My Brother's Best Friends

My name is Evelyn Sanders and I'm 16 years old. My brother's and I dad abandoned us when we were young so he doesn't like me hanging out with boys. My brother Eric is best friends with the band One Direction. He hangs out with them all the time and never lets me come with, but I don't really mind because I haven't heard their music before or I haven't seen what they look like. I never beg him to let me come like pretty much any other girl does. He ended up getting suspicious about it, because he thought I had a boy come over whenever he was gone. So he told me I was going to come with him from now on. Find out what happens in this story.


4. Evelyn's Concert

I feel someone poking my cheek and I bite their finger. Someone says, “Oww, that hurt!! Why’d you bite me??” I keep my eyes closed and I study the voice recognizing that it’s Niall. He then shouts, “Eric, your sister bit me and all I was doing was trying to wake her up!!!!” I groan and I cover my face with a pillow. Eric comes downstairs while saying,

“How’d you try to wake her up?”

Niall: “I was poking her cheek. That’s all.”

Eric: “Next time whisper in her ear that you’ll pour a bucket of cold water on her and she’ll hop up right away.”

Me: “I’m awake you assholes.”

Eric: “We better run cause she doesn’t like being woken up.”

I open my eyes then I sit up, Eric and Niall quickly run off. I stay sitting to give them a head start. After a little bit I start chasing after them and they scream like little girls. I laugh and they run into a room and closes the door quickly. I stop by the door and I hear whispering then I think to myself sarcastically, ‘Great, they’re all in there.’  I quickly and quietly go to my room and I grab a nerf gun. When I get back to the room they’re in I open the door and I start shooting them. I laugh as they all fall to the floor acting like they’re dead, I count them and Harry is missing. I turn around and I quickly shoot behind me and Harry falls to the ground. I smile then I go jump on the couch in the room as I sing, “I am the champion, and y’all are the losers!!!” i sit on the couch and I hear a door open and someone shouts, “Honey, are you home???” I squeal and I run out the room and to the living room. I hug my mom tightly and I tell her, “Mom I bit bros’ friend’s finger because he tried waking me up, then I shot them all with the nerf gun!!!” Her smile disappears and she asks,

“How many of his friends are here and when did they get here?”

Me: “Well, there’s Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn, & Harry. They also got here yesterday maybe 2 hours after you left for work.”

Mom: “Your brother is in so much trouble. Eric!!!!”

They come walking into the room and he says,

“Yes mom??”

Mom: “How many times do I have to tell you no friends over when I’m not here.”

Eric: “But sis went to a party last night!!!”

Mom: “Is this true Evelyn?”

Me: “Yes mom, but it was Jaz’s party and bro and his friends came as well.”

She nods her head and says, “Have you went back upstairs yet Evelyn??” I quickly shake my head and I look down at the ground as she sighs then she says, “Boys excuse us for a minute. I need to talk to her alone.” She takes me to the bottom of the stairs and she heads upstairs expecting me to follow. I hesitantly walk up the stairs and she says, “See was that so hard??” I’m about to say no when the memories come running through my head then I start to cry and I run halfway down the stairs. I trip over my own feet and I fall the rest of the way down the stairs. I sit at the bottom of the stairs crying and she comes running back down the stairs and says, “Oh honey I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have made you come upstairs!!!” I cry and I shake my head as I say, “I-it’s not y-your fault m-mom...” She hugs me and says, “I won’t make you do it again. Now you have to get ready, remember you have a music concert today?” My eyes widen in remembrance and I quickly get up and I run to my room past the boys who are asking, “Are you alright?? What happened?!?!” I get to my room and I quickly shut the door and I put a little bit of makeup on and I pull on some clothes I had picked out. (outfit below)


