A book of a teenagers, poems and thoughts

These Poems are mostly about my experiences, with a ton of drama, and how I imagine my love life would be like, so some of them are made up. For the sake you readers I chose to keep my poems nonbinary as possible. For you people who think that my poems indicate that I'm homosexual, your wrong, I'm bisexual, but as I said my poems are nonbinary meaning that I'm not talking about a specific gender, so when you read it you can bring yourself more into my poems.


12. every day

Every day of my life, 

I count the days of my sorrow

and write the good times, 

on the back of my hand.


I am surrounded by numerous good people,

with a good influence on my path.

As the years go by, my hair grows longer,

with a golden memory in each lock. 


As the years go by I feel lonelier.

As my planned future comes. 


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