my last year at school

August Costanzo, 15 years old, best friend named Gabi, who is a twin. Well they aren't particularly friends. This how my life in high school was the worst


2. Gabi you what

as I walked in the school bathroom next to the cafeteria, at lunch like Gabi said. Who wasn't there Gabi, what the hell!!.

5 minutes have past, there literally no sign of Gabi, at all!!. I grabbed my phone out my backpack, since we are not allowed phones out in school. As I open up my phone, there is one message from Gabi.

Princess gab: sorry I'm running late got hold up in chem lab, as I was wearing  jewellery.

That is so gab, I said in my head, then burst out laughing.

As the door flew open, which made me shut up, so quick. Like you dont even know.

"why you laughing at me" I heard Gabi said, as she walked in the bathroom. Thank god it was her, or else.

"you got told off for wearing jewellery, that is so you" I laughed. " yeah, I know. It wad Liz that told me off. She was like sir Gabi was wearing jewellery again, is that against the rules. Ugh!! She disgust me. How come you weren't in that lesson, that the only lesson we have where we are allowed to sit next to each other, what happened" Gabi rambled.

" I didn't feel so good, so I went to the medical room" I lied, I could stand to sit next to her for whole lesson. When k, so confused of what up her and Nike. Its literally messing with my mind, I can't contertate.

"really, are you avoiding me" Gabi questions me, as I look down at mh feet. "Aug, you dont have to avoid me" Gabi said with concerned tone.

"I do, when you tell me the truth. what happened between you and Niki" I snapped. "I can't tell you that" Gabi quickly said. "then what the fuck are we doing in this bathroom then" I yelled, feeling bit annoyed. Since there was no reason to be in here in the first place.

"I'm avoiding niki" Gabi whispered, as I just about heard her. " why you avoiding Niki" I question feeling quite worried.

As Gabi lent on the school bathroom sink, looking worried and anxious. " you can't tell anyone" Gabi worriedly whispered. " Gabi you know me, who am I going to tell" I questioned her. "I know but this you got to" Gabi quickly said.

As I notices her swallow lump.

"me and Niki had a fight this morning and she told me that, if told her that she hooked up with Liz, because that what j was gonna tell. Well she tell the whole school that I was anorexic and that I lied about the whole her and Liz thing. It gets worse that you are my hook up buddy. Which so far from true, expect the anorexia part but that why I couldn't tell you. I hate seeing you so confused and avoiding me" Gabi just rambled/ cried.

I burst in to tears, as she pulled me into comforting hug. Man I fuckin hate Niki.


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