My Brother's Best Friends

My name is Evelyn Sanders and I'm 16 years old. My brother's and I dad abandoned us when we were young so he doesn't like me hanging out with boys. My brother Eric is best friends with the band One Direction. He hangs out with them all the time and never lets me come with, but I don't really mind because I haven't heard their music before or I haven't seen what they look like. I never beg him to let me come like pretty much any other girl does. He ended up getting suspicious about it, because he thought I had a boy come over whenever he was gone. So he told me I was going to come with him from now on. Find out what happens in this story.


10. Lizzie'z First Day

I wake up to the alarm screaming at me and I turn it off, I look over and I see Lizzie still sleeping. I shake her a little bit as I tell her, "Wake up, I'm going to take you to school today." Her eyes quickly open and she stands up and jumps on her bed. I smile and I go to the closet to pick out some clothes for her. (Lizzie's clothes below)


"Lizzie, come put your clothes on now." She stops jumping and put the clothes on while I walk out the room. I walk into my room and I lay down on my bed, I close my eyes and I guess I fell asleep because I wake up to someone banging two pots together. I open my eyes and I see Lizzie and Harry standing there. I growl as I throw a pillow at both of them when the pillow hits them I say as calmly as possible, "Get out of my room please so I can get dressed now." They stay standing there and I get a bit irritated mostly at Harry as my voice gets a bit louder I say, "Today would be nice!" I swear I hear Harry make a eep sound as I yell and I try not to crack a smile and they start to walk out my room. I get up and I walk over to my closet to pick out my outfit for the day. (outfit below)


I close my door and I head to the bathroom. I take a shower and I wash my hair, when I get done I put my clothes on and I leave my hair how it is. I go downstairs and I hug Lizzie from behind and she asks me, “Mom, can I tell them about the gift?” I sigh while shaking my head as I say, “No Lizzie, you can’t tell them about the gift. At least not for a while.” She nods her head and someone clears their throat from behind me and I turn to see Louis. I’m about to walk outside with Lizzie to avoid him but he asks, “What’s the gift Evelyn?” I turn towards him as I say, “It’s none of your business so don’t worry about it Louis.” He smirks and says, “I’ll find out your little secret Evelyn, it’s only a matter of time.” I glare at him then I turn to walk outside with Lizzie. She gets in her seat without saying a word and I get in the driver seat and I drive to her school. Before we get out of the car Lizzie asks me, “Why do you hate Louis so much mommy?” I sigh and I look in her eyes as I think about lying to her but then I realize she needs to know and I say, “It’s not that I hate him… It’s just before I left to go adopt you he kissed me and that was my first kiss, I don’t even know what it means Liz.” She nods her head and replies, “Just explain it to him the way you explained it to me, I’m sure he’ll understand it mom.” I look at her and I smile as I say, “I don’t know how I became so lucky as to have a little witchy daughter.” She giggles and we get out of the car, I walk her to the main office and I sign a few papers then the secratary tells me what her classroom is. I walk Lizzie to the classroom and she hugs me before going to sit down in the class. I quickly exit the school and I feel this electric energy running through me. I stumble over my feet and I hold onto the wall for support. The feeling disappears and I walk to my car, I quickly drive to school trying not to be late. I get to class just before the bells rings and my head starts pounding, my eyes are closed and the teacher asks me, “Are you alright Ms.Sanders?” I nod my head and I give him a thumbs-up as the headache starts to subside. I look up and I notice this girl making out with Harry, I don’t know why but my heart starts to ache and before I know what I’m doing tears are falling down my eyes and I look away from him just as he looks at me. My phone vibrates and I pull it out and I read the text from Harry, ‘It’s not what you think Evelyn.’  My heart aches more as I reply, ‘Oh, so you aren’t making out with this girl in class which is why you didn’t realize I even came into the class?? You’re a bullshit liar Harry.’  The tears keep falling down my eyes and I put my headphones in and I listen to a song (song below)



