The Ant-Man and Wasp

Hank Pym and his girlfriend Janet Van Dyne are about to enter a whole new world, the world of Superheroes. It isn't a happy entry, Janet is propelled into it by tragedy while Hank just feels like designing a suit to shrink him is not what he created the Pym Particles for.

Regardless both of them are about to find themselves caught up in a fight for survival against an extraordinary threat.


Author's note

My take on the classic Marvel Comics characters and not tied to the Marvel cinematic Universe.

In fact it is part of the MMU - my Marvel Movellas Universe that will include the original comic book members of the Avengers.

1. One Gi-Ant Step for Hank Kind

Hank stepped back from the lab table to wait as the centrifuge did its job but he knew this time he had been successful.


He had worked out the final formula for what he was already calling Pym Particles.


One year after his initial idea to shrink not just all the cells in the Human body, but in everything.


He knew he'd finally done it, finally perfected it.


Once it had finished it's spin the only thing left would be Human trials and he knew as confident as he was about its success there was only one person he was prepared to test it out on; himself.


Then and only then could he celebrate and he would do so in style and take Janet out somewhere fancy. Maybe he could even make it a double celebration if she said yes when he asked her to marry him.

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