my last year at school

August Costanzo, 15 years old, best friend named Gabi, who is a twin. Well they aren't particularly friends. This how my life in high school was the worst


3. niki

Me and Gabi walked out the bathroom. Guess who was standing there.

Let me tell you a funny story, it was Niki. haha, yes I was be sarcastic. 

'Niki what you doing here' Gabi practically screamed, as she jumped out of her skin.

' join in for club meeting' niki said, as she danced around the subject. Because me and Gabi both know that she knew, what Gabi had told me.

'well you're not invited. It's official club members only, well you're not loyal club member' I snapped back. ' oh I can be a bitch too you know' I ended. 

As Niki gave me the death glare. I felt gabi slap me a couple of times. 

After about the tenth slap on my arm. 'What gabi!!' i yelled/ whispered. 

I looked up. As Liz was walked in. Oh shit.

As I never felt this nervous/ anxious in my life. Oh crap. 

I swallowed this massive lump that was forming in m throat. I felt like could throw up any moment. 

Niki doesn't scare me this much. Probably because she is Gabi twin after all.

Why does she have to be niki friend?Why does she have to follow her around like sheep dog? Why not anyone else's friend's not Nikis?? well its probably because the whole school fucking hates her, they get nervous. Like I am right now.

'You just going to stand there, like a scared little cat. Like you always are' Liz practically screamed at me. No not me and Gabi, just plan old me. The one she hates the most of all. 

'you can shut up' Gabi screamed. As liz just slaps Gabi. ' ok first of all you maybe my friend, but you don't touch one hand on gabi. Because thats my job' Niki yelled. As i thought she was going to defend Gabi, but she turn it back to her. She always like to be centre of attention. 

Liz walked up to Niki, she slapped her right on the face. 

As my jaw flew open. Fuck. 

'Aug'I heard Gabi said, but I was still in the state of shock of what just happened in front of me, I thought Niki was liz best friend. Thats not was happens in best friend , Gabi has never done that to me. Well i know she wouldn't. 

' is that the reason why you and niki had fight this morning. Also most of the summer' i questioned. As i was still staring at the scene, that just took place right in front. Is know on repeat in my head, like a tiny little film that I couldn't let go of.

'how did you know about summer??' Gabi questioned. ' Gab could tell by the way you are, You're moods' I said. ' Why didn't you tell me?? I hated Niki, for all this, you two fighting. Back in year 8. Now in my last year of high school, I finally knew. I shouldn't have said anything bad about her.' end, feeling as guilty as ever. How could I not see through it all. 

The pain she must be feeling. Me telling her that she not the loyalest one to her own fucking twin, damn. I fucking hate myself. 

'Aug you didn't know' Gabi said, trying not to make me feel guilty. But it wasn't working at all. 

' well you're the one who didn't tell me.' I screamed. ' I was the one who told you about my brother suicide, last summer. When I found him not so much alive. After I suck out, when my parents were out of town for the night. I called you as soon, as the ambulance  took him. I balled my eyes out to you telling you that i wish i never went out that night. So you not telling me about niki really hurts. So was that story made up in the bathroom, just a second ago. Was that a a lie too' I snapped,exploded my thoughts out to gabi. 

'no why did you think that' Gabi yelled. ' because i know you gabi' i yelled, feeling pretty annoyed.

'fine maybe it was' Gabi yelled feeling guilty. ' wow I never look at you and think that you were niki' i yelled. 

' ok so what i lied, had to protect niki. She my twin, what was i meant to do' Gabi yelled defending herself. ' you're so like niki' i yelled back. ' yeah, well she my twin deal with it' gabi yelled back.

' Oh i have. On many occasions' I said. As the bell rang. 

'well I'm going to be late for class' i said, sassily. ' Have fun with Liz' gabi snickered. 

I turned on my heals, walked back to gabi. ' You say what Gabriella' i questioned her. 

' yeah liz in that class, you don't want to be late or else you have too sit by her all year' gabi said.  

' you got to be serious' i asked gabi. ' I'm serious, love ya boo. have fun english. see you maths' gab said, as she gave me one gabi special hugs, kissed me on the cheek. 

' love ya too, I'm sorry about niki' i said. ' i know you do. I know you like her like her' gabi said, she walked off. 

 I waved her goodbye, wait how the fuck does she know? As my mouth flew open and stood in shock. How does she know?? I repeated in my head.


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