My Brother's Best Friends

My name is Evelyn Sanders and I'm 16 years old. My brother's and I dad abandoned us when we were young so he doesn't like me hanging out with boys. My brother Eric is best friends with the band One Direction. He hangs out with them all the time and never lets me come with, but I don't really mind because I haven't heard their music before or I haven't seen what they look like. I never beg him to let me come like pretty much any other girl does. He ended up getting suspicious about it, because he thought I had a boy come over whenever he was gone. So he told me I was going to come with him from now on. Find out what happens in this story.


3. The Party

It's been a few hours since we've been talking. I check my phone and I see I got a text from Jaz, I open the text and it says, 'Hey, you can start getting ready for the party cause I'm setting up the decor and putting away the breakable stuff.' I smile and I laugh to myself as I reply, 'Okay, I'll start getting ready for the party. I can't wait for it since counseling helped me out.' I stand up and Eric asks me, "What are you doing?" I groan and I tell him, "I'm going to my room to get ready for the party." He nods his head and I walk to my room. I start going through my closet looking for a dress for the party. I find the perfect dress and shoes, I smile to myself. (dress & shoes below)

I put a silk robe on so I can put my makeup on and fix my hair. I pin my hair up then I put some makeup. I take the pin out of my hair and I start to curl my hair. (makeup below)

I smile to myself then I walk out my room. I lock the door and I put the key around my neck like it's a necklace (the key is a red skull head). When I walk into the living room Eric tells me, "You're not wearing that to the party. All the boys eyes will be on you." I roll my eyes and I flip him off. He gets mad and I walk out the house, I unlock my car doors and the drivers door comes up. (car below)

I get in the car and I close the door. When I get in the car I let the top come down and I drive off. As I drive off I see Eric and his friends on the porch. I put my headphones on and I plug them into my phone. I turn on some of 1D's music and I listen to it. 

---15 minutes later---

I reach Jaz's house and park my car in her garage. I get out my car as I grab my purse and I walk into her house, I see that half the school is already here. She sees me over the crowd and shouts, "Everybody, the party queen is here!!!!!" I laugh and everybody looks at me and cheers. I walk over to Jaz and she says, "Well you're looking so hot you might start a fire girl." I laugh and I tell her, "Right back at ya." She hugs me and I hug back. When we pull away she says, "I'd like you to meet Jackson, he's a cutie." She moves out the way so I can see him and she sneaks off. I groan as I shout, "Jaz!!!" She turns and gives me a thumbs up and I roll my eyes as I flip her off, she smiles and points to him then she's out of sight. I look at him and I say,

"Hey Jackson."

Jackson: "Hey Evelyn, you look hot today."

Me: "So I don't look hot everyday?"

Jackson: "No, I didn't mean it like that!!!"

I laugh and I smile at him as I say, "I was just messing with ya." Jackson gives a sigh of relief and he smiles back at me. I ask him, 

"So what brings you here this lovely evening?" 

Jackson: "Jaz told me that the sexy party queen was going to be here so I couldn't miss out on talking to her."

I blush and I look away from him. He puts his hand on my shoulder and I look at him again. He smiles and I smile back. He looks at me as he says, "Soo cute, you have dimples when you smile."

Me: "I have dimples??"

Jackson: "Yeah, you didn't know that?"

Me: "No I didn't know that." 

