Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


17. What he became.

"This is so boring. I will get going." Fullbody said as he jumped down from his hammer. He grabbed it and swung it on to his shoulder:
"I will go check up on Pipefog then report back mistress," Fullbody said. He started to walk away. Astralonius slowly opened his eye to see Fullbody's back:
"The red fog seems to be a bit thinner," Fullbody said as he walked toward the castle:
"This is bad. If there just was a way for me to warn Jezzia." Astralonius thought. He suddenly felt a weight lift from him:
"Wait...Did the magic consumer just stop?" Astralonius thought. His healing started to accelerate:
"Perfect. It's going faster. Just a few more minutes...Few more minutes..." Astralonius thought as he closed his eyes.


"Daddy!" A young voice shouted. A tiny girl threw herself into Lonius' arms:
"You had a good day at school, Mayuri?" Lonius asked:
"Yeah!" She shouted as she nodded.

Mayuri had a small white dress on. Her dress had a pink twirly line all the way from the top to the bottom. Her eyes were a beautiful blue. She had short blond hair only going to just below her neck. She had her necklace on and it was still leading down to a teal colored gem

"Oh, she's home?" Feebee asked as she came walking out:
"Mommy!" Mayuri shouted and jumped into Feebee's arms:
"I will go work now. I will be home later." Lonius said:
"Okay. I will stay here with our daughter." Feebee said:
"Bye Bye...Daddy!" Mayuri waved her arms with a lot of energy. Lonius waved back.


"We had a happy life. Mayuri...Me...Feebee. A nice family. A nice life."


"Higher Daddy!" Mayuri shouted. Lonius pushed the swing and Mayuri was flying higher:
"Watch out now. We don't want her to fall off." Feebee said:
"Don't worry!" The two shouted and made a thumbs up. Mayuri fell off the swing:
"No!" Lonius shouted throwing himself forward. He landed on the ground face first and Mayuri landed on top of him on her feet since she only fell a meter:
"Daddy...You are just silly." Mayuri said:
"I am," Lonius said rolling to his back and lifting her up. Mayuri laughed:
"You two are just silly," Feebee said with a smile.

"We were a unit...But then it happened." 

"I can't stand this anymore!" Vaness as shouts:
"What is it?" Faust asked confused:
"We need to get stronger. We need to be ready to attack the unholy race!" Vanessa shouted:
"Easy now Vanessa. Why should we go right into a war?" Faust asked:
"Go into a war?! They started it!" Vanessa shouted:
"What is going on?" Lonius asked as he came walking:
"We came into an argument and Vanessa won't calm down," Faust said:
"I'm tired of you Faust. You keep walking around careless as ever. I want you to stop down as God and give the title to me!" Vanessa shouted:
"But you are already the Goddess," Faust said:
"Yeah. A title you gave me. I don't have the same authority as you! You management of this kingdom is all a big fail. I want you down from that throne and let a real leader take over. We can't just laugh all day. We need to prepare for anything." Vanessa said:
"Vanessa. Please calm down." Faust said:
"I won't. Step down as God!" Vanessa shouted:
"Of all the things you can ask me...I won't do that." Faust said coldly:
"Please, you two calm down," Feebee said as she had come in with Lonius:
"I mean this," Vanessa said as her hand began to glow:
"You gonna hit your own blood. You own brother?" Faust asked:
"You are not a leader Faust. I do this for your own sake!" Vanessa shouted:
"I haven't seen her this angry in a while..." Feebee said as she walked up to them:
"Both of you calm down," Lonius said:
"I won't step down," Faust said:
"Then I will take it with force," Vanessa said as her hand began to glow more black. Obsidian dust started to fly around her:
"Last chance brother!" Vanessa shouted:
"No!" Faust shouted:
"Don't do it!" Feebee shouted as she jumped forward:
"Watch out!" Faust shouted:
"Feebee!" Lonius shouted:
"Obsidian spear!" Vanessa shouted as a spear formed from the dust. The spear flew forward and then you heard a crack sound. Feebee was impaled through t the chest:
"FEEBEE!" Lonius shouted:
"What have you done!" Faust shouted:
"Feebee..." Vanessa said low. Feebee fell to the ground. Lonius ran to her side and held her head:
"I have no healing," Lonius said:
"It's okay..." Feebee said:
"Smile...Be brave..." Feebee said:
"Feebee... No! STAY WITH ME!" Lonius shouted:
"OUT!" Faust shouted. A mighty wind blew through the room and Vaness flew out of the building:
"Move!" Faust shouted as he knelt down. He took her hand but it was a moment to late...Feebee hand had no pulse:
"Da-Damn..." Faust said:
"...Feebee..." Lonius cried. Feebee was smiling.

