My Brother's Best Friends

My name is Evelyn Sanders and I'm 16 years old. My brother's and I dad abandoned us when we were young so he doesn't like me hanging out with boys. My brother Eric is best friends with the band One Direction. He hangs out with them all the time and never lets me come with, but I don't really mind because I haven't heard their music before or I haven't seen what they look like. I never beg him to let me come like pretty much any other girl does. He ended up getting suspicious about it, because he thought I had a boy come over whenever he was gone. So he told me I was going to come with him from now on. Find out what happens in this story.


9. The Fight & Shopping Trip

When I get to my room I lay on my bed and I stare up at the ceiling. I think to myself, 'Lizzie ships me with Harry or Zayn?! Why would she even think that? I've only known them for a couple days and I've already been kissed by Louis and Harry confessed he loves me!!!' I sit up and I take a deep breath and I tell myself, "I need to go out somewhere away from them." I close my door and I walk to my closet, I look through the outfits and I pick an outfit out and I change clothes. (outfit below)


I text my mom,

'Can you watch Lizzie while I go out?'

Mom: 'Sure honey.'

Me: 'Thanks.'

I climb over to my window and I grab my house keys and the keys for my car. I sneak out my room and I run down the stairs. I leave the house and I get into my car. I drive off and I head to where they hold the street fights. When I get there I see a lot of people who has their cars and all of them are guys. I sigh and I look for a parking spot, when I find one I park my car and I turn the engine off. I hear people saying “I wonder who’s in that car. Man, I’d kill to have a car like that.” I smirk to myself and I put a mask on to cover up my face. I open the car door and I step out. Half of the guys gasp and others just stare, I smile and I think to myself, ‘Glad I made a great first impression.’  I sit on the front of the car and I pull my phone out and I text my friend Cameron,

‘Hey, I just got here. Think you could sign me up for some fights?’ he quickly replies, ‘I’m happy that you could make it, I’m coming over to you now.’