He laughs and grabs my hand and takes me to the kitchen. I sit on the counter and he stands in between my legs, I blush and I bite my lips. He leans in to kiss me when someone pulls him away. I look up to see Louis and Zayn standing there, I roll my eyes and I hope off the counter. I help Jackson up as I say angrily, "Why'd you do that to him, and why are y'all even here??" They step closer to me and Louis says, "We did that because he was about to kiss you and we're here because this is a party." I walk over to the kitchen door but Liam, Niall, and Harry walk in through the door. I look at Jackson and I tell him, "You should probably go." He nods his head and walks out the kitchen. Niall asks, "Who the fuck was that??" I sit on a stool and I don't answer his question. Zayn speaks up and says, "Oh his name was Jackson and he was about to kiss Evelyn." They get mad and Liam shouts, "What the fuck?! Do you know what your brother would do to you???" I hop off the counter and I stand in front of him as I say, "He'd do nothing to me, he'd hurt Jackson not me cause I'm his sister!!! But I'm not y'alls sister so I'm not y'alls responsibility!!!" I push past them and I walk out the kitchen. When I'm out the kitchen I feel someone grab my shoulder. I turn to see Harry and he says, "I'm sorry about them, they just like you." I roll my eyes as I say, "Oh yeah sure, so hurting me is their way of liking me. But I guess it's probably best they stopped me from kissing him... He could've hurt me just like someone I used to know..." He looks at me confused and I walk away from him. I head upstairs which is off limits for most everybody, when I get up there I go into a guest room and I lay on the bed. I silently cry at the memories that started running through my head. The door opens and I look up to see Eric. He comes over to me and pulls me into a hug. I cry into his shirt and he rubs my back and says, "What's wrong sis?" I keep crying as I say through cries, "T-the m-memories are b-back and I-I don't know h-how to s-stop t-them." He rubs my back and says, "It'll be alright sis, just calm down. I mean we are at a party aren't we?" I laugh at him and I say, "You always know how to cheer me up. Come on, let's go!!!" I wipe the tears off my face thankful that I wore waterproof makeup. He stands up and helps me up, we walk out the room and we head downstairs. When we get down there I see the Harry and them are sulking in a corner. I pull Eric over to him and I tell them, "Aww why are you guys sulking??? This is a party!!!" I push them onto the dancefloor just as one of their songs come on. (song below)



I laugh and I stand on the sidelines of the dancefloor. I watch them and they beckon me to come dance with them, I shake my head and I back away. I bump into someone and it's Eric, he pushes me onto the dancefloor. Zayn catches me and I give Eric one of my annoyed looks, he smiles and I roll my eyes. I start to dance and they cheer me on and I see Jackson out the corner of my eye. He smiles and gets on the dancefloor as well. I smile a bit and I keep dancing, when the song goes off someone pulls me off the stage and I see it's Jaz. She has a very happy look on her face and she asks me, "Well, what happened? Where's Jackson?" I look at her as I say, "We almost kissed, but my brothers friends stopped us. I don't really know if I'm ready for a relationship anyways Jaz, remember?" She has a guilty look on her face and she looks away as she says, "Right, I'm sorry. And if your brothers friends are here does that mean he's here??" I nod my head and she walks off with an upset look on her face. I sigh and I sit down on the couch. I feel someone sit beside me and I look over to see Jackson, I smile a sad smile and he asks, "What's wrong?" I look down at my hands and I tell him, "I-I can't be in a relationship..." He gently tilts my head up to where I look at him and he says, "That's fine with me as long as we can be friends." I smile and I nod my head then I tell him, "That's good!!!" He laughs as I hug him and he hugs me back. I hear someone clear their throat and I see Eric and I tell him, "Relax, he's just a friend bro." He nods his head but he still looks upset and says, "We're leaving right now Evelyn." I nod my head and I give Jackson a hug before I leave. Louis gets in the truck with Jackson, and Jackson drives off before the others can get in. I sigh and I say, "Come on, y'all can ride with me." I walk into Jaz's garage and I unlock the car and all the doors go up. They get in and Harry quickly gets in the front seat leaving the others to sit in the back. I feel as if something is off about this but I shake it off and I drive home. When I get home I go straight to my room and I take my makeup off and I change into my pajamas. (pajamas below)

I walk to the living room and I lay on the couch, I turn on 'The Vampire Diaries' and I watch a few episodes. My eyes start to feel droopy and darkness soon takes over my eyes.

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