This is going to be a composition of my poetry that I will write as I go along. It will be view-able as it is being written. Really hope you guys enjoy, and please leave your feedback I would love to hear it!

Don't be shy, please comment! :D

<3 BriannaLea


4. The Rain

The rain is peaceful and beautiful.

It washes away the negativity; cleansing everything.

Standing in the rain is such a relaxing feeling; nature is such a beautiful thing.

Rain drop after rain drop fall, wetting the ground.

It cool and refreshing, on a hot day.

Night rain is the best.

The dark is lit up by the stars, as the water drops hit the ground.

Nothing is better than hearing rain drops hitting a puddle.

How can anyone hate the rain?

I always enjoyed standing in the rain; the water drops seem to wash everything away.

Some people don't enjoy it, but playing in the mud afterwards is so much fun.

One day, my children will be able to experience the beauty of the rain.

The rain is a beautiful creation.



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