This is going to be a composition of my poetry that I will write as I go along. It will be view-able as it is being written. Really hope you guys enjoy, and please leave your feedback I would love to hear it!

Don't be shy, please comment! :D

<3 BriannaLea


5. The Cursed Rose

On the counter sat the rarest of roses- half black, half red.

The black symbolizing the darkness, red symbolizing blood of its victims.

Everyone admiring its beauty, but not knowing the truth.

They are face to face with a cursed rose.

A rose that drains its victims of happiness, until they drop dead.

The couple begins to fight, the woman throwing glass at the man.

One good throw, and she hits him square in the head- dropping dead.

In fear, the woman takes a knife and plunges it through her abdomen- bleeding to death.

The officers close off the crime scene, the rose still sitting beautifully on the the counter.

Admiring its beauty, the officer takes the rose home.

He surprises his wife with this beautiful rose- she's speechless.

She places the rose on the night stand next to the bed.

The red becomes brighter, and the black becomes darker.

She awakes from a terrifying dream, her husband nowhere to be found.

Scared, she searches the house.

Later to find him in the guest room with another woman.

She pulls a gun, and shoots the woman and then herself.

The husband left in his own misery and mistakes.

All of the suffering, makes the rose grow fuller.

With every victim, its beauty becomes more and more irresistible.

No one sees the curse within this rare beauty.

Its beauty blinds everyone.

A rare flower that holds an ugly curse.

How many more victims will it be able to take?

Or is beauty truly blinding?



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