My Brother's Best Friends

My name is Evelyn Sanders and I'm 16 years old. My brother's and I dad abandoned us when we were young so he doesn't like me hanging out with boys. My brother Eric is best friends with the band One Direction. He hangs out with them all the time and never lets me come with, but I don't really mind because I haven't heard their music before or I haven't seen what they look like. I never beg him to let me come like pretty much any other girl does. He ended up getting suspicious about it, because he thought I had a boy come over whenever he was gone. So he told me I was going to come with him from now on. Find out what happens in this story.


6. Home Alone Or So I Thought

I wake up and there’s a note on my bedside table that says, ‘I had to go to work, but I called the school and I told them you’re still not feeling good. You can stay here or go out, just don’t mess up the house please. -Love, Mom’  I shake my head while laughing at the note and I put on a robe. I hear the doorbell ring and I walk downstairs, I look through the peephole and I see a delivery man. I open the door and he says, “Here’s your package Ms. Evelyn.” I smile and I take the box out of curiosity, I look at him and I say, “Thank you, have a good day sir.” He nods his head and walks off, when he drives his truck away I press a button and the front gates close. I turn and I look at the box on the floor that I just got. I pick it up and I walk over to the couch, I open the box and when I see what’s in the box a smile creeps its way onto my face. I take out an extra large hoodie that has the ACDC symbol on it. I take my robe off and I put the hoodie on and it goes all the way to my knees. (hoodie below)

