Darkness of the Evening A novel

Louisiana, 1969.

Mary Sheppard is a woman with a past. When her Uncle dies, and leaves her his stately looking house, she and her children, move into the place where he grew up. Suddenly, over a period of a week, strange things start to happen that threaten their lives...and sanity.


2. Darkness of the Evening-July 4, 1969-2


Jacob yawned.

"It's time for bed", Mary said.

"Okay, Mom", he said. He walked upstairs to the bathroom. He opened the door, and flicked on the light on. When he brushed his teeth in the white sink, Joan did the same thing. By seven o'clock PM, they turned the faucet on. Jacob turned it off.

Then they were dressed in their pyjamas, and went to bed.

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