Death in Louisiana A novel

Louisiana, February 12, 2018.

When Margot Thorn is found in her Mansion, Homicide Detective Hart Oliver, Jr., decides to investigate. As he does so, he uncovers a world of murder, lies, and deception in the Deep South.


2. Death in Louisiana-Part Two



Louisiana Homicide Detective Hart Oliver, Jr., arrived at the huge, foreboding, Mansion. He glanced at the media who were camped outside the majestic gardens. "Okay, get the hell out of the way". He saw Carol Mendez, the Coroner, gasp in shock at the dead body. "It's horrible, Hart", she said. He nodded. "I don't want the press shooting pictures; I don't need more bad publicity". He checked his watch. It read: 5:08 PM. Dark clouds hovered above them in the black sky. "We have to do things hurriedly because of the imminent rain", Detective Hart Oliver, Jr., said. He gripped his black coat with his hands, then he saw an African-American cleaner staring at them. "Who are you, Miss...?", he asked her. "Louisa Deere", she said. "And why are you here?", the Detective asked. "I clean the Mansion. Miss Thorn was a good owner", Louisa answered. "Margot Thorn. The millionairess", the Detective said. Louisa nodded. "Someone broke into the house, and killed her. She was so paranoid about security", she stated. "She was stabbed in the chest three times...blood was everywhere", Carol told him. By 5:15 PM, fifty members of the press were taking photographs on their I-pads  so that they could send to their bosses for the six o'clock PM deadlines in town. "Get out of the way, dammit!​", he yelled. He watched Carole was attending to the body. Six more Louisiana police officers arrived on the scene. "Arrest the media. They're interfering with our investigation". They nodded. "​This isn't right. We're just doing our job. You can't do that​", Mark Henning said. He showed them his ID badge. "This is a crime scene Sir. It's off-limits to the paparazzi". Mark shook his head. "I'm not one of the paparazzi; I am journalist for three decades". He shook his head, and left the Mansion knowing that he hadn't a story to write for tonight.


"Why haven't you written anything, Mark?", Chuck Harrison, the Editor-In-Chief of the Louisiana Times​ Digital News, asked him.

"I was prevented by Detective Oliver", he answered him.

"I know him. He's a old-school detective. He doesn't pull any punches. I'll take care of him", he said. Mark watched him leave the office, and headed towards ​Burt's Restaurant.


Mark walked into the Mansion. 

Carol looked at the body.

"She knew the killer. He or she must've attacked her with a brutal frenzy", she said. Mark nodded. He loathed modern, 21st century technology. After the latest computer breach, he knew that people's data was accessed through third-party sources, normal crime work went out of the window in 2018. It wasn't like the crime noir books of the 1930's, and 1940's, by writers like James M. Cain, and Raymond Chandler. Mark had read ​The Postman always rings Twice​, and was shocked by the notoriety of the book, (and the 1946 movie as well); Mark breathed in the air, as the first signs of heavy rain threatened to drench him. Carol stared at him. "Margot's ex-husband, Thorsten Franc, the Norway billionaire, is in Melbourne, Australia, on business. He is uncontactable", she stated. Mark shook his head. "When he's back in America, we'll talk to him". Carol nodded. She took photographs, then she saw the black "CRIME SCENE" sign that was erected outside the Mansion...and was prepared for the darkness to consume her.


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