Hogwarts love


1. Cute Boy On The Train

This is it I stepped onto the platform of the Hogwarts Express I was really doing it . It wasn’t a dream anymore it was reality . I wandered around the train looking around for a comfy place to sit when a figure appeared in the corridor . Who may it be ? I questioned myself . Puzzled , I opened the glass door and looked more closely at the figure suddenly, it began to talk ! “Made a safe journey Eh ?” Asked the figure , with the tone of its voice I realized it was a female “ Come on ! Don’t remember me ?” It spoke again , the figure drew closer with the light of a second years wand I could see clearly who it was . Her fiery , ginger hair like her mother and her grandmother . “Lily !” I yelled excitedly , I ran opened arms a gave her a huge hug “I missed you !” I said through her Pink hoodie , a tear rolled down my cheek I thought I would be alone . “Come along now Luna I’ve got you a seat” Lily said hand gesturing me to a nearby booth . As I walked by , I saw a cute , bleach - blonde haired boy sat next to Albus Potter and Rose Weasley , he smiled at the sight of me and so did Rose . There was one seat left next to the boy and Rose told me to come in , I really wanted to meet the boy but I didn’t want Lily to be alone . “Sorry Lily can I sit with Rose ?” I asked putting my bag down on the grubby floor next to Rose’s booth . “Sure” she said , waving as she slowly disappeared into the train . I opened the glass door and sat next to the boy . His eyes were baby blue he was so cute I couldn’t help but blush when he greeted me as an old friend . “Luna so glad you could make it oh and by the way this is Scorpius Malfoy he is really nice” chattered Rose , pointing at the boy like he was a good friend . “H...hi” is all I could get out he was too adorable to cope with . “Hello Luna I’m as Rose said Scorpius and I’m exited to get to know you” Scorpius said nicely , hang on a minute weren’t the Malfoy a bad influential family ? Well I guess I’ll find out . The train finally stopped and as I sat up from the scarlet seats I overheard Scorpius telling Albus somethings about my dad , I felt sad I missed my father dearly and I barley met him and Mum . I grabbed my bags and climbed of the train . There was a swarm of first years pushing and shoving, giggling and laughing all crowded around a tall giant . “Hello Luna nice to see you here Teddy is a naughty little bugger he is” said the figure , I recognized that tone from anywhere . “Hagrid , don’t get me started” I said putting my hands on my hips “He’s a nightmare at home with gran” . I heard someone chuckle meanly at mine and Hagrid’s conversation. I knew it , at the moment I thought I fitted in it didn’t work out . “Come along first years , this way” Hagrid shouted , leading a trail of gormless first years to the magical , mysterious river . “Right get into groups of four” demanded Hagrid , holding a lantern up to his face . Everyone pushed and shoved until everyone was in a group of four “Come here Albus , Rose , Luna” said Scorpius quickly , rushing over to me . I stepped onto the boat last and sat next to Scorpius . We rowed about halfway until I felt a soft hand touch mine Scorpius had took hold of my hand and was squeezing it tightly. Rose was envious her face was as sour as an apple she wasn’t happy . All of a sudden , SPLASH ! I had fallen in face first into the river I was so embarrassed then another SPLASH ! Scorpius had jumped in to save me ! He pulled me ashore and when the others had caught up sneers Of laughter filled the air I coughed “Luna are you ok ?” Asked a person I was unconscious and all I could see were baby blue eyes “Remus ?” I shouted sitting up . “Who’s Remus ?” Asked a girl with Dark brown hair and pale skin “Remus is one of the greatest wizards of all time” said Hagrid proudly , I began to smile now “Yeah right” the girl whispered rudely to her friend sneering . Was my father’s name funny to them ? “Wanna speak about my dad speak to me!” I said angrily, my fists clenched . “ Now now Luna come on” said Scorpius softly I felt slightly better now but not too much .

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