my last year at school

August Costanzo, 15 years old, best friend named Gabi, who is a twin. Well they aren't particularly friends. This how my life in high school was the worst


1. worst first day of my last year of high school


So this me August Costanza, I'm the girl with crazy blue hair. Well it looks more green/blue. Or what I like to call Mermaid hair. Gabi rights the girl next to me.



This our first day of last year in high school. Also my last year with Gabi by my side, since she's going of to college, in America. I will miss her when she goes but that not till year, so I have plenty of time with her.


"you not going to get out the car" my mom said, as she dropped me of at school. Yes I can't drive yet. "sorry mom, I was in my only little world, sorry" I rambled an apology. " darling, you're rambling and holding up traffic" my mom said. As I looked behind, oh shit I was.


"sorry" I mouthed to drivers that were dropping there children off, who were now wait for my mom to go.


I slammed the door shut and walked to school. As I crossed the road, Gabi was standing there looking ever so happy. At 7:45am on the first day of our last year at school. How was she so happy, when we could lie in and do what ever we wanted in the summer, go to bed when ever we want. Well I do that all the time, so that doesn't change. But having a lie in though does.


'Why you so awake this morning" I asked her, the minute I walked up to her." I'm not.." Gabi said in happy/ dull tone. " Ok, you're not fooling anyone but you look so happy, so why you saying you're not" I questioned her. "me and Niki had a fight, this Morning" gabi said unhappily. Gabi was Niki twin, who would thought that twins hated each other but her and Niki do.


It happen in year 8, they had this massive fight. Now they hate each other, Niki the queen of the school. Since we started high school, she became friends Liz. Liz is the worst, Liz hates me.


On the first day of high school, I was in cafeteria. So Liz decides to throw, her drink at me. In front of the whole, school. Everyone was laughing, expect Gabi and Ashley, Tyler and Keegan.


" I don't want to talk about it" Gabi quickly cut me off. As we walked in the school building.


Niki threw her Gatorade at Gabi.


" Niki you got to be serious" Gabi furiously screamed. As my face was shocked as any think. It was like Niki knew Gabi was out there, well they are twins, they do have twin telepathy. As I remember back in middle school.  


"whoops didn't see you there" Nike snickered. " oh you clearly did, Niki" I yelled. " no I didn't. Don't accuse me" Nike snapped back, as Liz snapped in. " yeah, don't accuse her" Liz glared at me.


"you ruined my outfit" Gabi yelled. "well you shouldn't be standing there then, should you" niki snapped. " you're still angry at me, from this morning" I yelled, as Niki walked off. Feeling so hurt, I felt  bad. wait what I saying. what did happen this morning at the Demar household.


"what happened this morning" I asked Gabi once again." I don't want to talk about it" Gabi snapped. As I grabbed a hold of her hand before she could walk off.


"Gabi you can not hide this, she threw Gatorade at you, now it ruined you're clothes" I yelled defending myself. " ok meet me in the bathroom opposite the cafeteria at lunch, dont be late" gabi instructed me, as she left in quite a hurry. What the hell happened at the demar house this morning?? Why did Gabi leave in such a hurry??

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