my last year at school

August Costanzo, 15 years old, best friend named Gabi, who is a twin. Well they aren't particularly friends. This how my life in high school was the worst


4. Liz?!!!

I was about 10 seconds away from the classroom, hoping I wasn't late. But I was, oh shit.

'Aug, you know better than them, why you so late??' Miss Roberts asked. 'sorry gabi was throwing up' i lied to miss Roberts. 

As I felt lizs eyes on me.So i couldn't really say that me and gabi had an argument, she would use that on niki then on to gabi. 

' oh the best friend, look after best friend story. ' As she knew I was lying. ' Now take a seat next to elizabeth' she said coldly. As i gave her that pleading look, of please don't let me sit by her.

'Don't call me Elizabeth' Liz snapped coldly.Wow what joy for the next year.

'Elizabeth..' miss tried to say. ' i said don't call me Elizabeth' Liz growled. 

'wow take it easy'i calmed her down. As i continued to sit down. 

But she didn't,so i placed on hand on her shoulder.  Wow that calmed her down. 

I stared at my hand, what was I doing. I said in my head, what was i doing?? i felt liz eyes on my hand too. 

I quickly removed my hand. ' sorry' I mouthed. And continued to listen to the teacher. 

30 minutes past

I walked out of Miss Roberts classroom, heading to maths.Well to meet gab at our secret place that we meet up at before maths. 

'August' I heard someone yell my name. As I turned around it was liz, what the hell! she's probably going to make fun of me of some sort. 

' what do you want' I yelled down the empty corridor. I span back around and continued to walk to gabi. But she grabbed my hand, span me around to face her.

'what' I snapped. 'wow that how you're going to talk to me' liz snapped back. 

'well that what i get when you talk to me' i snapped back, trying to calm back down. ' I know i haven't been that nice to you' liz trying to apologise to me.

'wow have never guessed that' I sarcastically said, as I began face clapping. Liz was laughing at me. 

'nobody ever calm me down like that, how did you do it??' liz asked me. ' I don't know, but I'm going to be late' i said trying to getaway from here. Liz for some strange unknown reason being super nice to me.

' you do, why you trying to get away from me . All I'm doing is being nice to you and you treat me like this' liz growled. As she grabbed my hand, pulled me close her to her. our bodies were practically touching. This felt to weird. 

Ugh  Miss Roberts!!  Liz started to touch my face, what the hell was she going to do to me. 

'liz I'm late for class and gabi' I said trying not to sound as scared as I was. But like I said before Liz makes me nervous, in ways you can not image. But when you're body are touching one another, you make think I'm freaking out. Because this came to a shock for me, but I actually like her this close to me. 

But I also think about what happened to Niki then it nervous me, Then I want to know more. 

'They can wait for you' liz whispered in my ear. Then she pulled me closer to her lips, we were inches away. 

Then she shoved me to the ground. Damn I though we this close. 

'god I'm not a lesbian, jees' liz whsipered, close to my face. ' I know you like me' liz yelled/ whispered to my face again. 

'yeah well I could say the same thing to' i yelled back at her. ' i said I'm not a lesbian' liz snapped, as she walked down the corridor.

'i know you are you were just about to kiss me' I snapped back. ' no I wasn't ' Liz snapped back. 

As i grabbed her hands.' I know you were liz' I said in my calming voice, the one that calm her down in english class. She looked at me in eyes, pulling me closer too her. 

She placed her lips on mine, why did this felt so right but so wrong.

'Elizabeth' we heard someone yell. As we pulled out the deepest  most meaning full kiss from the person who bullied me all through high school. 

Liz turn around as her arms were still wrapped around me, ' mom' liz gasped. 

Oh shit, Miss Roberts was lizs child. I'm guessing she had no idea or did but she doesn't  approve of there child being gay. Oh crap. 

I feel bad, can this day get any worse

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