my last year at school

August Costanzo, 15 years old, best friend named Gabi, who is a twin. Well they aren't particularly friends. This how my life in high school was the worst


7. Why did you do it??

It was still dark outside, as i slumber from gabi's lap?? wait what?? what what was i doing her lap?? I question myself. 

As i remember from yesterday or today because i had no idea what time it was and my phone was flown over the other side of the room on the floor. I also couldn't be bothered to walk over there and check the time, since I was still tried. Is that liz, also my worst fucking enemy in the world. Twisted the stupid that should of never happened and thinking that i like her or she liked me. Or whatever it is, she twisted it and shouldn't never it put it out to social fucking media. ugh!! I hate her with a passion. 

As i fell back into the sleeping gab's lap, after that little rant that i had in my head. Made me tried again. So i fell back asleep.

The morning of the next day

'Aug..wake up' I heard gabi say, as she rocked me back and forth. My eyes fluttered open, seeing gabi looking bright and breezy. She made me smile, probably because she the only person who understands me and gets who i am as person. Reminded me of niki, even though is a twin to gabi. What i mean is that, Niki use to care about me back in year 5. She was my first best friend, she stuck up for me and kissed me on that swing set a couple of times. In the park that we hung out at after school. The reason why she kissed me because we practicing for boys, that's what niki said. Well i think it was at first, then as we grew older, back in year 7. She stop or she would take the kiss on much further level. That's when i knew that niki was bi. I didnt tell gabi. I don't know if she knew, since they were twins. So i never brought it up. It made me realise that i didn't like guys, because when guys kissed me. It was like niki's it was like i was kissing a brick wall. There was no emotion, no feeling like i liked them. I knew when i was half way through year 6, i wanted niki's kisses more than anything. It was like she was my drug that help me cope with the pain of my brother, who was sick in mental hospital at the time. God I miss my brother. 

'Aug.. are you alright you dose of there' Gabi asked, as i was still laying on my bed and gabi leaning over me. ' yeah, I was thinking....'i said, as i pause for moment weather to tell gabi about what I was thinking or not.' sorry' I ended, choosing  not to tell Gabi at all.But i tell you still deferentially ask what i'm thinking about, I know gabi. You don't. 

' what were you thinking about' Gabi asked. I told you i know gabi more than you do. ' you remind me of niki' i said, feeling so stupid that i said that. Since they are twin.

' yeah, well me and niki are twins' Gabi said, giving me the duh tone. ' But i know what you mean' Gabi ended. 

'dude, gabi we are so gonna be late if we don't get moving. We have art, the teachers a bitch if we are late' I yelled at gabi. As we quick got of the bed and throw on some clothes. 

As in big comfy jumper, that say lovato on it. Which is niki's, shh she doesn't know that i have it still and my some black leggings. My shiny black doc's, which are my fav. 

Gabi stole some of my clothes,  my blue and white long romper.  My ream coloured big thin kitted jumper. Cute little all white slip on toms.

20  mins later ( at school)

My mom dropped me and gabi off at school, as we hear the bell ring. As we were still outside the parking lot. His classroom is the other side of school. 

'We better run, like now' Gabi yelled, as nodded in agreement. 

As we run into school and outside.

 just as i heard. 'watch were you're going'  Growl from some. 

As i stop and turn around. It was liz, the twisted story tell and rumour starter. 

'sorry, i'm late for class' I said being nice to her, after all that she had done yesterday. And the times after that, well the start of high school, But yesterday was her lowest thing thats she had to do. 

' the good girl, who hates to be late for every class.' Liz being rude, as always. Gabi must of got to class, to see that I had stop. The teacher won't let her out, until he dismissed the class. Bitch he is. ' not the fucking teacher is bitch' I yelled defending my teacher. 'omg is the good girl swearing, omg' Liz said sarcastically. 'why you talking to me anyways. Since you're gonna write about me in you're post' I asked, being a bitch. 

