Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


16. Who was he?

Astralonius was lying in the ground. His breathing was a more stable now:
"Seems like my healing is working. I still can't hear a thing from the castle. Should I be worried?" Astralonius thought as he looked at Fullbody. Fullbody still didn't have a clue that Astsralonius was alive. The vampire was still talking with someone through his telepathy. Astralonius closed his eyes again and let his mind drift off.


The war with the vampires ended. Lonius was wounded in the war and was put into medical care:
"He is gonna survive. Don't you worry." Faust said as he stood at Feebee's side:
"I know. I just feel guilty. I'm the reason he got this wounded." Feebee said:
"I had a hunch it was gonna end like that," Vanessa said:
"What do you mean?" Feebee asked:
"You aren't cut out for war," Vanessa said bluntly. She looked at Feebee:
"You are my right-hand woman and a powerful soldier. But you can't make yourself hurt anyone for real. You have a golden heart. If that a blessing or curse. I can't tell." Vanessa said:
"Tch." Feebee let out a sound as she bit her lip:
"Why didn't you tell me?" Feebee asked:
"Would you have believed me?" Vanessa asked. Feebee looked up in surprise:
"You have always been stubborn. If I had told you, you would just go into war anyway. Only by finding out first hand would you learn." Vanessa said:
"At what cost..." Feebee said looking at Lonius. He had a massive wound over his back. A vampire had got him with a massive slash over the back. It was a deep wound:
"At least the war is over now. The vampires have been pushed back into Darrkoa." Faust said:
"Yeah," Vanessa said:
"He even got that slash when he protected us. I had fallen with the child and he had put himself between us and a blade." Feebee said. Tears started to stream down her cheeks:
"He even fought after getting that wound. He didn't give up. He kept swinging his blade shouting for me to run." Feebee said:
"Don't worry," Faust said with a smile:
"Hm?" Feebee let out a curious sound:
"He will survive. He won't fall this easily." Faust said.


"Time passed and I finally woke up. My wounds healing leaving only marks. I was honored as a hero of the people and became the captain of the guard. I grew in rank after rank and became the highest rank of all of the soldiers."


Lonius had finally woken up from his deep slumber and was lying in the hospital bed:
"Lonius I have something for you," Faust said as he placed something up against the wall:

"What is it?" Lonius asked:
"It's my sword. Belle Epine." Faust said:
"Your sword sir?!" Lonius shouted:
"Yes. You have shown progress and success over the time we have known each other. So I will reward you with this weapon." Faust said as he took up the sword and held it out for Lonius to take:
"But that is your sword, my god," Lonius said in shock. Faust smiled and let it drop into his hands:
"It was mine...Now It's yours. Lonius." Faust said with a smile. Lonius looked over the blade as it landed in his hands:

"Only people with enormous magic capacity can use it. You are one of the few there can handle its power." Faust said and smiled:
"Thank you, my god. It's an honor." Lonius said:
"No. It's an honor for me to have such a perfect right-hand man." Faust said with a smile. Lonius smiled:
"He's awake!" A girl shouted. Their attention was drawn to the entrance to Lonius' room. Feebee stood there. She looked at him and smiled. She jumped forward hugging him. 

She was wearing a mint green ankle-long dress today. She had her hair into a ponytail with a white hair-band. She has a golden armband on her right arm. Her smile seemed a bit brighter and her eyes shined a bit more. She had white shoes on.

"Oh...Thank you." She cried. Lonius had tossed the sword back to Faust in a quick manner to stop her from landing on it:
"That was close..." Lonius said relieved:
"You okay?" She asked as she looked at him:
"Yeah. I might have a few scars now but that's all." Lonius said with a smile. Vanessa came levitating in through the door:
"That girl can really run..." Vanessa said with a grin:
"Shut up..." Feebee said as she held on to him:
"Umm..." Lonius let out a confused hum:
"What are you doing. Hug her back..." Faust said with a grin:
"You sure?" Lonius asked. Faust placed a palm to his face. Lonius blinked as she pulled back:
"You don't...Want to?" She asked. She had tears in her eyes:
"He might be a good soldier but his blind to that kind of thing," Vanessa whispered to Faust:
"Yep," Faust whispered back:
"Oh look at the time. Better get back to the castle." Faust said:
"Oh yeah! I see that too." Vanessa said:
"What? Already?" Lonius asked:
"Yeah. We'll leave you two. See ya." Faust said walking out the door with Vanessa levitating by his side:
"I'm really sorry," Feebee said:
"For what?" Lonius asked:
"It's my fault you got that damaged. I just needed to pull myself together." Feebee said:
"Oh that...Yeah." Lonius said as he looked down:
"Can I see it?" Feebee asked:
"See what?" Lonius asked:
"Your back," Feebee said seriously. Lonius sighed. He sat up and turned his back to her. He lifted up his shirt and you instantly heard a gasp come from Feebee. He could feel her hand against his skin:
"Ach," Lonius grunted:
"Oh...S-so-...Sorry." She had a hard time talking. He pulled down his shirt again and looked at her. She was crying:
"Still crying?" He asked. She nodded:
"You got that...To protect me." Feebee said:
"Yeah. It's my job to protect the weak." Lonius said with a smile. Feebe eyes shivered as she leaped forward and locked lips with him. Lonius eyes widen. His arm tensed and he softly moved an arm to push her back but it stopped. He lowered his arm again and his other arm relaxed. She broke the kiss apart:
"Will you have me as your lover?" She asked. His eyes widen:
"Y-Yes," Lonius said.


"From there. We became lovers. We got a house out toward the Null-door. I was set to guard it even before the war. I was now known as the gate-keeper. Then one day..."


Lonius was standing in front of the door. He looked around:
"Can someone hear me?" A voice asked. Lonius looked around:
"Who is there?" Lonius asked:
"Hello...It's cold...Faust?" A voice called out. Lonius turned around:
"Faust?" Lonius asked:
"Someone...Let me out...I want to see..." The voice called out. It was a girls voice:
"Where are you!" Lonius shouted:
"Just let me out!" The girl cried. Lonius turned around to look at the null-door:
"You in here?" Lonius asked as he hit the door hard:
"Hello?" The voice responded:
"You in there?" Lonius asked and hit the door again:
"I can hear knocking. Someone there?" The girl asked. Lonius grabbed the handle on the door and slowly opened it to peek inside. All he saw was nothingness. A purple aura shot forward:
"What? No one is there?" Lonius said. A massive amount of null energy tried to come out. It hit his right eye and he kicked the door closed again. He fell to the ground and held to his right eye:
"AH!" He shouted:
"Where am I?" He heard a girl's voice:
"This is where we will part ways." He heard a male's voice:
"Really. I'm going to miss you." He heard a girl's voice:
"It's only a few moments for you. A eternity for me...Love." He heard a male's voice. There where he recognized the male voice. It was Faust's:
"AH!" Lonius shouted and then passed out. 

He woke up in the hospital and his eye had changed. It was now all black with purple lines moving around inside of his eye:
"What did you do!" Feebee shouted:
"I peeked into the Null..." Lonius said. Feebee had a big stomach. She was pregnant with Mayuri:
"...Your eye..." Feebee said as she touched his face:
"I'm sorry," Lonius said:
"It's okay. As long as you're okay." Feebee said.


"After that, I talked to Faust about the voices but he dismissed it as Null illusions. My body became more and more damaged. Scars on my back. An eye there was corrupted and soon more to come." 

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