Ready to Run - Harry Styles AU

Jamie was reckless. She didn't care anymore. About anything. Anything and everything was overrated in her opinion. One night of vandalizing the car of a certain Styles sets her life into the rollercoaster of emotions she desperately wanted to avoid. It's only starting to ascend the first hill. *TRIGGER WARNING*


7. Chapter 7

Jamie's POV

Right when I walked through the door of our penthouse, I became a sandwich between Amy's arms. I patted her back.

"How was he? Did he treat you okay?" she inquired.

"Harry was fine."

"You sure? You're not brainwashed or...?"

I laughed. "Is that even possible?"

We sat down on the couch, me propping my feet on the coffee table. 

"Tell me about it. Everything," Amy demanded.

"Well, um, he decided not to throw me in jail, made me breakfast, took me to Abbey Road Studios, and allowed me back home."

Now that I had said all these things out loud, it made me realize just how nice Harry was. How could I have just ran away like that?

"Details!" my best friend begged.

"We hugged. Oh my god, he was so hot! You don't even realize. I don't have a picture of him but he has brown curly hair, green eyes, good voice, and a really fit body. Ugh, his legs... they're so toned!"

Amy looked deep in thought. "Is his last name Styles?"

Harry Styles, the guy who I blocked on Twitter. My Harry was different. He told me his last name, but like I said, I only remembered things that were relevant to me.

"No... I don't think so," I answered.

"You sure?"

"Yes. Positive."

We talked a bit longer until we were all caught up. Nothing really happened here, so I was kind of grateful to have been away. But then again, if nothing was happening, I'd go and make something happen.

My phone beeped, signalling a message. 

Harry: Hey jam jam

Jamie: Hey hairbear

Harry: Haha I like that nickname

"Oh, Jamie, we have to go grocery shopping," Amy said.

I waved my hand, the other texting Harry. "Yeah, yeah. See you later."

Jamie: You're such an idiot

I heard Amy sigh. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw her stand.

"Can you buy cereal?" I asked, looking up.


"There's strawberry flavoured cereal?"

"I can check if you want."


Amy nodded. I turned my attention back to the conversation with Harry.

Harry: I'm your idiot ;)

Jamie: Ew

Harry: Excuse me?!

I got pistachio ice cream out of the fridge, scooped it into a bowl, and began eating it. Each spoonful just kept getting better and better. Ice cream was so much better than men. I found it a bit sad how women resort to ice cream after a breakup. Like, it was right there, before you were born, while you lived your life, and will continue to live on after you die. Men, on the other hand, will only leave you once they find someone better, and there will always someone better than you.

Leaving Harry hanging, I took out my laptop watched a bit of Riverdale. It was such an intense movie, with a lot of suspense and even more kissing. It was as if the moment a couple broke up, one of them (or even both) had already found someone else within the span of a day. I found Betty and Jughead infuriating and annoying. I didn't know why. Just something about their do-gooding and curious personalities made me want to punch them. Cheryl was definitely my favourite. The way she held herself and kept that strong front to shield her from threats was amazingly inspirational. She only showed her true self to her inner circle of Vixens.

After binge-watching the show all over again, I realized the sun was setting. I texted Harry back.

Jamie: I'll pick you up in 1 hour

Harry: Why?

Jamie: We're going to the club

If he protested, I didn't see because I was already in front of my mirror, trying on outfits. In the end, I settled for a little black dress (see what I did there?). It had no sleeves and reached just above my knees. I even wore skimpy underwear, for the perverts who took a peek. Dress to impress, right? I could either wear black heels or red ones. I needed something to stand out tonight, so I strapped on my red high heels to match my blood red lipstick. My ring rested on the base of my ring finger on my right hand. For my hair, I curled the already wavy strands to add a little more bounce. I left some of the back down but swept up the sides into a middle-heighted ponytail to give some volume, also making sure I didn't get too sweaty tonight. Finally, with a light touch of smoky eyeshadow, mascara, blush; the works, my outfit was complete for tonight.