' because i get more popular and people love me' liz being stuck up. ' that so messed up, people fucking hate you' i yelled. 'really you talking about your self, where gabi?? what about niki?? what about you're brother?? ' Liz being the bitch she is. Knowing how to push my buttons. As she grabbed a hold of Niki's jumper, that I'm wearing and pulled me closers. The tears fell down my face.

'nobody wants to be around you. Soon you will lose gabi. Because niki left. So did you're brother, he couldn't stand being around you. So he killed himself, to get away from you' Liz coldly, whispered. As the tear came down harder, then she pushed me down to the ground. Then walked away, leaving me on the ground. In heaps of tears. On the quite school grounds, since everyone was in lesson. I hate Liz, why did I even kiss her. Or some what like her. She's my bully, why did I even think my bull would like me.

'August' Niki yelled, as she snapped out my thoughts. Niki came running down the steps , the ones that i was facing, all the way down at the bottom of the school. Heading towards me. 

Niki bent to my hight, well technically the ground. Literally, ' what happened' Niki asked worriedly. This reminded me back in year 5 and 6,well most of middle school. Until niki and gabi fight or argument happened. Then everything changed and i became close to gabi, more than niki. 

'Liz happend' i cried/ snappped. ' what did she do' she asked, as she whipped the tears that were falling down my face. 

 'I bumped into her then, she started being completely rude to me and when i mean rude,  i mean rude. Then she said everyone left, including  you, gabi and my brother. Then said i was the reason why my brother killed himself. That the reason why she posted that post about me, was to get more popular and everyone will love. No they don't ' i cried. 

' that bitch, you are not the reason. why you're brother did what he did. Don't blame that on you hunny.' Niki being ever so caring, this why i love her or loved her. As she pulled me into tight loving hug, i wrap my arms around her. Began to ball my eyes out into her arms. The special girl, the one i care about in way you won't understand. 

'where's gabi' Niki asked. ' I bumped into liz or ran into her. On the way to mr Gillies class and gabi didn't know that i had stopped' I explained myself to niki. 'oh i understand know, btw I hate him . He doesn't even know anything, he's my tutor btw. Rather have a better tutor, just saying' Niki explaining everything. Whilst making these cute face, fuck. I bust into fits of laughter. I miss this niki.

As we heard mine and Niki's phone go off at the same time. Thinking it's a text from gabi, but it wasn't. It was Facebook notification. 

'did you get that Facebook..' niki asked, as i cut her off. ' yesss.. ' i agree with her feeling so unsure of what it was going. 

'No fucking way..that bitch' i heard niki yelled. As mine showed liz posted: that lesbian gay bitch, just bumped into me, she tried to hook up with me and she threw me to the ground. Be careful she handful. Just want you to know xx love you guys xx. 

'Aug..' niki started. 'I'm going home..' i said. As i got up of the ground. 'no you are not. Because one you are either going to cut or kill yourself, I ain't going to let liz win this game. Not this time.' Niki being caring, as she grabbed a hold of my hand. 

'I need to.. i can't stand being here. everyone hates me' I yelled. 'no they don't' Niki yell in defence. 'Who cares about me' i asked/ yelled. 'me, i care. Even when i haven't. i have, those kisses got to mean something' niki said, so sweetly. 

'well ain't falling for that trap' i said, bit to harshly. Than I expected it to be. As i let go niki hand and walk away from her. 

' you're class room is that way' Niki said, as she chase after me and spun me around the other way. 

As i hear her say. ' When you believe me. I know i understand, i was liz friend, I'm  to anymore. i broke it off with her last, when everything happened with you. I was so worried about you. Just to let you know I'm here waiting for you and i will love and care about you no matter what' Niki said as let her out to me. As the tears fell down my face, it was like my dream had come true. 

As i head towards my lesson, my so late lesson. I am so gonna get detention for this. 

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