I hear someone shout, “Hey Kool-Kat, glad you could make it!!!” I look up and I see Cameron standing there. I grin and I jump down when he reaches me, he pulls me into a hug and says, “How’ve you been Kool-Kat???” I grin and I tell him in sign language, “I’ve been good. How’ve you been?” He laughs and says, “I’m good also why are you using sign language when you have a beautiful voice?” I blush and I tell him using sign language again, “I’m using sign language because these people can’t know who I am, duh. Also my voice isn’t beautiful!!!” He sighs and whispers to me, “That’s why I gave you that voice box Kool-Kat.” I nod my head and I put the voice box under my tongue and I tell him, “There happy? Also when am I going to fight and who am I going to fight?” He grins and says, “As the reigning champion, you can go against anybody and you’re going first.” I smirk and I look around, I see Harry standing there in disguise and my eyes widen a bit. I calm back down and I point towards him with a big smirk on my face and I say, “I’d like to go against him.” Everybody who is standing next to him clears a path for him to get in the boxing ring. He walks forward towards the ring when they move out the way. I give Cameron my voice box and he kisses my cheek and says, “Good luck Kool-Kat.” I smile and I walk towards the ring, when I get there I climb into the ring and Harry smirks and says, “Well this’ll be a piece of cake.” I keep a straight face as he says that and the fight soon starts. He swings his arm to punch me in the stomach and I grab his arm and I twist it behind his back. I knee him in his legs and he stumbles a bit, I punch him in the back as he falls to the ground. He does a leg sweep and I do a backflip to avoid it and I step on his leg. He pulls his leg away before I can step on it and he takes my mask off. I avoid eye contact and I continue fighting him as if I don’t know who he is. 6 minutes after he took my mask off I win the fight and Cameron comes over and carries me out the ring and over to my car and he asks, “Who was that dude?” I look back and I see Harry walking towards his car and he leaves, I look back at Cameron as I say, “That’s Harry Styles from 1D. Also one of my brother’s best friends.” He puts me down on the car and mumbles, “Oh shit.” I nod my head and I hug him one more time before telling him, “I have to go home now, and I just adopted Lizzie earlier today.” He hugs me back and walks up to his office to get the 70 grand I won from this round. I start my car and I leave after he gives me the money, I blare some rap music as I drive off. I get home and I pick up the money bag and I walk in the house. When I get in the house Eric is standing there with an irritated expression and I ignore him and I walk upstairs. He shouts towards me, “HEY, YOU DON’T JUST WALK AWAY FROM ME EVELYN!!!!!” I roll my eyes and I tell him, “I just did!!!!” He stomps over towards me and grabs my arm that isn’t holding the bag and he asks through gritted teeth, “Where were you, what’s in the bag, and who the fuck is Cameron?!?!?!” I push him off of me with not even half my strength and I tell him, “You may be my older brother, but this is my house and I don’t have to fucking tell you everything. Also tell Harry, that’s why he got fucking beat by a girl in a street fight.” I turn away from him and I walk up the stairs leaving him standing there dumbfounded. When I’m almost all the way up the stairs he says, “So, who’s Cameron?” I turn towards him and I tell him irritated, “I’m sick and tired of your bullshit Eric, but to make you feel like a fucking idiot I’ll tell you who Cameron is. Cameron is my manager when it comes to street fights, the nickname he gave me is Kool-Kat. Also you wanna know the most important thing about him that will make you feel like a fucking idiot? He is my gay best friend!!! So there, now how do you feel? Not every boy will hit on me.” I walk upstairs to my room and I temporarily dye some of my hair purple. I go over to Lizzie’s room and I tell her, “Come on baby girl, I just got some money. So we can go shopping for school clothes for you.” She grins and hops out of bed. I laugh at her reaction and I take her to my room, I set her down on my bed and I put the money in my purse and I pick Lizzie up and she giggles as I race down the stairs and I run into Harry. He tells me, “I’m s-” I cut him off and I tell him, “Next time before you decide to snitch on me to my brother remember this: The house you’re staying in is mine. And what happened today can be a reminder of what’ll happen if you do that again.” Lizzie whispers to me, “Harry likes you mom.” I blush and I tell her, “I already know that sweetie, but there are A LOT of things he’s done wrong to me.” She nods her head and I walk outside to my car. I set her in the backseat on one of my old car seats. She smiles and buckles in, I close the door and I walk over to the driver seat and Louis comes outside and I quickly get into my car. I drive off leaving Louis standing on the porch and Lizzi asks me, “Why’d you leave in such a rush mom?” I sigh and I tell her, “Don’t worry about it sweetie, it’s not a big deal.” She suddenly starts shouting at me, “Don’t you say that mom!! I know when things are wrong, it’s a gift of mine!!! How could you lie to me about it?!” I hear her crying and I pull the car over to a gas station. I park the car and I climb into the backseat and I pull her close to me, I rub her back as I say, “I’m sorry, I just don’t want you to worry about me babydoll. Also you can’t tell anyone about your gift, they’ll be scared of you if you do, understand me?” She nods her head as she calms down and she hugs me back. I smile and I ruffle her hair before I climb back into the front seat and I ask, “Now who’s ready to go shopping??” She grins and says, “ME!!!” I giggle and I start driving towards the mall. When we get there I park the car and I get out and I help Lizzie out. She starts to shiver and I take the plaid shirt from around my waist and I put it on her and I pick her up and I hold her close. I walk into the mall and I get one of those little kiddie carts, she climbs in and buckles up. We go around from store to store and I buy her the best clothes that I can find that she likes. Her stomach growls and I take her to the food court. She gets chicken tenders with mac-n-cheese and I get some broccoli and rice. We sit down at the table and we eat our food while I tell her how her school will be like. She nods her head and asks a few questions about the school. When we finish eating I grab the bags and I hold her hand as we walk back to the car. As we’re driving home she falls asleep in the car and I smile to myself. I take her bags up to her room and she stays asleep in the car. When I finish putting her clothes away I pick her up gently and I carry her up to her room. I change her into her pajamas and I lay her in her bed, I’m about to leave when she says, “Please sleep with me tonight mom.” I nod my head and I whisper to her, “Okay, but I have to go change into my pajamas.” She lets me go and I walk to my room and I shut my door. I change into a large Cavaliers shirt and I put some shorts on under it. I set an alarm to wake us up tomorrow and I walk into Liz’s room. I lay my phone and I plug it into the charger on her night stand and I climb into bed with her. I cover us up and darkness slowly takes over my eyes and I fall asleep.

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