The Only Way

This might be a little offensive to some people because it consists of suicidal topics. I'm just warning you now so nobody tries to get feisty with me later.

This is a short story about a young teen girl who is a victim of bullying. She's bullied so much to the point where she's become a little mentally unstable and suicidal.


1. The Only Way

          Hugging my knees, I gasp, trying to find my breath. Tall slender shadows were inching my way. Their claws reaching out to grasp me. Their beady red eyes staring into my soul. I tremble, sweat forming onto my brow as I back away from the horrid creatures into a wall. I scan the dark atmosphere around me, looking for something, anything, to help me. Nothing. Only pitch-black. They’re creeping closer by the second. My only choice is to run. I dart quickly throughout the small space that separated the creatures from me. As I pass through, I feel a sharp pain in my arm. I look down to see blood dripping down from the newly fresh wound. One of the creatures must’ve sliced my arm with its massive claws. I yelp, falling to my knees. The creatures grew even closer, menacing smiles plastered onto their warped faces. My heart anxiously pounds out of my chest. I look up to see a hole has appeared. I use all the strength I have in my body to force myself up. Standing before the hollow hole, I peer down. At the bottom of the hole a light illuminates. Suddenly I’m standing outside of school, surrounded by a group of tall slender kids. The same menacing smiles from the shadow creatures onto their faces. They creep closer, saying and calling me horrible things. “You’re so ugly that my eyes hurt just from looking at you!” someone yells out. “Yeah. No one likes you, you know. You should just go kill yourself” another taunts. Tears form in my eyes. “You’re so weak…” the biggest one says, chuckling, “Maybe you should consider suicide.” They continue to smile and laugh. The tears began trickling down, staining my shirt. I’m back, standing in front of the hole. I glance back to see the demons advancing even closer than before. “I’m weak…” I whimper. Staring down into the luminous hole once again, I gulp. This is the only way to escape them. I take my last and final breath before letting myself descend deep down into nothingness. Broken and dismantled, gone forever.


        This story is a metaphor for all the hardships the young girl had to go through. The demons are a metaphor for the girls bullies who have caused her to commit suicide. I've created this story because I want to bring attention to this topic. I can relate to this teen girl. I don't relate with the bullying part but I definitely relate with the suicidal part. Even though they might not seem as bad as others, I'm dealing with many of my own hardships and life isn't really easy for me right now. But I'd just like to say, if any of you are reading this are suicidal yourself, DON'T take your life or attempt to. I've not attempted to commit suicide but I know a couple people who said that they've attempted and regret it. No matter what you're dealing with, stay standing tall. Don't let your demons get to you. Do whatever you can to help yourself get better. Suicide is NOT the only way to rid all of your problems. Thank you if you took your time to read this. I hope you have a good day :)


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