Broken heart

Severus’s love beams so bright when he meets Lily but will he catch her eye ...


1. Someone new in town

Severus was a quiet boy . Kind but quiet . He lived on a street full of dim , reckless muggles , even with the muggles the street was still a home , somewhere warm at heart . Severus was not an ordinary boy he was strange , peculiar people often question about the boys health because of his fashion choice. He was a tall , thin boy with shoulder length, greasy , black hair . He never had a friend someone he could depend on he was very lonely . His parents often fought and argued about adult things that Severus couldn’t quite get his head around . His mother was a witch and his father was a muggle which meant he was a half-blood wizard like many other famous witches and wizards . One day , a van pulled up by the lamppost that had the words ‘ Move with ease ‘ written on the van in Black swirly lettering . Eagerly, Severus watched as a family came out the front compartment of the rear end . “ Muggles “ he whispered under his breath , then a young girl around Severus’s age climbed out . Amazed , Severus had the face of a shocked monkey as he glared at the beautiful girl swish her fiery , red hair around her face . Severus felt for once in his life he had found the girl of his dreams . But then , with a sudden thought “ I must greet her with a daring ac “ he told himself firmly , pushing up his burgundy tie a brushing his knotty hair slightly making him look a bit more presentable . Snape carelessly ran down the stairs down the stairs ignoring his ignorant dad call his name from the garden . Severus has never felt so nervous in his life his lip trembled as he opened the door to the front yard . Snape ran through the tangled weeds until he reached a wall which he giddily jumped over . He cleared his throat smelt his breath then beamed at the girl dreamily for a while until the girl said in a soft , caring voice “ Can I help you ? “ . “ Um no ! I ... I just w...wanted to see you “ Severus said quickly , gazing into the girls Emerald , opal eyes . “ I’m Severus Snape by the way “ Snape said reaching out his hand proudly . “ I’m Lily , Lily Evans I’m new here “ Lily spoke shaking his hand carefully her soft hands touching his like a pillow touching bark . Lily carried on blabbing for a bit but Snape just glared into her eyes smiling slightly. “ I must go my sister is calling me !” Lily yelled , running into her small cottage , “ See you tomorrow!” Snape shouted back , waving and smiling his yellow teeth twitching uncontrollably. Snape was excited for tomorrow, a new day , meeting Lily oh boy was he a lucky young chap !

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