My Brother's Best Friends

My name is Evelyn Sanders and I'm 16 years old. My brother's and I dad abandoned us when we were young so he doesn't like me hanging out with boys. My brother Eric is best friends with the band One Direction. He hangs out with them all the time and never lets me come with, but I don't really mind because I haven't heard their music before or I haven't seen what they look like. I never beg him to let me come like pretty much any other girl does. He ended up getting suspicious about it, because he thought I had a boy come over whenever he was gone. So he told me I was going to come with him from now on. Find out what happens in this story.


5. Hurray, It's Monday

I wake up to my alarm screaming at me, I hit it and it stops making noise. I get out of bed and I go to my bathroom and I brush my teeth and I brush my hair through and I curl it again. I put some mascara and eyeshadow on then I walk to my closet and I look for an outfit. When I find the perfect outfit I put it on. (outfit below)


I look at myself in the mirror then I look around my room and I smile. I walk out my room and I lock the door. I turn around and I see Harry standing there, I look away from him and I quickly run down the stairs before he can say anything to me. I go to the kitchen and I grab an apple from the fruit bowl then I walk out the door while eating the apple. I put my headphones in and I listen to ACDC. When I get to school I see Jaz and Brian standing by their cars. I duck out of sight and I walk into the school. I head to my locker and I put my backpack in the locker and I get my books out then I head to Social Studies class. I sit in my seat at the back of the room. When the bell rings everyone quickly gets in their seats as the teacher comes in. The teacher announces, “Class we have 5 new students and their names are: Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, and Zayn.” I look up and I see them standing in front of the class. Harry and I make eye contact and I try to look away quickly before he notices and the teacher suddenly says, “Evelyn, you will be showing them around which means they’ll be sitting next to you.” I set my head down and I give him a thumbs-up. They pull out the chairs at my table and I see that Louis and Harry are sitting on both sides of me. I lift my head up and I start to write down the notes the teacher is writing down on the board right now, I put my headphones in and I listen to one of my songs. (song below)


I set my phone in my lap and I continue writing down the notes. I hum along with the song quietly. I hear the bell ring and I get up without saying anything to the guys and I wave for them to follow me to class. I’m walking away and then Niall grabs my shoulder and turns me around as he says,

“What’s wrong with you? You’re not talking to us.”

Me: “Nothings wrong, I just don’t feel like talking at all.”

Liam: “Oh yeah sure, you were perfectly fine with talking to us yesterday but not today?”

Me: “Fine there is something wrong but y’all don’t need to worry about. Now come on we need to get to French class.”

I turn and I walk off with them following me. When I reach the class I tell the teacher, “They’re new and they are going to sit with me.” She nods her head and I walk to the back of the class and I sit down and I put my feet on the desk. Louis takes my phone from me and reads something then gives it back and types on his phone. When the bell rings I get 5 texts and they all say the same thing, ‘Since you don’t want to talk we can text.’ The only thing different is the name on each text. I put my phone in my pocket without replying and I take my feet off the desk.

---2 hours later---

I sigh and I tell myself, “Finally, it’s lunch time.” I smile and I walk to my locker to put my first four books away and I grab my lunchbox. I close my locker and I see Harry standing there and he asks, “Why aren’t you talking to us, is it because of what I said?” I shrug my shoulders and I tell him, “I have no idea what you’re talking about Harry.” He sighs and says, “C’mon Evie, I know you heard what I said after the concert which is why you walked home, why you avoided me this morning, why you walked to school, and why you’re not talking to us.” I suddenly snap at him, “Fine, I heard what you said after the concert and that’s why I’m acting the way I am. Is that what you wanted to hear?” I turn to walk away and he turns me back around as he says, “I just want this childish act to stop and I want you Evie.” Tears form in my eyes and I tell him, “Don’t call me Evie this act is not going away, and you can’t have me. I know what happens to girls when they fall for a bad boy like you, their hearts get broken.” I turn and I run outside to the soccer field. When I get there I quickly hide behind the bleachers and I hear Harry shout, “Evelyn, come out please!! I need to tell you something!!...” I sigh with tears streaming down my face and I hide my face in my legs. I calm down enough to call the office,

Office: “Hello, who is this and how may I help you?”

Me: “Hello, this is Evelyn l/n and I don’t feel good today so is it alright if I go home?”

Office: “Yes ma’am, I’ll tell the principal and we’ll email your work to you for the day.”

Me: “Thank you so much.”

Office: “No problem, have a good day. Hope you get better.”

Me: “Thank you, and you have a good day as well.”

She hangs up the phone and I head inside, as I head inside I throw my lunch away. I walk to my locker and I put the books for my last four classes in my backpack, I close the locker. I turn to head home and I see Brian standing there and he asks, “Are you alright?” I nod my head and I ask him, “Could you take me home please?” He thinks for a minute and nods his head as he says, “Yes, but we have to hurry so I don’t miss class.” I nod my head and we run out to his car. He drives me home and I get out the car and he hurries off back to school. I open the door only to see a note on the table by the door and it says, ‘I’m sorry sweetie, I had to head to work there was an emergency. The school called and told me you’re not feeling well, hope you get better. When I get home I’ll take you out to your favorite restaurant, then we’ll go shopping. -Love, Mom’  I smile at the letter and I head up to my room and I fall onto my bed. I get a email from the school and I immediately get started on my work. When I finish I lay back down and I fall asleep.

---4 hours later---

I wake up to people talking downstairs. I quietly get up and I go over to my door and I lock it. I sneak back to my bed and I lay down and I hide under the covers. A couple minutes later I hear a knock on my door and I don’t answer. They try to open my door, but they fail because it is locked. Someone says through the door, “C’mon Evelyn, I need to tell you why I act the way I act.” I shout back, “I don’t want to hear it Harry, just leave me alone.” He tries to tell me something but I blare my music loud. (song below)


I close my eyes and I shout, “Leave me the fuck alone Harry!!” The beating stops then I see a piece of paper slid under the door. I walk over and I pick it up and I read it, ‘It’s not Harry, it’s Liam.’ I write back on the paper and I slide it back under the door then I hear footsteps retreating from the door. I pull my knees to my chest and I cry into my knees. I soon fall asleep like that.  I wake up to someone knocking on the door and someone says, “Honey it’s me, it’s time to go now cause I know you haven’t ate anything today.” I quickly open the door and I hug my mom. She takes me out the house and to her car. I get in the passenger side and she gets in the driver side and drives off. We get to Golden Corral and a smile sneaks it’s way onto my face and we get out the car. I skip inside and right away people start cheering and we’re seated in a V.I.P section. We order our food and when it comes out we start eating and mom makes some funny faces while eating which causes me to laugh. She always knows how to cheer me up when I’m feeling down. A little bit after we finish eating she drags me out to the car and she drives off to the mall. When we get there I run into stores and we try on clothes for fun. After all the fun we had she buys me a couple outfits for school. (outfits below)

I carry the bags out and we head home when we get in the car. I yawn before we even get in the house. When we get in the house mom helps me upstairs and I open my door. I place my bags on the floor in my closet and I take my shoes and headband off. I change into some different pajamas. (clothes below)



I fall onto my bed, and I cover up. As soon as my head is completely on the pillow I fall fast asleep.



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