Death in Louisiana A novel

Louisiana, February 12, 2018.

When Margot Thorn is found in her Mansion, Homicide Detective Hart Oliver, Jr., decides to investigate. As he does so, he uncovers a world of murder, lies, and deception in the Deep South.


1. Death in Louisiana-Part One


Margot Thorn walked along the hallway.

She gripped her blue robe in her right hand.

Before she could do anything, she shivered from the unnatural cold. She frowned. Tanya, her black cat, meowed. "There you are....where did you go? I was worried about you", she asked it. The cat jumped onto her lap. Margot flicked the lights of her bedroom. By seven-thirty PM, she walked to the window. It was open. She frowned. ​I thought I locked it​, she thought to herself. Suddenly the cat heard a strange noise coming from the brown cupboard. "What's wrong?​", she asked the cat. In a matter of seconds, the killer aimed a sharp knife at Margot. The cat hissed in anger. But it was too late. Margot screamed in terror, as she died from her wounds to her chest. And the Louisiana killer left the Mansion via the front door....and ran away in the darkness.

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