My Brother's Best Friends

My name is Evelyn Sanders and I'm 16 years old. My brother's and I dad abandoned us when we were young so he doesn't like me hanging out with boys. My brother Eric is best friends with the band One Direction. He hangs out with them all the time and never lets me come with, but I don't really mind because I haven't heard their music before or I haven't seen what they look like. I never beg him to let me come like pretty much any other girl does. He ended up getting suspicious about it, because he thought I had a boy come over whenever he was gone. So he told me I was going to come with him from now on. Find out what happens in this story.


7. Lizzie's Ship

I wake up and I realize that Lizzie isn't next to me anymore. I stand up and I walk around the living room, I find her hiding behind the couch playing games on my tablet. She doesn't notice me and I pick her up and she screams. I hug her as I start laughing at her reaction. She pouts and says, "That wasn't funny mom." I keep laughing as I say, "What were you playing on the tablet?" She smile and says, "I was turning you into an anime person and I was shipping you with someone!!!" My eyes widen and I ask her, "How do you know about that and who did you ship me with?" She giggles and says, "It's someone in this house." she then runs away from me. I chase after her and I shout, "Mom!!! Liz is shipping me with someone and she won't tell me who!!!!!!" My mom walks out the kitchen and says, "I can't help you with that. You're her mother, I'm her grandmother and I'm supposed to spoil her rotten." I groan and I keep running after Liz. She runs into the boys room and shuts the door. I walk to the door and I bang on it as I say, "Little pigs, Little pigs. Let me come in!!!" I hear Liam say, "Not by the hair on our chinny chin chins!!!" I reply to him, "Then I go get my keys and open the door myself." I act like I'm about to walk away and I grab my Nerf gun from in a vase. He opens the door and looks out. When he looks out I shoot him and he falls to the ground, I smile and I step into the room. Niall asks me, "You don't really have keys for all the rooms here. Do you?" I smile and I nod my head as I say, "Oh I do, I just forgot where I put them." He smirks and pulls some keys out his pocket. I shoot him and I take my keys back as I say, "Thanks for my keys." I hear someone behind me and I turn to see Liz, I pick her up and she squeals. I laugh at her reaction and I ask her, "I caught you, so who do you ship me with sweetie??" She giggles and whispers, "Don't tell anyone, but I ship you with Harry or Zayn." My eyes widen and I blush bright red. I put her down and I walk to my room.


***Author's Note***

I know this is a short chapter, but I just put it to give you something to read. Also If you have any questions you want to ask the characters, type them in the comments and I'll do an Question & Answer chapter.

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