Emery's Story

"Breathing was a challenge. This couldn't be happening. How was this happening? Why was this happening?"

|Side note: I'm not 100% on the title, let me know if you've got any suggestions.| Entry for the Gender Roles Competition|


1. Emery's Story




Emery stood at the back of the packed club, leaning against the wall, people watching. Archer and Baily had already gone off into the sea of bodies, whether to dance or get drinks, Emery was unsure. It didn't matter, either way, they had likely already forgotten Emery in favor of their relationship.

Sighing and pushing away from the wall, Emery began to navigate through the crowd to the washrooms. After being justled around and danced around by the faceless masses, the faded and flickering neon signs came into view, their pink and blue lights casting a sickly glow. However, just at the edge of the dancefloor, Emery paused.

As panic began to set into Emery's bones, the dizzying sensations of the club began to fade. The dancers seemed to freeze and the bright, flashy lights darkened. Where before the music had made the tile floor vibrate, it was now dull and muffled. As if the speakers were hidden behind walls of cotton. Emery's breathing became quick and shallow at the sight. Breathing was a challenge.

This couldn't be happening. How was this happening? Why was this happening?

Just as Emery began to feel it; the weight of the world crashing down, it slipped into view. It was such a small thing, so simple, and yet the sight filled Emery with a wave of relief so powerful it nearly had a physical impact.

Emery took a steadying breath. This simple thing seemed to have power over peoples lives, the power to give and take it at will, simply by being present. The very sight of it had saved Emery, and they were filled with an overwhelming feeling of joy as they stepped through the door of the gender-neutral washroom.

Thier identity had been validated.





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