Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


1. Winston!

Time passed. Months had passed and suddenly on the outskirts of Tir Na Nog. A yellow light erupted and suddenly a figure stood on the clouds. The figure had a cloak on. The cloak flew in the wind. The figure softly lower the hood so you could see his white hair and sharp ears. He softly smiled so you could see the fangs in his mouth:
"Tir Na Nog...Finally." The figure said with a smooth English accent. The figure smiled smoothly.

It had been two years since Brent met Tiffle. They now lived in the Kingdom of Tir Na Nog. The kingdom of the fairies. 

Brent had now taken lessons from Astralonius in blade fighting. There been peace for so long that every day just became relaxing.


But suddenly.


"Thank you once again," Brent said. His brown spiky hair flew in the wind. He hadn't changed much. He grew a bit taller and had some beard scruff on his chin now. Astralonius still had the same kinda clothing on. He looked young as ever. he was walking around with Belle Epine on his back. The two smiled at each other:
"You have progressed so far!" Mayuri shouted as she came running. She had the same dress as last time. She had a book in between her hands:
"Thanks," Brent said with a smile:
"Sneak attack!" Someone suddenly shouted. Brent's eyes blinked quickly as he turned around. He parried the attack and then thrust his wooden scythe forward:
"Ah!" Tiffle shouted. The wooden pole stopped right in front of her face:
"What was that for!" Brent shouted:
"You're good in combat. That is great an all, but you never know when someone sneaks attack you!" Tiffle said proudly. Brent sighed and hit her over the with the wooden pole. Tiffle rubbed her head softly with a giggle.

"Who is that?" A guard at the gate of Elfthrone asked:
"I can sense magic coming from him but nothing else. That's not a Lilin nor a Fairy. What is it?" The other guard asked:
"Gentlemen." The English sounding man said. He suddenly was in between them. He bared his fangs.

In the throne room:
"sit still now!" Tiara shouted:
"I'm trying..." Core said as he stood on Faust throne. He was posing for a painting Tiara was making. Faust stood at Tiara's side:
"You have to sit still!" Faust shouted:
"You godliness. Please don't shout at me." Core said. He was standing on the throne with one foot on an armrest:
"You're really bad at this," Tiara said:
"You know. It might be this furiously hard pose you made me take." Core said:
"Stop complaining," Tiara said with a grin. Core sighed and tried to bare with it. Tiara had stopped walking in heels and now walked around in step shoes. She hadn't changed much either. Core didn't change either. His glass arms had recovered from the war. You could see small nearly invisible scars on the glass arms. The scars clearly left by the war.

"Stop him!" A guard shouted as he ran after this mysterious person. The man flew through the street with ease. He jumped on the roofs going toward the castle:
"He already took out two guards." Another guard said:
"Yeah. He knocked them unconscious." The first one answered.

"Hayden!" Miu shouted as she ran into the living room. Hayden was lying on the couch. He had a newspaper covering his face:
"Hayden!!!" Miu shouted as she body slammed into Hayden. Hayden coughed as the newspaper flew off him. He looked at her:
Yeah!" Hayden shouted:
"I'm bored," Miu said. Hayden sighed:
"Then do something," Hayden said lying down again:
"But Hayden!" Miu shouted:
"No...I'm tired," Hayden said calmly. Hayden hadn't changed at all. He was the same as ever. Miu had grown a few centimeters.

"He's going toward that balcony!" The guard shouted as he pointed a bow at the intruder. The man moved quickly through the air. He grabbed the scabbard under his cloak:
"Fire!" The guard shouted as more guards unleashed a hail of arrows:
"Nope!" The voice said as he pulled out his weapon. The arrows broke. He pushed himself off a building and leaped on to the balcony.

"Excuse me!" The voice shouted as he ran through Hayden's room. The figure had appeared from the balcony:
"What!" Hayden shouted as the man came through the room. He went out into the hallway:
"After him!" Miu shouted. Hayden nodded and they dashed after the figure. The two ran through the halls.

