Ready to Run - Harry Styles AU

Jamie was reckless. She didn't care anymore. About anything. Anything and everything was overrated in her opinion. One night of vandalizing the car of a certain Styles sets her life into the rollercoaster of emotions she desperately wanted to avoid. It's only starting to ascend the first hill. *TRIGGER WARNING*


2. Chapter 2

Jamie's POV

It was another rainy spring Friday. I gazed out at the tiny raindrops splattering the window. There was a little part of me that wanted to drive out in my Mercedes-Benz to the middle of nowhere. Driving in the rain gave me thrills. It made me feel sad, in a beautiful way. Yet here I was, lying lazily on my bed, unable to find any motivation to even move my hand. I had to get up, I had to brush my teeth, I had to go live my life. Instead, my usual routine was staying half the day on my bed, and the other half doing illegal things. University was one of the things I really didn't care about, but I just did it for the sake of doing something with my life. I did my homework, and I payed attention in class. I was depressed, not dumb. Amy was probably in her classes.

The rain stopped.

I wanted to reck a car today. In the middle of the day? I wasn't that scandalous. I'd do it in the midst of the night. Hopefully it didn’t start raining again.

I sighed and dragged my feet out of bed. They touched the floor. What was the point? My heart still beated the same, my eyes were still their boring colour of brown... everything was the same. I flopped back into bed, sighing.

No. I had to get up. I lifted my feet, ignoring every instinct to crawl back into bed, taking big steps towards the bathroom. If I was too slow, the urge to be useless would become too strong. I glanced in the mirror. I was already useless. Stealing, hijacking, vandalizing... killing myself would just be ridding the world of one vermin.

I sighed again and continued doing whatever I was supposed to do in a bathroom.

For the first time in a long time, I went to school. It was a school for training doctors. I picked this one because I thought it'd be fun to help others. It would also be a kind of a tribute for everything I've ever done. The course was easy. I was pretty smart, and it did help that my adopted mother was a doctor and she basically taught me everything I needed to know. Honestly, I was surprised I even remembered it. It wasn't like I cared much for that family, though I was grateful of them for caring for me. I didn't even have their phone numbers saved in my contacts anymore.

"Babe, you'll be fine!" Ruby patted my back.

She was also a good friend of mine. Not a best friend like Amy was, but still a good one. She was a perky person, and sometimes tagged along in my scandals. She only did the small ones though.

"You're coming though."

"Of course. I would never let my friend go without me! That's a scandal itself!"

The difference between us was that Ruby did these because she hated rules. I did it because I needed to feel.

"Okay, meet me at the park beside the swings at 11 o'clock sharp. Bring a golf club and some spray paint cans," I ordered. I knew what I was doing. I always did.

"Wait, I don't have golf clubs. Nobody even plays golf!"

"I don't have any either. We have 9 hours, go get yourself one."

"Oh, I forgot, rich, little Jamie has all the money in the world!" she snorted.

I rolled my eyes. "Fine, I'll buy you one."

Ruby beamed. "Nah, it's fine. I've got to go. See you tonight!"

With that, she scurried off to her next class, her bleached blonde hair blowing behind her. I stared after her, thinking of how Amy would not approve. I didn't understand why she never tried too hard to stop me. She would give me a mini lecture at times, but other than that, there really was nothing she did. I preferred it this way though; it would suck if someone kept ruining the fun.

I swept my way into class. A few said 'hi' or 'hey, Jamie'. Nobody looked up. People knew me, yes, but this was university. People were mature here. The majority of people here didn't give a shit about popularity. I was popular at my old high school because of my willingness to do anything and everything, but popularity came with a lot of fake friends and douchebags.

The only thing that kept me paying attention and jotting notes was the obligation to give back to the world for all the crimes I've committed. I probably wouldn't be studying them, well, ever. Somehow, I've managed to pass all my tests for the last few years with flying scores, so I wasn't worried. I guess I was just a quick learner.

Finally, school ended and I drove back to the apartment building. On the way, I passed a shiny, black Audi. That was the car I wanted to ruin. Naturally, I discretely followed it up a narrow road to this beautiful white mansion. A rich guy. Perfect. 

