my last year at school

August Costanzo, 15 years old, best friend named Gabi, who is a twin. Well they aren't particularly friends. This how my life in high school was the worst


6. Feeling bad for August

Gabi pov

I opened the door to my house, and walked in. Lily, my dog came attack me. 'Hey lily' I spoke in my baby voice to lily. 

I ran up to my room, got change into my pj ( shown above) and lily was laying on my bed.'  you're so cute, yes you are' i said in my baby voice again. As i played with lily and gave her cute little kisses. Lily is my best friend, i love her more anything. 

'Ok quit the love fest' niki my twin walked in. As she sat on my bed, I stopped playing with lily. 

'how you need me to come home now' I asked niki. 'you haven't seen' Niki said worryingly. 'what you talking about' i questioned, feeling worried and anxious. From twin telepathy that there was something worrying and it ain't gonna to be pretty at all.

'liz..' thats all that niki said. I just stared at her, waiting for more. ' what did she do...?? did she hurt you again?? what nik??!!' I snapped, waiting for more answer to be answered. 

So she just passed me her phone, it was blowing up, with August name in all of them. The tears fell down my face. 

'what did she say about august' I practically scream, scaring lily. ' sorry baby' I apologised to lily. As i sat her on my lap, calming her down. 

'she told everyone about that kiss, and she a lesbian. She made the move on liz and told everyone on her wall to be careful of August, she may sleep with you and everyones believing in it' niki said, I just cried. Feeling so bad for August, i hate liz more than anything. I just believe that my twin is best friends with her. 

'they tagging her in it' niki ended, which made me cry even more. ' please tell you don't believe it niki' i snapped/ cried. ' No not at all. August is like family to us, liz may hate her' niki snapped back me, let out sigh. 

'does august know' niki asked. ' i don't think so' i said being unsure. ' call her' niki said before she walked out my room. 

'did you know that miss roberts is liz mom' i asked.  ' Yeah i did' niki replied  back. ' does she know that liz gay' i asked. 

' yeah a long time ago, why' niki questioned as she walked back in my room. ' just wondering' i said. ' ok give it up gabi we are twin tell me the real reason now' niki snapped. ' ok liz kissed august' i said niki cut me off 'yeah and we all know that' niki said. ' yeah but miss roberts saw her and august kiss, miss roberts freaked out' i said hoping niki could catch on. 

'wait that why she's been bitch to august, because her mom doesn't expect her' niki said reading my mind. ' yep you guess it' i said agreeing with her. 

'I've got to go' niki said running out of my bedroom. ' don't speak to liz whatever you do, you're gonna cause more drama' i yelled. ' i am because i know how to get it out of her and change her mind' niki yelled. ' ok but if you cause any more drama' i yelled. ' you do, you can't even hit me. you be too scared to break a nail' niki said mocking me. ' whatever' i yelled feeling annoyed. as i could hear her laughing. 

As i began to call August hoping she picked up. In my luck she did. 

'what Gabi' I heard her grumpily yell. 'babe..' i worriedly said. As i hear her sit up.

'what's up gabi?? i just woke up from a nap' august said worriedly.' it's liz..' i said. 

'what did she do' aug questioned, heard her breath quicken. ' baby calm down' i said trying to calm her down. ' i can't.. what did she do..' August began to freak out. As i heard get of the bed and pace around the room. 

' i'm coming over baby.. you need to stay calm' i said, i threw on my quickest shoes on and run to her house. which was about 5 minutes away.  whilst still on the phone to her. 

I knocked on her front door, her mom open ' Gabriella what you doing here' her mom being so warm and friendly like she is. ' aug having a panic attack, I've got to go now' i said, as ran up the stair. her mom shouting form behind. 

I ran to her room she wasn't there, i knew where she could be. the bathroom, just my luck she was. 

I see her about to cut her wrist. ' drop the blade now' I screamed. But she didn't, so i fought it  out of her hand. i snatched it out of her hand.

'what the hell!! august!!' i screamed. ' what the whole school hates, I've seen it now' August screamed. ' I shouldn't have kissed her' i screamed. ' come one lets get out this bathroom' i said pulling her out this room. 'why because this bathroom hates me thinks I'm a whore or slut. what does niki think of me?? my whole family' August practically screamed, bursting into floods of tears. 

I sat her down of her bed, she laid on her head in-between my legs. I ran my fingers through her hair. 'they love you, so do i. We don't think you're a slut baby. they just jealous of you' i said trying my best to calm her down. which did and she end up falling a sleep in my lap, which made me fall asleep on her bed.     

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