I give myself some messy curls and I look at myself in the mirror. I smile in approval and I open my door just as Harry is about to knock on my door. He asks me, “Are you alright and where are you going?” I look at him as he looks me up and down then he bites his lips. I blush as I tell him, “I’m fine and I have a music concert today that I forgot about.” He nods his head and says, “We’re coming as well.” I nod my head and I check the time as I tell him, “Okay, but y’all have to hurry. The limo will be here any minute.” He quickly runs off and I walk to the front door. A couple minutes later they come walking to the door just as I hear a horn honk outside. Mom gives me a hug and says, “Good luck, I’m sorry I can’t come with honey.” I hug back as I say, “It’s okay mom, you need to get some sleep.” She nods her head and walks upstairs to her room. We’re about to get in the limo when Eric comes out and says, “Good luck sis!!” I look at him and I say sadly, “You’re not coming with??” He shakes his head sadly and says, “I can’t I have work as well.” I frown then I quickly give him a hug and he hugs back. He kisses my forehead then walks over to his car. I get in the limo and I tell the driver, “Take us to the arena please.” He nods his head and says, “Right away ma’am.” I smile then he closes the window allowing me to talk to him. I feel eyes on me and I look up to see everybody but Louis looking at me. Zayn asks me, “Why were you crying earlier and why are you scared to go upstairs?” I start to say, “I’m scare-” Harry cuts me off and says, “Don’t say you’re scared of heights either because last night you went upstairs at your friends house and your mom said that you used to go upstairs.” I sigh because there’s no use in lying to them. I tell them, “You’re right, I’m not scared of heights. It’s cause of what happened upstairs before and that’s also the reason why Eric doesn’t like me dating guys...” Louis looks up as if he’s interested all of a sudden and Liam asks, “What happened?” I sigh and I fidget with my hands as I look down at the floor then I tell them, “I used to have a boyfriend and Eric was perfectly fine with it. But one day I was changing and my mom walked into the room and she saw bruises and cuts all over my body from my boyfriend. He would abuse me everyday upstairs in my old room, but I didn’t leave him because I loved him. So that’s why I’m scared to go upstairs and why Eric scares away any boy who tries to date me.” I look up and Louis and Harry’s eyes are filled with anger and the others eyes are filled with sadness. Louis walks over to me and asks, “What is his name??” I shake my head quickly and I say,

“I can’t tell you…”

Harry: “Tell us his name Evelyn.”

I sigh and I look scared and I whisper to them, “H-his name is Brian, he’s Jaz’s brother.”

Liam: “Are they going to be at the concert?”

I slowly nod my head as I say, “Yeah...  Jaz never misses one of my concerts...” Harry cracks his knuckles and I tell him, “You’re not going to hurt him. He hasn’t messed with me since then.” Harry walks over to me and puts his hands on both sides of my head and he looks me in the eyes as he says, “I don’t care, he hurt you and he has to pay because of that.” I get scared a bit and I nod my head then I look away. Zayn pushes him away from me as he says, “Stop, you’re scaring her!!!” Zayn wraps his arms around me and I tense up a bit as my cheeks start to turn red. I look up and Louis seems to be getting madder by the second. The limo stops and I break out of Zayn’s arms as I say, “We’re here and don’t do anything stupid.” I glare at Harry while saying that and he puts his hands up in defeat. I open the limo door and I step out while waving to the crowd of fans, they squeal and scream when I wave at them. I sign a few autographs as I’m walking towards the doors. The guys are walking with me and someone’s hand rubs against mine and I move my hand away and I put it in my jacket pocket. When I get inside I see Jaz and I run over to her and I give her a hug and she says, “It’s been so long since I saw you!!! Also how is Jackson??” I giggle a bit and I tell her, “I saw you just last night girl, and Jackson is alright. But I think he’s upset cause I friend-zoned him, after all you know Eric.” I hear someone clear their throat and I’m picked up as they say, “What are we, potatoes?” I giggle and I say, “Oh right. Jaz, these are my potato friends Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and then Harry. Guys, this is my best friend Jazmine and then over there is her brother Brian.” They put me down and Harry is about to walk over to him when I hit him on the head as I say, “What did I tell you Harry??” He sighs as he says, “RIght, I’m sorry baby.” I look confused at him and he whispers in my ear, “Just go with it.” I slowly nod my head and he pulls his phone out and types something. I see the others nodding their heads and Harry puts his arm around my waist and pulls me close to him just as Brian walks over and he asks me, “Who are they, more importantly who is he?” Before I can say anything Harry speaks up and says, “I’m her boyfriend Harry and these are our friends.” I blush when Harry says he’s my boyfriend even if it is just an act. Brian looks at me with a sad look on his face and asks me, “Is this true Evelyn?” I nod my head and tears start to fall from his eyes and he walks off. I sigh and I break out of Harry’s arm as I run over to Brian, I put my hand on his shoulder and he turns towards me as he says,

“How could you?! I love you Evelyn!!!”

