A book of a teenagers, poems and thoughts

These Poems are mostly about my experiences, with a ton of drama, and how I imagine my love life would be like, so some of them are made up. For the sake you readers I chose to keep my poems nonbinary as possible. For you people who think that my poems indicate that I'm homosexual, your wrong, I'm bisexual, but as I said my poems are nonbinary meaning that I'm not talking about a specific gender, so when you read it you can bring yourself more into my poems.


1. running late

Cold, clear and crisp air 

run through my hair.


Fresh like a morning can be.


After it was red, blue blood colours of heaven,

I walk with my heavy heart in my hand.


White, white with beak and claws,

I set you free.


I'm out of the first door before already I turn left into the next door.


Despite the fact that I am running late,

I am very cheerful today.


very unlikely of me to do so:,

I take a right twice, 

then I made, just in time.


The scent of coffee and scones, 

and pardon the hygiene,

 the smell of sweat.


This isn't to say,

the environment isn't clean,

tho it would better if the windows were open.  






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