"Feebee died with a smile. Died trying to stop a war from starting...But her sacrifice started the war. Mayuri was kidnapped after that and so much happened. I was handed the Astral codex...And was trained to use it. I remember the first day." 

"This codex have powerful spells but listen. You may not go past the fifth page." Faust said:
"Why?.." Astralonius asked:
"Those spells beyond the fifth page require an extreme amount of mana plus an extreme amount of mind. You may do this the day you feel you are ready. But be sure. Because if you aren't ready. Then you will die. So be prepared Astralonius." Faust said:
"I will my god," Astralonius responded.

"I trained to become Astralonius and became the powerful man. I dropped my armor and my knight's honor. I became a weapon Faust could use. This is why I today can say-" 


"This is why I today can say I'm ready," Astralonius said. He slowly stood up all his wounds healed:
"Astral Codex," Astralonius said as the codex appeared. He looked at the building:
"Let's go!" Astralonius shouted as he ran through the halls. He could hear voices down the halls. He saw a massive hammer and aimed:
"Astral beam!" Astralonius shouted. The beam hit the hammer so it moved back. Astralonius moved forward quickly. Belle Epine wrapped around his arm. He stabbed it through Fullbody shoulder:
"Da-Damn!" Fullbody shouted as he fell back. Fullbody kicked Astralonius back:
"You okay?" Astralonius asked as he stood up again:
"I'm okay?! You're okay!" Jezzia shouted. She was still okay. A bit beat but she had the magic consumer:
"Yes. Now go. I can take him on." Astralonius said:
"How?" Jezzia asked. She must have been worried about Astralonius lose earlier:
"The magic consumer stopped. It stopped draining my magic. I can focus now." Astralonis said:
"Also thanks to my memories. I now remember why I fight...Feebee." Astralonius thought:
"...I'm just happy you're okay," Jezzia said with a smile:
"Now stop talking and get going!!!" Astralonius shouted. He took a tight grip on Belle Epine. Jezzia took a step back:
"I have a fight to win!" Astralonius shouted. Jezzia nodded and started to run the other direction:
"You're still alive. Impressive." Fullbody said with a smile:
"Ready yourself!" Astralonius shouted as moved his hand forward:
"Astral beam!" Astralonius shouted. A powerful beam shot out and hit Fullbody. The beam was faster and stronger than their last fight. Fullbody was shot back:
"I'm not holding back anymore...And you little magic consumer can't save you now." Astralonius said. 

Astralonius took a step forward. The silhouette of the old Astralonius was at his side.

The silhouette having blue eyes. The real one having one black eye with purple lines inside and one violet. 

The silhouette having black hair with the small Z like hairlines. The real one having black hair with purples line and white dots like stars. The hair levitating a bit by his magical presence. 

The silhouette having Belle Epine in a scabbard by his side. The real one bearing it in a strap on his back.

The silhouette having a breastplate with a blue shirt under. It had a long coat like fabric and one shoulder pad on his right shoulder. The real one having a white shirt on which was open showing his stomach and abs. 

The silhouette black pants with brown boots on. The real one having black pants. The pants had wide sleeves at the ankles and he had shoes. The shoes had spikes at the bottom. 

The silhouette eye was hidden by black hair. The real one's eyes were showing. 

The silhouette having runes on his gloves. The real one having runes engraved into his skin on his arms. 

The silhouette was surrounded by a small Mayuri, Feebee, and Faust. The real one smiled and looked into the sky:
"I got Mayuri...Brent...Hayden...Faust...Tiara..." He thought and smiled. He then looked in front of him. Astralonius' eyes lighted up brightly as the violet aura around him glowed even more powerful:
"I come a long way. I changed a lot over the years. This is what I became Feebee...Are you proud of your husband?" Astralonius thought as he grabbed Belle Epine and charged forward toward Fullbody. The fight was about to begin. 

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