I quickly grabbed my sparkly black handbag and headed out the door, already a bit late.

"Hey Curly," I honked once parked in his driveway. I knew he could call the cops any moment now, but tonight was all about fun so I didn't care. If they did come, all the better. The more the merrier. 

"Hey," he grinned. He sported black jeans with brown suede Chelsea boots and a deep red button up shirt which was transparent. It was half unbuttoned too, and from here I could see the sparrows and butterfly tattoo, plus a peek of another one which his jeans were mostly covering.

"You look good," he complimented. I could see the awe and a little bit of lust in his eyes.

"You're not to bad yourself. Get in."

We played 20 questions. I learned that he had a sister named Gemma, his parents were divorced, and his step-dad, Robin, died from cancer. He apparently didn't have a job, which was fine since I didn't have a job either. Being a criminal was a full-time thing for me. The other stuff were the basics, such as favourite colour, favourite food, favourite hobby (it was singing), etc.

Finally, we reached the club. We showed the bouncer our ID, and he let us inside the great black building.

"Have you ever been clubbing before?" I asked.

"I know how to have fun," Harry said defensively.

"Calm yourself. I was just asking."

I made a beeline towards the bar, where I ordered countless shots of vodka. Harry only ordered one glass. I raised an eyebrow at him quizzically.

"Well one of us has to be sober enough to make sane decisions and drive back home," was his response.

I chuckled and gulped down the buttery liquid. It burned down my throat and made a fuzzy sensation in my stomach. Soon I had finished all 10 shots. Two more and I was out of my mind. I was pretty tolerable to alcohol, seeing as how much I became drunk. If the fact that alcohol made you dumber was true, I was dumb as fuck.

I could feel Harry's gaze following me into the crowd. The music was loud. Sweaty bodies pressed against mine. I loved every single moment I was swinging my hips. I loved the squeals of delight that burst out of my lips, making the air around me smell even more like alcohol. I loved everything about this. Some part of me knew I was going to be very sick very soon, but it didn't matter to my wasted mind.

"HARRY!" I giggled. "COME!"

Arms grabbed me from behind. I turned and saw Harry grinning at me.

"Dance with me," I demanded. By now, I had already tossed my stilettos somewhere in the room, so I could move freely.

"You're a horrible dancer," Harry commented.

"I could say the same about you."

"I'm a good dancer," he protested.

"Yeah, like swinging your head around like a fucking maniac and punching the air is called dancing."

"It most definitely is. A lot of people like it."

I rolled my eyes (well, the best eye roll I could do in my drunken state) and continued my sweet moves. Time was irrelevant. Nothing mattered in this moment. It was like I was living in a whole new life, a carefree one. Hours must've passed, but it only felt like minutes.

"Hey babe," a husky voice breathed.

"Heyyy," I laughed. I didn't know who this man was, but I quite frankly didn't care. Grinding my hips on him, I could feel his slight erection.

"What do you say we take this somewhere else?"

I nodded, a goofy grin spreading across my lips. I took his outstretched hand and let him lead me away. We were almost out the door when a hand stopped us.

"Where are you going, Jamie?" Harry asked.

"I don't know," I answered truthfully.

The other guy eyed Harry. "Who's he?"

"Don't worry about him, he doesn't know how to have fun," I giggled.

"Hmm, I can see."

Harry ignored the comment and said, "Jamie, we're leaving."

"But Harry!" I whined.

He opened his arms. I patted the other guy's shoulder as an apology and stumbled into Harry's arms. Harry was way hotter than him anyway.

Once we ditched him, Harry bent down. "Want a piggyback?"  

I nodded eagerly and clumsily climbed onto his back, slipping off a few times before he could finally get a sturdy grip on my legs.

"INTO THE GREAT BEYOND!" I yelled as he jogged out of the building.

We had to go back into to get my handbag and car keys.

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