Drama follows me everywhere I go

You will not believe how terrible my seventh grade year was. Well, I mean there were some good parts, but it was mainly horrible! Oh forgive me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Lexi Rivera. I guess by now you're wondering why my year was so terrible, so let me tell you why.


1. Chapter 1

A/N the picture from left to right is Cassidy, Lexi, Roxy, and Natalia.

 It's the last day of sixth grade. I call all of my best friends into the choir room.

 "Hey Lexi. What's up?" Roxy asks.

 I take a deep breath and reveal some bad news, "I'm moving to Beverly Hills Middle School for seventh grade."

  Natalia's eyes light up with excitement, "OMG! Me too!"

 I look at my boyfriend George and see the hurt in his eyes. "You can't move. You know I'm bad at long distance relationships,"he says.

 I hate seeing all of my best friends upset, "I'm sorry guys. I don't even wanna go. You guys have no idea how much y'all mean to me."

 "Maybe y'all should just break up," Roxy retorts.

 "Roxy you're just mad because because you have lots of guy problems and can't keep a boyfriend for more than two weeks,"Cassidy scoffs.

  "Shut up Cass!" Roxy exclaims.

 "Guys don't fight. It's the last day of school. Let's have some fun,"I tell them.

  "I don't want you to move though,"George whines.

 "Stop acting like a big baby and just break up with each other,"Danny cuts in. Everyone looks at Danny in surprise, because he's usually the quiet one. "The only reason I say this is because it's obvious that Lexi will want to date other guys. I mean if Cass moved I would break up with her too,"Danny says breaking the awkward silence.

  Cassidy punches Danny in the arm. "That does make sense,"I tell them slowly.

 "So it's decided?"George asks.

 "Yeah I guess so,"I reply. The final bell rings, letting us know school is over.

 "Bye Lexi," Roxy says.

   "Bye Roxy,"I say.

 "See ya next year,"Natalia says happily, as I walk out of Seaside Middle School for the last time.

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