The Day That Changed My Life

My name is Krystal Stone. I am 17 years old and I live with my aunt in Japan. I was born with all pink hair which makes me unique in so many ways. My parents died in a car crash, so when they died I went to live with my aunt in Japan. I always go to a convert with my best friend no one who is playing, but this time she was feeling sick so I just came by myself because I already bought my ticket. This concert changes my life, I think. Read the story to find out what happens.


2. The Concert

I get a phone call from my friend as I'm looking for my outfit for the concert. I put the phone to my ear as she says, 

"Hey Krystal."

Me: "Hey Lexi, I'm picking out my outfit for the concert right now."

Lexi: "That's actually what I called about... I started feeling sick so I'm not going to the concert tonight, I hope you understand. I'm sorry."

Me: "Oh alright. It's alright I'll go by myself don't worry about me I'll be fine. I'll see you at school, bye." 

Before she can say anything I hang up my phone then I toss it on my bed. I continue looking through my closet with a sad expression on my face. I find the outfit that I want to express my mood and I shut my door as I put it on. (Outfit Below)

I put my phone in my back pocket and I head downstairs to the living room. I put a smile on my face and I walk over to my aunt. She turns around and hugs me as she sees me coming down the stairs. I hug her back and she messes up my hair. I look at her as I say, 

"Ughhhh auntie Sarah. Why'd you do that?"

Auntie Sarah: "I can mess with your hair if I want."

I smile a real smile at her and I braid my hair into a loose braid. I tell her, "I'll see you when I get back from the concert." She nods her head and waves as I walk out the door. I take my red Bluetooth headphones from around my neck and I start listening to music. I walk to the city Concert Hall and I stand in the short line. I turn my music off and I pull my ticket out and I hand it to the bouncer at the door as I think to myself, 'Why can't they get a normal person to do this job?' I smile at him and he lets me inside, I walk in and I go to the front and I stand by the stage. It takes a while for everyone to get to the concert room. I hold my arm tight as I realize that everyone around me has a friend with them, I start to sing a song to myself and the people around me quiet down. I look at them and i realize they're all staring at me, they clap then someone says, "Sing another song!!!" I give in to their pressure and I take a deep breath then I start to sing another song for them







When I finish singing the song the people that heard me started clapping and whistling. I smile but I blush a little because I'm not used to this attention. The show is about to start when someone yells, "THE GIRL WITH PINK HAIR IS AN AWESOME SINGER!! I CAN'T TELL IF SHE'S AN AMATEUR OR PROFESSIONAL SINGER!!!!" I cover my hair as much as possible. The band gets on stage and I remove my hands from my head because the attention is finally off of me. I look at the band on stage and the lead singer shouts, "We are 'The Dark Flame'!!! Since this is our first live show, at the end of it we'll pick someone randomly to come back stage and talk to us privately!!" They start their first song and I recognize the song somehow and I start to smile unconsciously. After their second song they take a break and Lexi calls me. I answer the phone and she says, 

"Heyy Krystal." 

I get mad and I tell her, 

"Don't 'Heyy Krystal' me. You ditched me just to spend time with your boyfriend, didn't you? Then you got drunk so you want me to come pick you up now. Well I'm still at the concert and I walked here, but I guess I'll pick you up from the party after the concert."

Lexi: "Thanksss Krystallll." 

Me: "Mhmmm, but you don't need to say Krystal everytime you're talking to me on the phone."

I hang up the phone call and I put my phone back in my pocket. I look up at the stage curtains and I see someone peeking their head partly out the curtains. We catch each other's eyes then I look down and my hair falls in my eyes. The curtains open and the band starts singing their third and final song for the night. I smile as I listen to the song and I look up on stage, when I look at each of them I see that they are all looking at me. They finish the song and the drummer says, "Thank you very much!!! Now the person who gets to come backstage issss....." The whole band says, "Krystal!!!" I think 'maybe there's someone else named Krystal." One of the spotlights move towards me and I cover my eyes. The guitarist walks towards the edge of the stage and holds his hand out for me to grab onto. I hesitantly put my hand on his, he pulls me onto the stage and takes me to the back. They all walk into the dressing room and I stay standing in the doorway and the lead singer says, "Come on in Krystal." I don't move and I look at them then I ask, "Why did you pick me? I didn't even know y'all existed." They look at me shocked and they say,

Drummer: "My name is Chris."

Lead Singer: "My name is Aiden."

Guitarist: "My name is Kaden. Also if you didn't know this band existed then how did you end up here tonight?" 

