The Day That Changed My Life

My name is Krystal Stone. I am 17 years old and I live with my aunt in Japan. I was born with all pink hair which makes me unique in so many ways. My parents died in a car crash, so when they died I went to live with my aunt in Japan. I always go to a convert with my best friend no one who is playing, but this time she was feeling sick so I just came by myself because I already bought my ticket. This concert changes my life, I think. Read the story to find out what happens.


3. The Incident At School

I wake up and I realize I still have Aiden’s jacket. I take it off and I head to the bathroom. I run some water then I get in and I take a cold shower. I wash my hair and I put it up in a bun as I wash my body. I get out the shower when I’m done and I dry off. I brush my hair through and it reaches down to my mid-thigh. I put my school uniform on and I brush my hair again, I leave it down and I put Aiden’s jacket back on cause the house is cold. I put my headphones around my neck then I walk downstairs to the kitchen. My aunt is flipping pancakes and she puts them on two separate plates. I put syrup on the pancakes and I get out two forks, one for me and one for her. After I finish my pancakes I walk back upstairs to my bathroom. I pull out some makeup and I put a little bit on then I brush my teeth. I put some clear lip gloss on and I walk downstairs. I’m about to head outside when my aunt shouts to me, “Happy Friday the 13th.” I smile a bit and I shout back, “Happy Friday the 13th auntie.” I walk out the house as I grab my backpack from by the door, I ride my skateboard to school and I see the school all decorated. I laugh to myself as I walk to my locker, I put my skateboard and lunchbox up for right now. I walk to my homeroom class as I wave to a couple people. I almost make it to class safe when someone picks me up and shouts, “RAWRRR!!!” I roll my eyes as I hold back a laugh, I’m put down and my friend Jake asks, “Was that scary enough for you?” I laugh as I tell him, “Nah, that was funny as fuck!!” He pouts and we walk in the classroom together and we sit in the front cause I’m too lazy to walk to the back of the room. I’m about to take my daily nap in class when the teacher says, “Krystal, the principal wants to see you. You’re not in any trouble by the way.” I sigh in relief as I get up from my seat. I take the hallpass and I walk to the office. When I get to the principal’s office I see the three people I least expected to see. I try to sneak back to class when the principal says, “Glad you could join us Ms. Krystal.” I give her a thumbs up then I frown as I walk back into the office. I stand by the door and she offers me a seat, I shake my head and I stay where I’m standing. She then tells me, “Krystal, you’re the only person here who has the same schedule as these three transfer students.” I tell her, “Jake has all the same classes as me which means he’d have all the same classes as them.” She sighs and says,

“Yes, while that’s true. You know how he acts if other guys are too close to him.”

Me: “Yes, well if you know how he acts then you know he’ll be pissed to see three guys hanging out with me.”

Principal Jane: “Language!! And I’m well aware as to how my son acts when other boys are around you.”

Me: “Good, then we’re done here.”

I take Aiden’s jacket off and I give it back to him as I walk out the office. I walk back to class and I stop as I say, “Why are you three following me?” I turn as I confront the three guys following me. Kaden says, “We have to get to class, and we just happen to have all our classes with a cute girl.” I roll my eyes as I walk closer to them and I say, “Yeah well keep your distance. You’ve been warned.” I turn and I walk back to my class with them following. When I get the the class I tell Mr. Johnson, “You have three new students. Good luck with these guys.” They walk in and every girl squeals and one says, “It’s ‘Dark Flame’ !!!” I cover my ears and I bang my head on the desk. Someone puts their hand under my head and I look over to see the arm is connected to Jake. He grabs my hand and asks, “Are you alright?” I shake my head and I tell him, “I have this recurring headache and I don’t know what to do.” He pats my head and I swat his arm, he pouts when I do that and I feel someone pulling my hair. I turn around to see Kaden and I tell him, “I swear to fucking god, if you pull my hair again all hell will break loose.” He pulls my hair again and I kick him in the leg as hard as possible. I smirk and I turn back around to my desk, he pulls my hair again and I say, “Mr. Johnson, he keeps pulling my hair!!!” He quickly says,

“Yeah, well she kicked me!!”

Me: “You pulled my hair first and I didn’t do anything but ignore you.”

Kaden: “Exactly!! You ignored me, a superstar doesn’t deserve to be ignored.”

Me: “If that’s true then why did my brother’s death go unnoticed!!!!”

I make myself cry and the teacher says, “Now now, please calm down. You’re acting more like kindergarteners than high schoolers. Also Krystal, you never had a brother.” I laugh as Kaden’s face goes from guilt to anger. He gets up and tries to pull my hair, I hide behind Jake and I whisper, “Help me…” He picks me up and places me on his desk and he forms a barricade around me as he says, “I will protect the princess at all costs!!!” My smile suddenly fades and I get down from off his desk and he asks, “Are you okay? What’s wrong??” I shake my head then I set it on the table. Jake rubs my back as he whispers, “You’re lying to me…” I start to cry and I suddenly shout, “Why do people always have to ask if I’m okay?!?! I’m perfectly fine!!!” He hugs me and says, “Well I’m sorry for worrying about you!!!!” I push my desk over and I stand up as I say, “I don’t need you or anybody else at that matter to worry about me!!!!” He pushes his desk over and says, “Fine!!!” I stomp out the classroom as a neighboring teacher walks in and asks,

“Is everything alright in here?”

Mr. Johnson: “Oh they were just acting out a play they made.”

Me: “Oh it wasn’t a play!!!!!”

I keep walking away and a tear falls out my eye. I run up stairs until I get to a door and I push it open. It lets out to the roof and I sit up against the fence surrounding the roof. I close my eyes as tears stream down my face and I hear the door open. Soon I hear Jake say, “I’m sorry about what just happened in class.” I look up at him and he wipes my tears from my face. I nod my head as I tell him, “It’s alright.” He leans down and kisses me. I pull away from him and I run off away from him. When I’m heading back to class I run into Chris and he asks, “Are you okay?” I nod my head but he says, “Then why are you crying??” I shrug my shoulders and he opens his arms for a hug. I hug him and he asks, “What really happened?” I keep my head hidden as I tell him, “Jake…. He k-kissed me…” I cry more and he tightens his grip around me and says, “I won’t let him touch you ever again.” I nod my head and we walk back to class.

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