"How was school?" Amy asked.

"You ask me that every day and each time it's the same answer."

"So... it was fine?"

"Yes." I noticed the pizza box on the table. "You ordered pizza? What type?"

"Hawaiian, just like we like it."

I grabbed a slice and stuffed it in my mouth, completely disregarding my frappuccino beside the sink. The pineapple added that sweet taste, the thing that made Hawaiian pizza so good. It added the zing.

"What about your day? You enjoy being a future-successful-lawyer?" I wiggled my eyebrows at Amy's blush.

"You know it's true," I said with my mouth full. Soggy food bits came flying out, some landing on Amy's hair.

She glared at me. "First, swallow before talking. Second, I might not even be successful. Plus, it'll take so long before I can get my degree."

"Dude, we're both getting it this year."

Her face lit up with recognition. "Oh yeah! And then we're off to law school! Well, medical school for you."

I grinned. "And we're outta this hell."

"I thought that was high school."

"True. Oh my god remember Melissa? That bitch."

She was one of the popular kids in my high school. While I was loyal, she backstabbed everyone the moment she got. She was popular because she was fearful. I was nice. Reckless, but nice. People liked that kindness mixed with my bold personality. Well, the boldness didn't come from my personality. I didn't really know my personality anymore.

"I didn't go to the same high school as you."

"But I told you stuff about her."

"Jamie, I have no energy in me to try to remember some irrelevant pig's past."

My grin widened. "I love you, Amy. We should just turn lesbian."

"If I ever do turn lesbian, you would be the last person I would date," she pointed out.

"Whatever. I'm going to finish my homework. I have some things to do tonight."

"Again? Don't even tell me. If one day, the cops come busting into here in the middle of the night, you're taking the full blame."

"Cross my heart and swear to die," I promised, but I knew if that actually happened, Amy would never let me go to jail. I had the best best friend in the whole world.

After scribbling my last essay down, I remembered I had to get a golf club. I still had a few hours.

I didn't know which club would be best for banging steel and aluminum, and I couldn't exactly ask anyone without them getting suspicious, so I just bought the one that looked best to me.

"Ah, I love to see young people start exploring the wonders of golf," the old man at the checkout smiled warmly at me. 

I gave a charming smile of my own. It took me years to perfect that, the doppelgänger of a real smile, the crinkles by my eyes, the angle of my lips. But I did, and it served me well.

"Thank you!" I chimed.

Once outside the store, I wondered what I should do next. I didn't want to go back to the apartment, but then there was nothing else to do. I already had spray paint cans in my emergency bag of crimes. I was highly impatient. I wanted to vandalize his car now.

My phone dinged with a message.

Ruby: Sorry, I can't come tonight. Next time?

Me: Definitely

I smiled. Now there was no one to hold me down. Don't get me wrong, I loved going with friends. It was just sometimes, they didn't have the same ambition as me. There was always a chance of them backing out last minute. It was never certain.

I decided to sit in my car and play on my phone until the time came. Only 2 more hours. With the clock finally hitting 11 o'clock, I finished the last level of Geometry Dash and put my phone away in my pocket. I drove to that tiny road and parked a kilometre away from it, so people wouldn't get suspicious. Plus, I took track in my old school. I was fast and I could run distances, which came in handy during police chases.

I pulled my black hoodie over my head to match my black leggings. The only thing that could distinct me from the night was the white Nike symbol and laces on my shoes. I had full black shoes at home, but I had forgotten to bring them. Whatever; nobody paid attention to shoes anyway.

Using stealthy footsteps, I jogged up to the mansion. Luck was on my side. The black Audi was parked on the driveway, making my job so much easier. The windows of the house were dark too. I unzipped my black duffel bag and pulled out the spray paint. I wrote 'cheater', 'liar', and 'rot in hell' on the doors to make it seem like an ex did this. Then I took out my golf club. I aimed it towards the headlights. Taking a big swing, the face of the club hit its target. The car started beeping. 

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