Me: "M-my friend and I always go to concerts even if we don't know who is playing. But she ditched me just to go to a party with her boyfriend. Now if you excuse me I have to go pick her up."

I turn to walk away but then Chris says, "How are you going to pick her up if you don't have a car?" His words made me stop in my tracks. I turn around and I walk over to him. When I'm standing a safe enough distance close to him I say, "You were listening in on my call. So that's how you knew my name creep." I get mad but I close my eyes to calm myself down. I feel someone touching my hair, I quickly reach my hand up and I grab his arm and I twist it behind his back. He reverses my move on me and I growl. My eyes turn red but I don't know that. He let's go of me then I calm down and I turn to look at him. Aiden then steps in and says, "You haven't changed at all Krystal..." I turn to look at him with a confused look. He pulls out his phone and shows me pictures of him and me. I look shocked as I look closely at the picture, I take his phone and I look at the picture. I sit down on the floor and he asks me, "So when did you and your parents move here?" I look at him and everything from my past starts running through my head, tears silently fall down my face as my eyes turn blue. He gets down on his knees and asks, 

"What happened to them?"

Me: "T-they died in a c-car crash...." 

I look away from him and I look down at my hand and I fidget with my moms old ring. He rubs my back and I start to calm down, my eyes turn back to brown and I look at him as I say, "Thanks." He nods his head and I get up as I say, "I have to go pick my friend Lexi up, cause she's drunk." I start to walk off and Aiden says, "Wait, we could take you." I turn around and Kaden says,

"Are you serious?!?! We can't do that, we'll get caught." 

Aiden: "I'm taking her with or without you two." 

Chris: "You're as stubborn as a mule, we're coming."

Kaden: "Speak for yourself Chris, I'm not coming!!!"

I walk over to Kaden and I pull his hair as I say,

"Don't get mad, just because you can't control people."

Kaden: "Oww, okay. You're feisty, I like that in girls. I'm coming with y'all now." 

I roll my eyes and they walk out and I follow behind them. When we get outside the wind blows my hair back. They walk over to a Black Fisker Karma Electric Car. Aiden and Chris sit in the front, so I'm stuck sitting in the back with Kaden. I take Aiden's phone and I enter the address on his GPS then I give it back. He follows the instructions and makes it to her house. Before I get out I tell them, "Keep the doors and windows locked. Don't let anyone see you." They nod their heads and I walk inside. Everybody stops and they say, "THE PARTY QUEEN HAS ARRIVED!!!" I roll my eyes but I smile at that and I tell them, "I'm just here to pick up Lexi, but I will take some drinks for on the go!!" They cheer and I laugh. I look around for Lexi, I find her in the corner kissing her boyfriend. I pull her away from him and out to the car. Before I leave I take two shots of alcohol and I walk outside. She starts complaining about how cold it is out here. I roll my eyes and I put her in the car, Kaden makes me sit in the middle and he puts his hand on my thigh. I growl at him but he tightens his grip on my thigh, it hurts and I bite my lip. He lets go and I scoot closer to Lexi, she lays her head in my lap and I play with her hair. She falls asleep and I laugh to myself, Chris looks at me with a questioning look and I tell him, "We go to The Academy of Leadership and it's a very strict school, the only thing they're not strict about is what kinds of jackets you wear. Lexi is drunk, which means she'll have a hangover. Which means she'll be extra moody tomorrow and then she'll get detention and such." I look at them and there's a look of understanding on their face. I put my hand on her head and it's burning up. I look at Aiden and I ask him, "Hey Aiden, can you roll the windows down? Lexi is burning up." He nods his head and rolls the windows. I smile but I shiver some and my teeth start to chatter. I bite my tongue to keep them from noticing. We drop Lexi off at her house and Aiden drives towards my house, me and Chris switched spots cause I didn't want to sit next to Kaden anymore. My teeth start chattering again and this time Aiden notices, he takes his jacket off and gives it to me while we are at a stop light. I put it on and it's a bit too big for me, I giggle and I lean my head on the cold window. I start to fall asleep when Aiden shakes me and says, "We're at your house now Krystal." I open the door and I try to stand up, my knees fail to stay straight and I start to fall. I hold onto the side of the car, I use the car for support to hold me up. I get to the front of the car and I have to let go of it. I start limping but I continue walking towards my front door, but Aiden gets out and helps me to the front door. I try to walk by myself but I fail so he ends up walking me to my room. I lay in bed and as soon as my head hits the pillow I start to doze off, I feel something touch my forehead then I hear the door close. I doze off completely and I fall asleep in a matter of minutes.

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