A book of a teenagers, poems and thoughts

These Poems are mostly about my experiences, with a ton of drama, and how I imagine my love life would be like, so some of them are made up. For the sake you readers I chose to keep my poems nonbinary as possible. For you people who think that my poems indicate that I'm homosexual, your wrong, I'm bisexual, but as I said my poems are nonbinary meaning that I'm not talking about a specific gender, so when you read it you can bring yourself more into my poems.


6. Sins

You sin like me. 

You have no wings like me. 

You seek forgiveness unlike me. 


I am Gods child, but I don't believe.

I swore my soul to church,

but I commit sins. 


I'm unpure, unworthy, unloved. 

A disgusting being who rose from the ashes.


You hate me,

you whisper words I collect in my head.

I keep in the dark.


Hunched over, with my arms around my knees. 

Content but I do not smile.


You hate the creature you see,

you hate what the creature does,

you hate but you don't understand.


I commit sins yes it's true,

I'm not perfect yes it's so.


I don't ask for much, not even love.

Cause fallen angels don't love.

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