My stomach growls and I head to the kitchen, I open the freezer and I see my favorite ice cream in there with a smiley face written on it. I take the ice cream out and I put it on the counter, I feel someone touch my shoulder and I turn around and I punch them in the stomach and I’m about to hit them again when they say, “Evelyn, stop it’s just me.” I stop and I see Louis, I hit him again as I say, “You bastard!!!” I put the ice cream back up and I stomp up to my room. When I reach the top of the stairs Louis turns me around and he kisses me. I put him away and I say, “What the fuck was that for?!?!” I run to my room before he can say anything and I slam and lock my door. I turn some ACDC music on loud so he can’t hear me. I take my shorts off and I put on some black leggings. I take my hoodie and shirt off, then I put on a red t-shirt and I put the hoodie back on. I slip my feet into some black ballet shoes. I grab my phone, headphones, and keys for my room and the house. I open my door then I lock and close it back quietly. I slide down the stair railing and I slip out the front door. I climb over the gate and I put my hood on. I walk to Jaz’s house even though I know it’s only her dad at the house. I knock on the door and her dad opens the door and says, “Oh Evelyn!! So good to see you, have you come to pick up your motorcycle?” I nod my head and I hug him, he hugs me back and says, “Your mom told me that you went upstairs two days ago and nothing happened. Is it true?” I smile a huge smile and he says, “Well based on your reaction I’d say it’s true. Also I have good news!!” I look at him and he says, “Honey, come here real quick!!!” I see Brian’s mom walk to the door and she says, “Evelyn!!!” I hug her and she says, “I’m so sorry I was the cause of Brian abusing you. Your mom called and told me when she found out and as soon as I found out I rushed back here and me and Henry worked out our problems.” I tell her, “Olivia, I’m happy you’re back!!” Henry leaves to go get my motorcycle and Olivia says, “Have you talked to Brian recently?” I nod my head and I tell her, “Yes, I talked to him at my concert and he drove me home yesterday from school during lunch since I wasn’t feeling well.” She nods her head and Henry says from behind me, “Here’s your motorcycle. Hope to see you again soon.” I smile and I tell them, “I might come over for dinner sometime.” I give them one more hug before I get on my motorcycle. They open the gates up and I drive off down the street. I see a dance studio and I slow down the motorcycle. I park it in the parking lot and I walk into the dance studio, I look around and before I can look around completely a little girl tackles me down and says, “Evie!!! You’re back, I missed you so much!!!” I ruffle her hair and I say, “Good to see you too Lizzie. Do you still have that side car that I gave you from my motorcycle?” She nods her head and drags me out back then I see the side car. I get down on my knees and I look her in the eyes and I say, “I’m going to adopt you today Lizzie, even if I’m not a good influence and even if I’m still very inexperienced.” She smiles and hugs me as she says, “You’re a good influence to me Evie, and I’m so happy you’re going to adopt me, you’ll do great!!!” I giggle as she calls me Evie and I ask her, “How old are you now Liz and when’s your birthday???” Her smile gets bigger and she says, “I’m 6 years old now, and my birthday is October 30th!!” I giggle and I tell her, “Of course!!! How could I forget, the day before Halloween, which is my birthday.” She takes me inside and she says, “Dance with me please Evie?” I smile and I nod my head as I take my hoodie off. We get on stage for practice since there isn’t an audience. We dance the special routine we made with our eyes closed. When we finish I hear lots of clapping and we open our eyes, I forgot the stage was right in front of the window. We bow and step off the stage, I put my hoodie back on and she puts on one of my old hoodies I gave her. I grab her bag and I pick her up, I set her on my motorcycle and I go around back and I bring the sidecar over to my motorcycle. I connect the sidecar to my motorcycle and she hops in the sidecar. I start the motorcycle and I drive to the orphanage. When we get there I tell Liz, “Go get your things together while I sign the papers.” she nods her head and runs upstairs. I knock on the office door and someone says, “Come in.” I open the door and the lady looks up and says, “How may I help you today Evelyn?” I sit down and I tell her, “I would like to adopt Lizzie Star.” She nods her head and pulls out some papers and says, “You have to sign these in order to adopt her.” I nod my head and I read over the papers then I sign them. Lizzie comes running down the stairs and into the office. When she gets in the room the lady says, “Lizzie, Evelyn has adopted you. Which means she is now your mom and you will treat her like an adult, do you understand?” She nods her head and we walk out the building and out to my motorcycle. We hop in and I drive her to McDonalds and she orders a Happy Meal. She eats the food fast and she offers me some. I shake my head as I tell her, “You need to eat Lizzie, I’m not really hungry.” She finishes her food a little bit after I tell her that. I take her home and she says, “Ya know, you’re a great mom.” I giggle and I tell her, “Thank you sweetie.” She smiles and I take her upstairs. I open the door next to my room and it’s pink and purple. A smile appears on her face as I tell her, “This is your new room.” She hugs me and I tell her, “I have to go downstairs real quick, my brother and his friends are going to be arriving soon since school is letting out now.” She nods her head and unpacks her things. I walk downstairs and everybody walks in the house I wave and I’m about to tell them about Lizzie when I hear a loud bang from upstairs then soon after there is crying. Lizzie shouts, “Mom, I fell off the bed!!!” I sigh and I run upstairs, I reach her room and I tell her, “Why on earth would you jump on the bed Lizzie??” She fidgets with her hands and I pick her up. I check to make sure she’s not hurt and she asks, “Mom, who are they?” I look over and I see the guys standing there and I say, “Oh right, Lizzie this is your uncle Eric, and his friends Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, & Zayn. Guys this is Lizzie, I adopted her today so she is now my daughter.” The door opens downstairs and Eric whispers to me, “I’m telling mom on you.” He runs downstairs and I chase after him while holding Lizzie. By the time I get down there mom is saying, “I know, a couple years ago Evelyn told me she was going to adopt her.” Lizzie runs over and hugs mom while saying, “You’re my Nana.” Mom smiles and nods her head while telling Lizzie, “That I am. Now, does my little one want some ice cream?” Lizzie nods her head in a rush and mom walks into the kitchen with her while laughing. I smile and I fall back onto the couch while saying, “Man, that little girl has never-ending energy.” The guys laugh and I look up at them and I tell Harry, “ I forgive you, but don’t say a word about it at all. Understand?” He nods his head and smiles, I roll my eyes and I look at Louis. He steps towards me and I flinch away from him. Louis sighs and walks away to his room. Eric sits on my legs and asks, “What was that about?” I shake my head and I tell him, “Nothing, now get your fat ass off my legs or I’ll dieeeeee.” All of a sudden I hear Lizzie say, “Nuuuu, mom can’t die. So uncle get off my mom cause you’re fat!!!” Eric gets up and says, “I’ll get you for that Liz!!!” He starts chasing her around and I smile as she squeals every time he gets close to her. I close my eyes and soon after I feel something little cuddle up to me. I peek through my eyes and I see Lizzie falling asleep. I smile and I soon fall asleep with her.

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