This is going to be a composition of my poetry that I will write as I go along. It will be view-able as it is being written. Really hope you guys enjoy, and please leave your feedback I would love to hear it!

Don't be shy, please comment! :D

<3 BriannaLea


3. To My Son

Baby Boy,

One day you realize the world isn't what it seems.

You will see that most people are fake.

People lie, cheat, steal, and so much more.

In the world now, you must be careful who you trust.

Even those closest to you, may have bad intentions.

Blood doesn't make you family, and family doesn't mean blood.

I wish I can protect you from all this, but it's impossible.

No one can control other people or their intentions.

I hope you have a good judgement in people.

I don't want to see you get hurt, it will break my heart.

Your father and you are the loves of my life.

All I want in this world is to protect you guys; and your sisters- even if they aren't mine by blood.

You are loved baby boy, more than you'll every know.

I hope one day you'll get to read this, and it will make you smile.

We love you more than I can describe.

Carrying you in my belly has been one of the greatest experiences; and soon we'll get to meet you.

Soon we'll welcome you to the world, and get to hold and love you.



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