This is going to be a composition of my poetry that I will write as I go along. It will be view-able as it is being written. Really hope you guys enjoy, and please leave your feedback I would love to hear it!

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<3 BriannaLea


2. Addiction

**Warning mature content**

*Context about drugs*



Meeting the wrong person, took a huge toll on my life.

I was always what people called a "good girl" until he walked into my life.

One person, changed my life for the worst.

I became introduced into drugs- two specifically: cocaine and meth.

As the days went by and I was given one everyday, I became dependent on meth.

When I got arrested and released, the first thing I looked for was dope.

No doubt I was an addict before, and when i got out I continued.

When I met my love, he knew I had a problem.

No one had been able to get through to me, until I met him.

He told me the drug was going to ruin my life; told me I was too beautiful to be on it.

Months and months went by, and sadly I relapsed and left him.

Not once, but twice or three times.

I just wanted the drug; wanted everything to go away.

One day, I over-did myself and became deathly sick.

Then, I almost over dosed.

When I came down, I contacted him and begged him for help.

I knew if I didn't get help, I was going to end up dead.

He agreed to help me, but we weren't going to have feelings for each other.

Before I knew it, we were back together.

Since then, I've been clean and been with my love nearly a year.

Who knew a beg for help to get away from my addiction would turn out to be the best decision of my life.

Now we are expecting a son, and neither one of us will even associate with people who touch the drug.

Anyone can overcome an addiction, all they need is the right person.

Even if it comes down to isolating yourself like I had to.

Every day I am very grateful to him, he saved my life when I needed it most.



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