Me: “How could I, How could you?!?! You abused me, how is that you loving me?!?!”

Brian: “I was going through a stage at the time!!! My mom left us, how else was I supposed to handle it?!?!”

Me: “Well I don’t know!!! Maybe talking to me about it instead of hurting me?!”

I sigh and I walk onto stage as I tell him, “We’ll continue this talk later Brian. I have a concert right now.” I give him my phone number and I grab my guitar off it’s stand. Liam and the others walk over to me and Niall asks, “Are you okay?” I nod my head and I stand behind the curtains. I look through the curtains and I see tons of people crowd into the room for my concert. I take a deep breath as the lights go off. As soon as I step out from behind the curtains a spotlight hits me. I pull my guitar off my back, I start to play it and I sing along and the drums start to play as well. (song below, End of Me)


I sing a few more songs then I hold the guitar up in the air and the crowd started cheering and clapping. I smile and I shout, “Thank you, you’ve been a wonderful audience!!!” I go backstage and everyone starts clapping, I see Louis smiling and he says, “You did good.” I smile and I tell him, “That’s the first smile I’ve got out of you since you got here!!! I did better than that if I got a smile out of you!!!” He laughs and says, “That you did.” I smile and I give him a hug. Someone clears their throat and I see Brian, I hold my arms out for a hug and he hugs me. I whisper to him, “I’m glad you stayed for the show.” He whispers back, “Nothing could keep me from staying, not even a fight.” He messes my hair up even more than it was and I pout. He pulls away then him and Jaz leave the arena. I smile and I turn around to see Harry standing there with an upset look and he asks, “What was that about?” I sigh and I roll my eyes as I tell him, “I was just giving him a hug. Why are you so upset about it, it’s not like you’re really my boyfriend.” He looks hurt a bit and whispers, “But what if I wanted to be your boyfriend for real?....” He walks off and I just stand there shocked and I call the limo driver,

“I won’t be riding with y’all so when all 5 guys get in the limo, drive off please.”

L.D.: “Yes ma’am.”

I hang up the phone and I walk out back and I sit on the steps and I hide my face in my legs. I hear someone say, “Evelyn, what’s wrong?” I look up and I see Jackson then I shake my head as I say, “Nothing’s wrong.” He gives me a look that says Yeah right like I believe that. I stand up and I tell him, “I have to leave now. I’ll see you at school tomorrow maybe.” I walk off before he can say anything and I walk to my house. By the time I get there mom and Eric are almost done with dinner. Eric sees me first and he shouts, “Where were you missy?” I sigh and I tell him, “I walked home.” I decide it’s time for me to face my bad memories and I walk up the stairs. I take a deep breath and I open my bedroom door, when I get in my room I sit on the bed with the door open. Someone walks by my door and they say, “Is that you Evelyn?” I recognize the voice as my mom and I give her a thumbs-up. She shouts cheerfully, “Eric, your sister is upstairs!!!” I hear footsteps running upstairs and Eric says, “For real?!?!” I sigh and I sit up as I say, “Who’s watching the food to make sure it doesn’t burn?” Eric suddenly shouts, “Shit!!” He runs back downstairs to the kitchen. I get up and I walk downstairs to the room I was currently staying in, I put my clothes in my suitcases and I take them upstairs and mom helps me move back into my original room. I smile to myself and I put my clothes in the closet and dresser. I finish and I go to my bathroom and I take a shower, I put my pajamas on from the other night and I walk downstairs to the dining room. I eat dinner without talking to anyone no matter how much mom tries to get me to talk. After I eat my food I go up to my room and I turn some 1D music on my speaker and I fall asleep listening to it.

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