I study my notes that I took yesterday and I do that about two or three times before the teacher hands me a test and puts his hand on my shoulder. I look up at him and he has this look of sympathy on his face. I start the test while listening to my music and I finish my test and I turn it in. The teacher gives me a book on witchcraft and I whisper a quiet thank you before going back to my seat. I start to read the book and the door opens, I pay no mind to it until someone says, “Kool-Kat?” My eyes widen and I look up, I squeal as I see Cameron standing at the front of the room. I stand up and he quickly comes over and hugs me. My smile gets bigger and he says, “Are you alright?” I nod my head but he looks at me mad and makes me sit down and he sits next to me as he says, “Oh so you weren’t crying but your eyes are red? Yeah sure, that’s what you call alright.” I do a quick side glance at Harry and the girl and Cameron looks over and he growls a bit. I grab his wrist because he’s about to hit him and I shake my head when he looks at me. The classroom bell rings and I quickly get up out my seat and I’m about to walk out the class when Harry says, “Evelyn can you show us to class?” Something in me snaps and I turn to look at him as I say, “Why don’t you get your fucking slutty girlfriend to show you to your fucking class you motherfucking asshole?” He gasps and the girl next to him growls and she says, “You can’t talk about him that way. Do you know who he is?” I scoff and I look glare at her as I say, “Well lets see if I know who he is. He’s part of 1D, he’s best friends with my friend Eric, he got his ass beat by me in a street fight, oh and he also lives in MY fucking house so I can fucking kick him out if I feel that’s what needs to happen. Also I know who you are Ms. Fucking Slut, your name is Sarah Zanders and thought you were all that until you got dumped by my brother because you were cheating on him with his ex best friend which is why he switched from soccer to the football team.” Her eyes widen and I hear Harry shout at me in her defense since she’s crying, “Yeah well you were just fucking fine when your boyfriend came into the classroom!!!!” I start to laugh and I say, “Are you fucking talking about Cameron?? Cause if so then you don’t know him at all, he’s my boss when it comes to street fighting. Also, HE’S GAY!!!” His eyes widen and he backs away from me, Sarah tries to wrap her arms around him and he pushes her away as he says, “Don’t fucking touch me.” I smirk and I look at him as I mutter under my breath, “What’d I fucking say. A bad boy who breaks girls hearts.” I’m about to turn away and leave when he pulls me into his chest and whispers to me, “Heh, you don’t know why I’m like this. The reason I am a ‘bad boy who breaks girls hearts’ is because I once had my heart broken by a girl I was madly in love with.” I stay emotionless and I pull away from him as I say, “Great, that means I should definitely stay away so I don’t get hurt cause I’m so scared and sorry for you.” I added a bit of sarcasm in my voice as I say it and I walk off to class with him standing there dumbstruck.

-4 hours later-

I walk into the lunch room and everybody is eating and talking to each other. I stand on a table and everybody stops talking and they look at me. I snap my fingers and the lunch lady turns on some music and I start dancing. I laugh as everybody else starts to dance along with me, I think to myself “This is the happiest I’ve been in a long time.”  I dance around the cafeteria until the door opens. Everybody stops dancing and we see Eric and Harry standing there, I growl as soon as I see Harry. Eric walks over to me and pulls me off the top of the table and he says, “How could you say that to Harry, Evelyn? He loves you.” I scoff as I say, “Oh, so he told you all the bad things I said to him but he didn’t tell you he was making out with Sarah Zanders?” Eric looks shocked and I walk out the lunch room and I head to class. I walk in the art room and I sit behind a easel waiting for the rest of the class to enter. After a while all the class is finally here and the teacher says in his Italian accent, “Welcome class, today is wild Wednesday. You are to paint what you want and I will pick one painting to enter it into the states art contest. Grab your paints and start...... NOW!!!” I calmly start painting a rainbow eye on my easel while everyone rushes around to paint their picture, I put my headphones in and I listen to a song (song below)



By the time the song ends for the third time I finish my painting and I stand there admiring it. (picture of painting below)

