Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


15. Who was she?

Right after the red fog swallowed the castle.

"Healing...Healing...Healing..." Astralonius said under his breath. He was lying on the ground. His codex kept glowing faintly. His wounds healing:
"I can't...Die...Here." Astralonius thought as he looked at Fullbody out of the corner of his eye:
"It's so hard...To heal while the magic consumer is active." Astralonius thought. His eyes shivered in pain as he tried to lie still. He was focusing on his breathing. That it didn't show that he was alive:
"This is so boring," Fullbody said suddenly:
"Pipefog gets all the fun while I'm here," Fullbody said as he jumped down from his hammer. He grabbed the handle of it and lifted it:
"Fullbody seems impatient. I think I got around ten minutes before he gets too bored and then just attack." Astralonis thought:
"Better report to the high countress," Fullbody said as he sat down on his hammer again. He grabbed a vial from his pocket and drank it. His red eyes glowed a bit:
"Yeah, Hello?" Fullbody said:
"Yeah. It's me Fullbody. I report that Pipefog has engaged the fabled paladin of Bolium. She will soon be taken out. We also killed the right hand of the God of fairies:
"His still thinks I'm dead. That only a good sign." Astralonius thought. He turned his dazed eyes toward the sky. He could see the two moons:
"I really did fail." Astralonius thought as he closed his eyes.


"Who is that?" Faust asked. It was back in the past. Faust was standing with Vanessa. They were watching some of their soldiers train:
"His name is Lonius. His shown to have a massive magic amount. He did also show fighting capacities overwhelming the others." Vanessa said as she stood at Faust's side:
"I see," Faust said:
"He truly has become stronger day after day." A girl said.

She had light blue hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a breastplate and two shoulder pads. She had long legs. She was wearing white pants with protection over it. She had spikes on her boots. She had gauntlets on. Under her breastplate was a white shirt. She smiled warmly:

"Yes. I see. You been seeing him a lot?" Vanessa asked:
"Yes. He joined a few weeks ago and climbed the ranks in record time." The girl said:
"Thanks for that Feebee," Vanessa said:
"And to your question, if I haven't seen him a lot. I am a soldier myself. I need to recognize his skills." Feebee said with a grin:
"I know. I'm just joking." Vanessa said with a smile:
"Lonius!" Faust shouted. Lonius looked at Faust:
"My god?!" Lonius shouted surprised as he ran to Faust's side:
"I have an offer for you," Faust said with a smile.


"And so...I became God Faust's, right-hand man. A few months passed where I trained with her." 


"To slow!" Feebee shouted as she smashed the hilt of her rapier into Lonius stomach:
"Gah..." Lonius let out a gasp as he was sent flying to the ground:
"You still not completely there. But I must say. I'm proud of how far you have gotten." Feebee said:
"I'm just proud I stopped vomiting everytime you pull that trick," Lonius said standing up.

Lonius looked like his old self before he got the Astralcodex. He also looked a bit younger. At the peak of his teenage years. His black hair still a bit rough and the Z still there. He was wearing normal armor:

"Say Feebee. Why did you choose to become the Goddess right-hand woman?" Lonius asked:
"The same reason as you. Vanessa directly asked for me after she saw the skills I had." Feebee said with a warm smile:
"True," Lonius said as he picked up his normal sword. He held it in front of him:
"Say, Feebee." Lonius grinned:
"Hm?" Feebee let out a hum of curiosity:
"Have you ever thought about settling down?" Lonius asked:
"Settling down? Like starting a family? Nah not really." Feebee said as she swung her rapier:
"Why not?" Lonius asked as he dashed at her. He swung his sword. She parried:
"Just haven't found the right one," Feebee said with a smile. Lonius nodded as he spun around. He tried to plant a kick to her stomach:
"What do you mean?" Lonius asked:
"I need a knight." She said. She suddenly vanished and then Lonius was sent flying. She appeared again:
"A knight..." Lonius said as he sat up:
"Yeah. I need someone chivalrous. A person who can sweep me off my feet. Someone who defends the weak." Feebee said with a wink:
"Someone...Who defend the weak..." Lonius repeated:
"Yeah," Feebee said. Lonius stood up:


"At that time. I was weak...Didn't understand what she meant...I never knew it would come to that and then it happened. The old war with the vampires. It was a three-month-old war. Where the vampires attacked us. We didn't know but they were just preventing us from assisting Bolium which was under heavier attack and Bolium was gone soon after the war in our area ended. We didn't know. We only heard about it a few months after the war ended."


"Search that building!" Feebee shouted. Lonius nodded as he ran toward a ruined building:
"I can hear someone's screaming emotions!" Feebee shouted.


"Feebee's magic was what was called soul sense. She could sense someone's presence. Their feelings and what they were saying from kilometers away. She could look directly into someone mind and body. Into someone "soul." 


Lonius lifted up some debris from a street in Elfthrone:
"Where is Faust?!" Lonius shouted:
"He's gone! No one can find him. But I can still sense his presence in Elfthrone!" Feebee shouted.


"Of course that was the first time it happened. I had talked with him after. I was angry back then. I was furious but of course, he didn't tell me where he went."


"I found him!" Lonius shouted as he saw the body of a child under the debris:
"H-help me." The child said:
"Easy now. I'm here." Lonius said as he picked him up. The child was lifted only to reveal that it's left leg was gone:
"Feebee! Come, help me!" Lonius shouted. Feebee came running:
"Oh no!" Feebee shouted:
"Yeah. It's bad. Do you have any way we can stop the bleeding?" Lonius asked:
"No. I don't have any bandages!" Feebee shouted. Lonius sighed:
"Stay calm Feebee," Lonius said with a stern voice. Feebee looked at him:
"You're always cheerful...Don't make him even more scared." Lonius said as he grabbed his sword. He cut the fabric of his long coat. That was when he had started wearing his attire of the long coat and blue shirt:
"Sit still," Lonius said as he bandaged the wound:
"O-Okay." The kid cried. Feebee was shaking as she was scared:
"Kid...What kind of magic do you have?" Lonius asked:
"I...Got-" The kid lean in and whispered:
"That's a nice ability. You will grow to become a strong fairy one day." Lonius said:
"Now sleep," Lonius said as he poked the kid's forehead. The kid fell asleep instantly:
"Now let's get him to safety," Lonius said as he picked him up. Feebee was still shaking:
"Get yourself together Feebee," Lonius said as he looked at her. His blue eyes shining. He didn't have his eye hidden in this time:
"But...But..." Feebee said:
"Calm yourself. Please take the child." Lonius said as he held it out for her. She took it:
"M-momma..." The child said. Feebee's eyes shivered as she began crying:
"Now get going," Lonius said as they walked out of the ruined house:
"What...Where are you going?" Feebee asked:
"I stay here," Lonius said as his free hand ignited into flames:
"Where...Did you get fire magic from?" Feebee asked:
"Just get going...We aren't alone." Lonius said. A few vampires came running their way:
"GET GOING!" Lonius shouted. Feebee took a step back and began running:
"I'm weak..." Feebee thought as she ran away.


"So who is this Feebee? This is my wife and Mayuri mom...The first victim of the fairy war and the woman with the biggest heart ever. I loved her...Until she died." 

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