A Taste So Sweet

Basically the same as my previous ebook of the same name, just a bit better. Shy, geeky, overweight college student Oswald is paired with confident, athletic, attractive college student Raymond for a project. After meeting each other Raymond completely falls for Oswald! This story centers around being loyal to your lover even if they have doubts. Hope you enjoy!


1. Chapter 01: Meeting You

It was a nice and sunny day at XXX University. All of its students were out bustling around, some new some not but all ready to learn. A new semester was starting which meant that there would be a lot of new people joining the University or transferring over from other schools. Whatever the case, the University was busy with people everywhere.

Oswald, a student that had just transferred over from his past college, was on his way to his first class of the semester. Oswald was a very short, very chubby boy with red hair and eyes like the color of grass. On his face, he always had to wear his glasses, for he was blind as a bat without them. His hair was always messy and his clothes were never anything fancy, just jeans and a T-shirt. He had a very round face, small eyes, stubby arms and legs, and pale skin that looked like it had never seen sunlight. In other words, he was quite unattractive. However, he did have a somewhat of a boyish charm to him, if you looked at him a certain way.

He always felt out of place. A nerdy, overweight guy out on his own. Back in high school, he was the "weeaboo freak" who was rumored to jerk off to anime porn all the time. When high school was finally over, he thought the teasing and rumors would stop, but they didn't. At his last college it was the same, so he hoped that since people didn't know him at this new school, things would be different.

Finally, he had made it to his first class, painting. Looking around the room he saw no familiar faces, so far so good. He sat down next to a normal looking person and set his things down before the professor began the lesson for the day. The professor explained that for their first assignment they would be assigned another student from somewhere in the University, get to know them, then paint a portrait of them by the end of the week. Names were given out to each student and Oswald was assigned a young man named "Raymond Mikeson". A junior studying in music.

After class was dismissed all of the students were given papers with their project partner's name, picture, phone number, and room number. Oswald looked down at his project partner's picture. Dark skin, sand-colored eyes with hair that matched, and long eyelashes. He had a kind, innocent smile in his picture.

"He looks nice..."

Oswald said to himself as he decided to try and find Raymond's room before he called him. He wanted to make sure he knew where to find him before they started talking, so he made his way through the apartments looking for the right room until he soon found it. He then thought he should check to see if anyone was home. He reached for the door to knock, but then, he heard something. Singing. It was an enchanting voice, a beautiful voice. Oswald paused, was that Raymond? He then found himself leaning in closer to listen to the sweet voice, but as soon as he did, the door opened. Oswald was then met with a very tall, very skinny, well dressed dark-skinned male with sandy colored hair. This must be Raymond.

"What... are you doing here? Who are you?"

Asked the young man assumed to be Raymond. Oswald was so mortified for getting caught listening outside someone's door like a creeper.

"I-I'm Oswald Floyd, s-sir! I-I'm your project partner for my painting class."

He quickly stammered out, his face red with embarrassment. The other then chuckled, looking down at the much shorter male.

"So you're Oswald? Well, nice to meet you. I'm Raymond Mikeson. Mind if I call you Oz? It's a lot shorter and easier."

Oswald wasn't sure what to say at first, he never really had a nickname before, but soon nodded and tried giving a smile.

"Well, did you wanna come inside or?"

Raymond's voice was deep, quite a bit deeper than Oswald's. It almost made it seem like there was a major age difference between them when it was really only a couple of years.

"Uhm, yes that would be nice, thank you."

With that said, Raymond led his project partner inside. It was a normal apartment, walking in you could see a small living room with a tv and a kitchen. Raymond gestured for them to sit on the couch and so they did. When they sat down Oswald took out his sketchbook and began sketching Raymond's profile. It didn't have much personality, but the likeness was pretty spot on. Raymond noticed this and scooted closer to the other to get a better look at what Oswald was drawing, and was astonished by what he saw.

"Wow! You're so talented! This is what you go to school for?"

Ozwald blushed with flattery, smiling shyly.

"Oh... It’s nothing, I'm just an amateur..."

Raymond laughed and patted Oswald's back.

"It’s just like a talented artist not to own up to their skills. Though I guess that's okay, there's nothing wrong with that I guess. So, you're supposed to get to know me, right? So ask me what you want to know."

Oswald panicked for a second, he hadn't prepared any questions.

"Uhm... do you like a certain type of food?"

Of course, he would bring up food, being the fat person he was he always thought about food. Many times he had tried to go on a diet but failed each time.

"I don't eat much, but I like pizza pretty well, and things like caramels and chocolates. I eat a lot of junk food even though I don't appear that way. I work out pretty often."

Raymond smiled as he watched Oswald draw, and it he made Oswald blush seeing how much the other liked his art. Raymond took note of this and actually found it to be quite... cute.

"I uhm... like pizza too, Raymond. I eat it all the--"

Things were interrupted by a large rumbling sound coming from Oswald's stomach. He was hungry.

"Oh uhm, I'm-- I'm sorry I just-- I haven't eaten in a while."

Raymond chuckled, grabbed his smartphone, and called the local pizza place. Oswald looked in confusion but eventually understood. Why was he doing this for him? It was so nice... he wasn't used to that.

After the pizza arrived Raymond brought it back to the couch and the two of them began to eat. Things were quiet for a short while after that.

