The Iron Man

Tony Stark had been in a desperate situation, held prisoner in a cave and forced under threat of death to build weapons for his captors.

Now he's free he's back home and safe, while he's trying to come to terms with his PTSD he's also finding himself filled with pride at the iron suit he created to escape.

He was thinking about how to use it again and how to streamline and improve it. The knowledge that weapons Stark Industry built for its military contracts had gotten into the hands of the people who abducted him led him to decide to investigate how and that would lead to him introducing the Iron Man to the world.


Author's note

My take on the classic Marvel Comics characters and not tied to the Marvel cinematic Universe.

In fact it is part of the MMU - my Marvel Movellas Universe that will include the original comic book members of the Avengers.

1. Iron Will

Tony sat on the floor looking at the pile of scrap metal that had been his suit of iron.


The thing that got him out of the cave he was being held prisoner in, he wanted to fix it, he wanted to improve it, but most of all he wanted to not still be afraid.


Not to feel nauseous at the thought of going outside his workshop or for his legs to feel as if they were too weak for him to stand up with if he got to his feet right then, not to feel guilt over the death of Yinsen. Also he definitely did not want to feel as if he was entirely alone in the world.


Six Weeks Earlier

Tony sat next to the cute dancer, one of the many part of a troupe traveling to the base with the USO.


Usually this was just standard Tony see an attractive lady dazzle her with his self described genius level intelligence.


Never failing to mention graduating from M.I.T at 16 how the company he runs, has been running since shortly after his eighteenth birthday, though deliberately avoiding telling anyone if he didn't have to how he only came to be in that position after his mom and his father who had been C.E.O of Stark were killed. How that company arms the soldiers fighting here in Vietnam including her brother Trey.


This time it was more than just a pleasant distraction this time it was to ease his fear of flying as the two of them were strapped in securely aboard the helicopter heading to the military base.

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