The Day That Changed My Life

My name is Krystal Stone. I am 17 years old and I live with my aunt in Japan. I was born with all pink hair which makes me unique in so many ways. My parents died in a car crash, so when they died I went to live with my aunt in Japan. I always go to a convert with my best friend no one who is playing, but this time she was feeling sick so I just came by myself because I already bought my ticket. This concert changes my life, I think. Read the story to find out what happens.


1. Characters Looks

Name: Krystal Stone

Age: 17

Role: Main Character


Name: Sarah Stone

Age: 28

Role: Krystal's Aunt


Name: Chris

Age: 17

Role: Drummer in the Boy Band


Name: Aiden

Age: 17

Role: Lead Vocalist in the Boy Band


Name: Kaden

Age: 17

Role: Guitarist in the Boy Band


Name: Lexi

Age: 17

Role: Krystal's Best Friend

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