"So Oz... you're an art student, huh? That's pretty cool..."

Raymond said trying to make small talk, and Oswald nodded and replied.

"Yeah... I've been into art ever since I was a young boy. It was my only escape."

A pause.

"I was bullied a lot in the past..."

He sighed continuing to eat his pizza. It didn't bother him that much anymore, but the memory still hurt to think about. Raymond took note of this and put his hand on Oswald's shoulder with a smile.

"Hey Oz, it's okay. I won't treat you bad like all those garbage people."

Oswald turned his head to the others with a smile, and Raymond noticed something. There was some pizza sauce on Oswald's bottom lip. He opened his mouth to tell him but decided on something else.

"Hey, Oz... you got a little something..."

And with that, he leaned in a kissed him softly before pulling away in astonishment.

"Oz... You taste... so good..."

Oswald didn't even have time to react to all of this before he was kissed again. Raymond put his hand on the others cheek and held him close, savoring the taste. So sweet... Then, crying, soft crying came from Oswald. Raymond quickly pulled away but still held him.

"What’s wrong--?"

Raymond asked, worried that he had hurt him somehow.

"Th-that was my first kiss... a-and... you're the first person to ever be this nice to me..."

It was true, Ozwald had never felt the affectionate touch of another person before. No one had ever been as nice to him before either. All his life he had been picked on and treated badly. This was all so new to him. Raymond was so worried that he had done something wrong, but he felt so bad for Oswald... Growing up he had lots of friends, so he couldn't relate. Reaching up he wiped away his tears, smiling gently at him.

"Well, I think you're wonderful Oz. I really do..."

A pause.

“Hey Oz… may I uhm, kiss you again? I know this may not be the best of times but, if you’re okay with it, I’d like to get more acquainted with your taste…”

Oswald blushed darkly, but gave a shy but good nod, and leaning in, Raymond pressed their lips together once more. Oswald didn't know what or how to act in this situation, he was entirely new to this. How could someone taste good? He thought.

Raymond's hands moved downward onto Oswald's small breasts and felt them over his shirt. This made Oswald jolt, but not turn away. He had been molested a few times before, but none of it had been like this. This was nice, soft and gentle, no one had ever laid their hands on him in this way before. He let out a small noise from his mouth as his breasts were squeezed. Raymond then chuckled continuing to feel Oswald's chest.

"Even though you're not female, being touched here feels pretty good, doesn't it? Y'know I bet these taste even better than your mouth."

After that was said, Raymond pulled Oswald's shirt up over his head, exposing his stomach and breasts. Looking at him Raymond practically had star eyes, he found Oswald's body to be... beautiful.

"N-no... don't look..."

Said Oswald as he covered his blushing face with his hands. He was so self-conscious of his appearance that he would cry whenever he would think of it too much, and having all of this happen caused him to continue to cry like before. Tears ran down his soft face as he hiccuped here and there from the crying. Then, Raymond pulled him into a hug and held him gently.

"Shh... shh... it's okay..."

He pulled away enough to wipe away Oswald's tears once more, smiling at him, and he continued to cry as he was held.

"I think you're beautiful, so stop crying silly."

Raymond lightly poked the other's nose, trying to lighten the mood a little. There was something about this boy, he couldn't understand it, but he was drawn to him. He was so cute and charming. Leaning in he pecked Oswald's lips and asked:

"So, did you want to stop? Or did you want to keep going?"

Oswald grew nervous again and tensed up. He had to admit... it did feel good... He had touched his own breasts before and liked it, but it felt different when receiving it from another person.

"Uhm... I want you to touch me more... p-please."

Said Oswald, ashamed for what he was saying, but Raymond smiled and agreed to his request happily. He did taste sweet, after all, so with that he leaned in and began massaging his breasts with his hands. Oswald bent his head back as he gasped slowly. Raymond leaned in and latched his mouth onto one of his breasts and Oswald let out a loud noise. He sucked on it gently for a few seconds before he went to licking it, then sucking it again. With Oswald's other breast Raymond continued to massage it with his hand, pinching at his nipple.

"You're taste... it's delicious, Oz."

Said Raymond in between his licking and sucking. Then, he felt something poke him. Oswald was hard.

"R-Raymond, I'm sorry I just-- Its a natural response to--"

Raymond kissed him before smiling at him. He thought it was cute that he got excited so quickly.

"It's okay, I'll make you feel good."

Reaching down he unbuttoned Oswald's pants and pulled them down as well as his underwear. He held back laughter at how small his penis was even when hard. Using his hand he glided his fingers up and down the shaft and it made Oswald shutter.

"D-don't tease me!"

He begged, his breath speeding up. Raymond chuckled softly and decided it was mean considering that this was his first time doing anything like this. Taking his penis in his hand he began moving it up and down, and to his surprise, Oswald came after just one minute. He was mortified.

"I-I'm sorry! It-- it just felt so good I--"

Again, Raymond interrupted him with a kiss.

"Its okay, it was your first time, nothing wrong with cumming too quickly."

He kissed him once more holding him like before. It was a truly crazy, really it was, but Raymond had fallen in love, right then and there he was in love. Truly, deeply in love. There was something about this boy in his arms that he felt a true connection with, and he didn't question it. He was happy.


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