my last year at school

August Costanzo, 15 years old, best friend named Gabi, who is a twin. Well they aren't particularly friends. This how my life in high school was the worst


5. Telling Gabi

I  watched as liz and miss roberts aka liz's mom. Gosh that felt weird to say, have an argument. I quickly made my escape plan, as gabi was waiting at the bottom of the stair, that I was just running down.

'why you so late??' gabi questioned. ' i'll talk about it when we get to  my house' i quickly said, still feeling super anxious.

As we walked to maths, as I felt gabi's eyes on me. Which made me super nervous.

Back at home in my bedroom ( shown above)

'so what happened' Gabi asked, as she launched herself on my bed. Because Gabi is like family, her family is like my family.

I sat myself on my bed, nervously and anxiously. 

'ok, now you're freaking me out. What made you so late, did teacher touch you weirdly because you're scaring me. You haven't acted like that since you're brother died.' Gabi questioned  me, feeling so worried.

'it's liz..' I cried as I couldn't get anything more out of me. My teeth started to rattle, I think i'm having a panic attack. Gabi pulled me into a tight loving hug, as i just wailed into hug.

' what did liz do?? did she hit you? make a joke about you? make stupid rumour about you?' Gabi threw all these questions at me. 'She kissed me' I lightly whispered, almost audible. 

'she kissed you' gabi yelled/ questioned me. ' yeah, it got weirder before that.I was 10 second late to miss roberts class, so she was in pissed mood. So she sat me down next to liz, but she called her elizabeth because miss roberts hates the shorting names down. she calls everyone by the full name expect me, which  is fucking weird. But i some how managed to calm down liz, which is why we spoke in the first place. So at the end of the lesson liz chase me down the corridor, then asked me how she calmed me down. well she pulled me closer too her. i tried to leave but i couldn't. so she was about to kiss me then she shoved me down at the floor. Be proud that stood up to her, which i had no idea then pulled me close to her and kissed me. It felt oddly weird but i liked it. then her miss roberts walked, who knew that liz was miss roberts child' I rambled to gabi, as i walking around my bedroom. Gabi was sat on my bed listening. 

'so wait.. miss roberts is lizs mom' Gabi questioned. 'yep, also she was having an augment with liz about her kissing me, i forgot to mention' i said , agreeing with gabi. 

' wow who would ever though, but liz is not gay' gabi said. 'well why did she kiss me' i asked. ' to use you. she does it with niki, it's how she gets boys to sleep with her' gabi spilled the bean.

'ugh!! i hate that' i said, feeling grossed out. ' so what you think that she using me' i asked gabi.

'But why was she holding me close' i asked. ' we have no idea what her brain is up to, these day but be careful' Gabi said, being an older sister. Looking out for her baby sister. 

As a phone dinged, ' oh that niki, she told me to come home now. So baby i need to go, so be safe. Don't talk to liz whatever you do.. please' gabi being the older sister. ' i won't boo, love you' i said, pulling her into a hug. ' i love you too. i need you to be safe' gabi whispered in my ear. kissed my cheek. As we pulled out the hug and gave our final goodbyes, gabi left.

As i launched myself on the bed, sighing feeling like i just thrown myself into worst drama. I had ever been before. 

Just when my phone started blowing up. so I just ignored it. My eyes started to close, I was drifting  into a deep sleep. Since today has practically the worst. 

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