Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


76. Seraph

"You called." A nonchalant voice said. A man stood in the middle of a room on a pedestal. Four pedestal was rose all around him and voice was talking:
"You have been called here today because the time of the breach is near." A female voice said:
"I see. Should I prepare?" the man in the middle asked:
"We are deploying the Seraph unit for two things...Apply prophecy and secure the prison." A deep man's voice came from the room:
"As you wish. Any picture of this so-called prison?" The man asked:
"It's one of the weak once saplings...It carries our biggest traitor." A smooth voice said:
"You mean her!" The man in the middle shouted but still somehow sounded bored:
"Yes. Amaterasu." Another girl's voice said:
"This isn't good. We will deploy all our power." The man said:
"Good. Deploy all of the Seraph units...The time for the prophecy is near!" The deep man voice shouted:
"You getting excited, old man." The smooth male voice said:
"Hawk!" The first lady said:
"Yes?" The man in the middle asked:
"You are authorized to kill...Set this mission at the highest level." The first lady said:
"As you wish. We all will do our job." The man in the middle said. Two pale dark green eyes shined from the man as he turned around and walked out of the room. He walked down the golden corridor as he adjusted his red tie:
"new mission?" An upbeat male voice asked:
"Yeah...The stairway is soon ready." The man said.

Brent was sitting in his room. He closed his eyes and relaxed.

Inside of Brent sat Amaterasu:
"Oh..." Amaterasu let out a soft yelp. She stood up in the dark room with a smooth grin. Her purple shirt blew in the wind as her dark magic wings erupted:
"I see...They're coming for me..." Amaterasu said with a giggle:
"They can come...But they don't know where I am..." Amaterasu said as she placed a hand against the white invisible wall:
"I'm inside this boy now...Gheheheheheh!" SHe broke into a laugh as she looked up into the white nothingness:
"But...If they come I hope he uses me...I really want to break some of their skulls." Amaterasu said with a laugh again. Amaterasu sat down on the ground again with a satisfied smile:
"Oh, he will use me...Because with this power he got now...He stands no chance against them." Amaterasu said. She laughed loudly as the black magic wings bashed in the air powerfully.

Brent still sat in his room as he placed a hand on his chest. He could feel the magic inside the seal:
"What is she doing?" Brent asked himself. The door to his room opened and Tiffle stood there:
"What are you doing to the seal?" Tiffle asked:
"Oh, nothing. Just relaxing here." Brent said:
"Well," Tiffle said as she walked into the room and threw herself on the bed. Brent just sat there keeping his eyes on his hand:
"She is being weird again?" Tiffle asked:
"Yeah. I feel her emanating more magic than usual." Brent said:
"Well...Just ignore her." Tiffle said. Brent nodded as he looked toward the door. Faust stood there. He walked straight into the room and looked at Brent:
"I want you to know something," Faust said. Brent nodded:
"What is it?" Brent asked:
"You are getting metamorphosed," Faust said. Brent blinked confusedly:
"Metamorphosed?" Brent asked in shock:
"Which means...You are getting to much magic...We never tried the soul splice thing with a fairy and human before the saplings and it seems...Your body changes...You should be called half-fairy now...You aren't pure human anymore." Faust said. Brent blinked in shock:
"W-What!" Brent shouted:
"I saw it after you came back from Darrkoa. You are starting to use a massive amount of magic and your body is actually adjusting to it." Faust said:
"So you mean...I'm changing?" Brent asked:
"Yeah," Faust said. Brent took a deep breath and nodded:
"I see," Brent said. Faust nodded:
"I will go tell the others...But...I wouldn't call myself one hundred percent human anymore." Faust said as he left the room. Brent looked at his hand:
"You can sense it?" Tiffle asked:
"No...Nothing feels different." Brent said. Tiffle shrugged:
"Well, the physical appearance is not that different," Tiffle said:
"Well, you got wings," Brent said:
"To be blunt...I'm the only fairy with wings," TIffle said:
"Really?" Brent asked:
"Maybe something with how I was a sapling or something but I'm the only fairy with wings," Tiffle said. Brent grinned:
"Weirdo," Brent said. Tiffle pouted as she threw herself at him. Brent quickly dodged and grabbed her by the waist as he threw her into the bed. He walked over to the window:
"I wanted to ask him out...But..." Tiffle thought as she had her head in the pillow:"
Now doesn't seem like the time." Tiffle thought as she looked up at him. Brent walked slowly toward the window and looked out:
"A half-fairy...huh," Brent said. Tiffle smiled softly as she walked up next to him and placed her head up against his body. Brent smiled and began petting her hair:
"Everyone!" A call shouted. Brent and Tiffle quickly went into action as they arrived out in the garden. Winston and Jezzia were there. Faust, Astralonius, Mayuri, Tiara, Core, Hayden and Miu came right after Brent and Tiffle:
"What is it!" Brent shouted as he grabbed Tiffle arm:
"I'm pregnant..." Jezzia said. Silence filled the area as Jezzia placed her hands on her stomach. Winston sat in his chair with a smile:
"R-Really?" Tiara asked:
"Yeah...The curse is lifted..." Jezzia said. Everyone ran to their side and began to cheer and congratulate them. Winston smiled:
"Finally." Winston said. Jezzia nodded. The curse had been shattered and there might be enemies on the horizon and new trials to be faced...Right now one of those trials had come to an end and the new Bolium resident by both Vampires and Humans was now directly connected to Tir Na Nog and the two races lived in an alliance. The first woman to bare the new generation of vampires was Jezzia the Paladin from Bolium and the father was Winston Whitehair from Darrkoa...A new child...A new dawn...A new ending...And soon...A new start.

The end of Volume 2

Red war of Vampires

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