Drama follows me everywhere I go

You will not believe how terrible my seventh grade year was. Well, I mean there were some good parts, but it was mainly horrible! Oh forgive me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Lexi Rivera. I guess by now you're wondering why my year was so terrible, so let me tell you why.


3. Chapter 3

A/N the girl above is Sofia

I walk into Beverly Hills Middle School and look for Natalia. When I see her, I walk over to her. I see she is talking to a girl with long flowy carmel brown hair.

 "Oh, hey Lexi. This is my new friend Sofia. Sofia this is my bestie Lexi,"Natalia says smiling brightly.

  "Nice to meet you," I say politely.

 Sofia gives me a disgusted look and turns towards Natalia,"you were really friends with her? God, she's such an LBR. You need to ditch her.

  Natalia looks away,"you're right."

 "What's an LBR?"I ask slowly and quietly.

  They look at each other and start laughing. "Loser beyond repair,"they say together.

 I feel my eyes brim with water, but I shake it off,"you don't know me, so don't judge me." I turn to Natalia,"am I a piece of lint-covered cashmere?"

  Natalia looks annoyed,"no?"

 "Then why are you brushing me off?" I shoot at her.

  "Oh sweetie, I'm not brushing you off. I'm ditching you," she says coolly.

 A crowd starts to gather around us. "I don't get it. We were best friends at Seaside. What happened?" I ask.

  "Because you're a loser now,"she says.

 "Well, that's just wrong," I say shaking my head.

  Natalia walks away without another word to follow Sofia. Then, a short petite girl comes up to me comes up to me and starts talking,"hi. I'm Valentina and I saw everything. Good job standing up for yourself. By the way, I saw the most popular guy in school checking you out."

 "I'm Lexi. Who is the most popular guy?"

  "Leon, he's over there talking to Shawn," she says pointing to two boys.

 "He's cute,"I exclaim.

  "No kidding! Too bad he's dating the witch Jennifer."

 "Who's Jennifer?" I question.

  "Ugh! Only the "it" girl. Watch out though, she's a snake. Oh, look here comes my sister Amina,"she says.

 "You must be new here. I'm Amina," Amina says as she walks over to us.

  "I'm Lexi."

 "Nice to meet you. Anyway, I saw the whole encounter with Sofia. You have to steer clear of Sofia, Jennifer, Stella, and apparently Natalia,"Amina warns.

 "Ok. Thanks," I reply.

"What do y'all have first period?" Valentina asks.

 "I have science,"I say.

"Me too," Amina exclaims,"we can walk together."

 "Yeah that would be great,"I say.

"Dang I have theatre, but I'll see y'all later,"Valentina says.

  "Bye,"Amina and I chime together.

 We start to walk to science. "So, what boys do I need to steer clear of?" I ask.

   "Well Joe and Diego are mean, but Leon and Shawn are nice. I call dibs on Shawn," Amina gushes.

 "Good, because Leon is super cute," I say. We get to the science room and go in.



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