A book of a teenagers, poems and thoughts

These Poems are mostly about my experiences, with a ton of drama, and how I imagine my love life would be like, so some of them are made up. For the sake you readers I chose to keep my poems nonbinary as possible. For you people who think that my poems indicate that I'm homosexual, your wrong, I'm bisexual, but as I said my poems are nonbinary meaning that I'm not talking about a specific gender, so when you read it you can bring yourself more into my poems.


2. My never ending story

A quick note before you read, this poem is inspired by another person life, not mine. Also, this poem contains slight suicidal thoughts, if you can handle stuff like that, I'd advise you to not read it.  


It's over now. Everything lost. 

I know this as I sit on this lonely swing in a dark playground.

However, it doesn't matter now. In a blink of an eye, I'll be history, just a memory. 

God knows my browser history has its eyes on me.

Like it does on everybody else.


Can someone tell what awful mistake,

lead me down this road,

and help things turn out this way?


I wish to know, 

tho it won't make any difference now,

my mind is made up.


My fate is like a deer in headlights,

frozen in place. 

This deer, she didn't know, what would happen, if she decided to be a little brave.


And she is here, looking into the light that will be her death.

The light that should be shining on my back,

pushing me forward, guiding me to my future,


is shining on my face,

keeping my shadow in the past,   

not letting me move on.


I would cry if I could

but there are no more tears left for me to cry.


The bleach I drank killed me inside,

so I can't go on.


I can just wait until the car hits me,

ending my life in this world, 

but my life on the internet will live on, and so will the nightmare I created.

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