New movella


1. A New Family.

Standing. Staring. Watching the aroplane move ever so slowly across the sky blue sky. No clouds in sight. The sun is shinning and the sound of birds singing in the not so wealthy trees. The leaves have fallen and they will begin to grow again. But for now they are lifeless. Abit like me right now. I'm standing with my hair tucked behind my ears. My peachy crop top and blue wripped jeans. Looking out of the window while I embrace the not so perfect start to a summer smell. I wasn't here before. I wasn't standing here. I was living in Different house before all this began. I wasn't even thinking like I do now. I wasn't so broke. I mean having someone you now call sister defending you with getting your nails done and making you feel good about yourself was the person I was before this began. Before I was so weak,before I was empty. Before I felt alone. Before I even had a new FAMILY.

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