of a life.” There was irritation in his voce, “or you just want to get back to Raef.” His irritation turned to rage.

“Raef?” How did he know he was there? She thought to herself.

“I caught his scent on you when I came to pick you up last night. Do I even want to know what you two did?” The tone of Ash’s voice was unknown to Ember.

“What’s wrong with you, I have a life to get back to. Raef is my friend. You need to chill.” With that, she turned on her heels and ran for the woods. The wind seemed to blow her in the right direction. It seemed to blow her home. And finally, after what felt like an eternity of running, the tree’s parted and her neighborhood emerged. It was Thursday morning and she was running late for school (yes, again). She ran home and burst through the front door just was Steph, her mother was walking upstairs to wake her up. Ember was met with a very confused face.

“I watched the sunrise.” Ember said in a wave of panic.

“Yea and that’s why you’re panting, just get in the car.”  The car ride to school was almost silent, only the screech of the tires on the pavement broke through the deafening quiet.

You shouldn’t feel that way about Raef and Ash.” A strange, somewhat feminine voice echoed in her head.

Oh, please forgive me, I am Fulki, your wolf.”

“My wolf….” Ember said aloud. Her mom turned, with worry in her eyes, she broke the silence, leaving Ember to decipher Fulki’s words later.

“You know Em, last night was a full moon.” Steph almost sounded like a teenager teasing her friend about a guy. The car pulled into the drop off circle for school. Ember go out of the car and started walking toward campus. Before walking into freedom, she turned back and coldened her eyes, “So” she replied, and continued walking away from her underminded past.

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