Astralonius, Brent, Mayuri, and Tiffle were walking inside the castle through the halls to the garden as the figure came running past them:
"Intruder!" A guard shouted. Brent quickly ran after him with Astralonius just behind him. The two girls stood confused for a second before chasing.

The gates to the throne room were kicked open and the figure finally slowed down. He walked toward Faust. Faust just turned around. The figure lowered his hood to show his long sharp ears and short white spiky hair. He had soft eyes with pale iris'. The pale iris was hard to see but still visible. He had two small fangs coming out of his mouth. They might be small. But they were sharp. He got a white poet shirt on with a black cloak over his shoulders. The cloak had the hood from before. You could see a scabbard at his waist with a hilt in it. He had a bandolier over his chest from his left shoulder to his right waist. He got black jeans with brown over the knee boots. The hilt in his belt was a golden handguard from what looked like a rapier and it had a heart at the tip of it. There also was black marking all over the hilt and handguard. The hilt was the only thing visible in the scabbard:
"Glorius. I'm here!" The white-haired voice shouted as he happily walked forward. He walked toward Faust:
"Hm. Been a while since I seen someone from Darrkoa." Faust said:
"You great god of Fairies. I humbly introduce myself. I'm Winston-" The man said:
"Vampire from Darrkoa," Winston said:
"And after what I feel...You one of the eight bloodlines aren't you?" Faust asked:
"Truly," Winston said placing a hand on his chest and bowed down softly:
"So-" Faust said holding up a hand stopping Brent and Astralonius from attacking the man. Brent lowered the scythe Tiffle had turned into and Astralonius put Belle Epine, his artifact sword back into the scabbard:
"What brings you to my castle?" Faust asked:
"I actually come here to request your help," Winston said as he knelt down. He bashed his cloak so it flew behind his back:
"My help?" Faust asked:
"I know you been helping the hunters in the past but I request your help now," Winston said:
"Hunters, vampires, Darrkoa?" Brent asked confused:
"Winston. Stand up." Faust said. Winston stood up:
"These here are my four most trusted soldiers and their companion fairies," Faust said as Hayden came walking in with Miu. Tiara and Core joined Hayden, Brent, and Astralonius:
"They deserve to know about you and what happens too. Can we meet at a meeting?" Faust asked:
"Surely my God. I have no way of coming back to Darkkoa and I have no attention of leaving without a yes." Winston said:
"I like your way of thinking Winston. I will prepare a room. Just wait here." Faust said with a laugh as he walked out of the room.

Astralonius kept an eye on the vampire. He smiled and turned to them:
"Sorry for everything. Didn't mean to intrude like that. But you must understand. I had no other choice." Winston said:
"No other choice?" Brent asked:
"Vampires have caused fairies a few problems. But I have no intention of doing anything bad while I'm here." Winston said with a bow of his head:
"Why should we believe you?" Astralonius asked as he took a hold on the hilt of the sword on his back:
"Because..." Winston said as he took a hard grip on his cloak:
"I do all this in the name of love." He said with a straight face. His eyes didn't show any sign of evil. Only pure gold-hearted good. Astralonius lowered his hand again and looked surprised:
"I do all this for one simple reason. A woman." Winston said. Brent looked at him. That look on his face:
"Remind me a bit of someone else," Hayden said with a laugh as he looked at Tiara:
"Yeah. Someone had the same look..." Tiara said as she remembered what went down at the school:
"The room is prepared. If you all will come this way." Faust said. Winston nodded as he turned around. He had his eyes on Brent as he turned around. Brent kept his eyes on Winston as he saw the man walk away. Astralonius, Hayden, and Tiara walked with them. Miu, Mayuri, and Core followed along:
"Come now," Tiffle said as she turned human and pushed Brent. Brent snapped out of his daze and followed the others. The meeting was about to start.

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