I wait for the painting to dry before I tell the teacher from my seat, “I finished my painting Mr. Langston.” Every student except for Harry of course gasps, Mr.Langston walks over to me and says, “I think this’ll be the painting I enter in the art contest.” Some of the students breath a sigh of relief and I smile as the bell rings signaling that school is over I quickly leave the classroom as my fingers trail over my painting. I feel the eletric feeling I felt earlier coming back but I try to ignore it as I run out of school building. I quickly get into my car and I drive off to Lizzie’s school, her aftercare program is ending and I see the kids in the aftercare program running outside looking for their parents. Lizzie runs over to me as soon as she sees me and she hugs me tightly, I smile and I pick her up as I take her to the car. I ruffle her hair before I put her in her carseat while straping her in. When I get done I get into the car myself and I ask her, “So how was your first day of school Liz?” She looks down as she says, “It was fine, I made lots of friends.” I sigh as I drive off while saying, “Lizzie, I know you’re lying to me.” She doesn’t say anything and I sigh as I drop the topic and I drive to the house. When I get there she hops out the car and runs up to her room, my expression turns sad and I walk into the house and I head to the kitchen. I sit at the island table and I start on my homework that my math and English teachers gave me. I get thirsty and I think about getting some water, a water bottle floats over to me and my eyes widen a bit but I still grab the water bottle. I drink the water and I set it back down, I continue working on my homework. I finish it a bit later and I get up onto the counter, I reach above the cabinets trying to find something. I finally find it but my feet slip and I keep holding onto the object I found. I feel someone catch me and I look to see Harry. I quickly climb out his arms and I put the picture I found in my pocket as I mumble, “Thanks.” He nods his head and he tells me, “Look Evelyn, I didn’t mean to hurt you if I did-” I cut him off as I say, “You know what it’s fine Harry, I’m used to getting hurt.” He sighs and looks down at me as he says, “But you shouldn’t be used to it…” I sigh and I look up at him, I see this longing look in his eyes and I look away as I say, “I’m sorry about those things I said to you, I was just really upset with you...” He shrugs it off as if it’s no big deal and I suddenly shout to him, “Don’t act like it’s not a big deal. I shouldn’t have said those things to you Harry.” Surprisingly he pulls me into a hug and I feel his tears fall onto my head, I hug him back and I rub his back trying to calm him down. After a while he calms down and I say, “Damn, who knew you cried like a little girl.” He laughs a bit and I smile as I see that my mission was a success. He ruffles my hair as he says, “Yeah, well who knew you fought like a grown ass man.” I giggle and we walk into the living room and I see Lizzie sitting in there crying. I run over to her and I hug her as I rub her back and I say, “What’s wrong Lizzie??” She tries to talk but her heavy breathing prevents her from doing so. She calms down a bit and says, “T-this boy in my class pushed me and didn’t a-apologize...” I look over at Harry and I notice he’s smiling, he walks over towards me and Lizzie and he says, “That means he likes you Lizzie, boys at a young age have trouble showing they like you.” I clear my throat and Lizzie asks him, “Is that why you have trouble showing mom you love her Harry, cause you’re still at a young age?” I laugh and so does Lizzie while Harry just pouts and I tell Liz, “Liz, I think you’re right. I mean come on, he’s pouting like a 5 year old.” I try to look at Harry seriously but I just laugh even more. He gets up as he says, “I’ll get you for that Evelyn!!” I get up and I quickly run away from him. I run into the kitchen and I climb in the cabinet under the sink. I slow my breathing and I stay under the sink. I hear footsteps in the kitchen and I quickly cover my mouth with both my hands. After some time I hear foorsteps retreating and I get out, I turn and I see Harry sitting on the edge of the sink. I quickly run up to my room and I try to shut my door but he comes in and shuts the door so I can’t get out. I try to climb out the window but he pulls me back and I fall onto my bed, he hovers over me not doing anything for a minute then he leans down and whispers in my ear, “I got you Eve.” I look into his eyes and I notice him looking at my lips as he bites his own lips. He slowly leans in and kisses me, and to my surprise I kiss him back. I put my arms around his neck and I pull him closer to me, he puts his hands around my waist and pulls me closer to him. I suddenly hear a knock at the door and I push him away and I pull some Uno cards out and I toss a couple cards at him and we start playing Uno as I say, “Come in.” I see Louis enter the room and I clench my jaw and he says, “I’m sorry.” Before he can say anything else I quickly snap at him, “Are you sorry for kissing me because that was a fucked up thing to do. But now, I don’t fucking care.” Harry growls and says, “He did what now? HE KISSED YOU?!?!” I wince and Harry punches Louis in the stomach. Louis tries to punch him back but I get in front of him and I end up getting hit in the head instead and I slowly start to lose consciousness.

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