Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


8. We are together.

"There we go," Brent said as he held out the vial. Winston grabbed it and looked at the red liquid in it:
"Thank you so much, Brent. I will be able to fight more with these new vials." Winston said as he placed a vial into his belt. Hayden was rubbing his arm:
"I need to get used to working with vampires," Hayden said:
"This will start now," Jezzia said as she strapped her sword on to her back:

"Oh wait. Before we go. There was something I needed to ask you." Winston said as he looked at Jezzia:
"Yes?" Jezzia said:
"That sword. Can you look at it?" Winston asked as he pointed at Astralonius:
"Oh. What a fine sw-" Jezzia said but she stopped talking, her eyes widening:
"Hand me it!" Jezzia shouted. Astralonius in surprised gave it to her. She took it in both hands and let her eyes go over it:
"Where did you get it?" Jezzia asked:
"It the sword of my god. Faust." Astralonius said:
"No. This right here is Belle Ebine. The sword used by our leader and queen. Rose." Jezzia said:
"Wait, what?" Astralonius asked surprised:
"I thought you were the leader around here," Tiara said:
"I am. But we had a queen who vanished in the middle of the fairy, vampire war. She has been missing since. We thought she just died but if you have the Belle Ebine, then it means you might know where she went." Jezzia said:
"All I know is Faust have had that sword for as long as we know," Astralonius said. Jezzia sighed:
"I want a word with this, Faust guy after the war," Jezzia said as she handed back the sword to Astralonius:
"I can feel your magical presence. You would be most suited to use that blade out of all of us." Jezzia said. Astralonius nodded:

"Well. It's about time then." Jezzia said turning to Winston:
"Don't go dying on me now," Jezzia said:
"I would never do that," Winston said:

"You guys be safe out there," Brent said as he smiled at them:
"I will," Hayden said as he cracked his fingers:
"You watch yourself too. We aren't gonna go there together but you need to fight with a whole new person." Tiara said:
"Yeah. Remember we can't have you back this time." Core said:
"Yeah. You watch yourself!" Miu shouted:
"We will," Mayuri said:
"Yeah. We go this!" Tiffle shouted:

"Mayuri," Astralonius said. Mayuri turned to Astralonius:
"Yes, father?" Mayuri asked:
"You be safe out there." He said kneeling down. Mayuri walked closer and hugged him:
"I will. I will." She said. Brent smiled as he leaned up against a tree. He let his hand rest on his ear. Feeling the silver cross earring:
"It's time soon," Brent said low as he closed his eyes. He suddenly felt a hand on his cheek. He opened his eyes to see Tiffle holding a hand to his cheek:
"You ready?" She asked. Brent nodded with a smile. He placed a hand on top of her head.

"Let's do this," Hayden said as he rolled his arm:
"Yeah," Miu said happily as she latches on to his back. Hayden caught her with a smile:
"We need to go underground. It's gonna be cold and dark." Hayden said:
"Yeah. I know you will protect me." Miu said:
"I will. You can believe that." Hayden said with a laugh.

"Ready?" Core asked:
"I am," Tiara said as she smiled at Core:
"I will be right there to help you." Core said as he rolled up his sleeve to show her the glass arm:
"We will do this," Tiara said as she held up her own arm. The two of them pushed their arms against each other:
"We will do this," Core repeated with a warm smile. Tiara smiled back a small red on her cheeks. Core turned around rolling down his sleeve again.

"It is time. Say your last goodbyes until we met again." Winston said. The three humans and their fairies walked up to each other:
"Stay alive," Brent said:
"I will," Hayden said:
"I got his back after all," Tiara said. Brent laughed:
"You better watch yourself," Mayuri said:
"You two too," Miu said:
"Yeah. Stay alert at all times." Core said. The other fairies nodded.

"Better gear up now. We are in enemy territory the moment we step out of this town." Jezzia said:

"Okay," Brent said as he held out his hands. Tiffle and Mayuri grabbed one each:
"Fairy fusion!" The three shouted. Mayuri turned into the long chain and Tiffle into the blade. They combined. The chain wrapping around Brent's arm. He moved the blade forward:
"There," Brent said:
"Fusion complete," Tiffle said:
"Storm's feather. Is assembled." Mayuri said.

"Let's do this, Miu," Hayden said holding out his hand:
"Fairy fusion!" Miu shouted. Two tears drop flew out her eyes and into Hayden's palm. They turned into eye lenses. He put them into his eyes and the ground around him started to lift itself a bit. Crack appearing under him. He smiled as he slowly opened his eyes. They glowed red. A bright crimson red:
"Odin's eyepatch created," Miu said:
"Gravity established," Hayden said as he held out his hand. A good amount of gravity moving around his hand.

"My lady." Core said holding out his hand. Tiara placed her hand on top of his:
"Fariy fusion," Tiara said. He began to glow and then become a bright light. He hit Tiara and then it started to glow brighter. Then it vanished. Tiara's arm slowly began to become more clear. Then it turned into glass. She adjusted her hair and gave a smile:
"There we go," Tiara said as she held her arm forward.

"There we go. I think we are ready." Brent said:
"Good. Then let's split up." Jezzia said as she adjusted her sword:
"Yeah," Winston said as he grabbed his hilt and placed it into his scabbard:
"Brent. Watch my little girl for me." Astralonius said:
"I will," Brent said:
"Good. Show me the way, Jezzia." Astralonius said. Jezzia nodded and they went out through the gate:
"Here is a map toward the Catacomb. You will be able to find it if you just follow this." Winston said as he held out the map. Hayden grabbed it and Tiara went to his side and looked at it:
"Right this way," Tiara said as she pointed into the forest. Hayden quickly walked through the forest. Tiara following him:
"Only us two left," Brent said:
"Then let's go," Winston said. The two walked through the roads:
"You nervous?" Mayuri voice sounded from the chain:
"A bit. Been a while since we been in a fight." Tiffle said:
"You two relax. I will keep you safe." Brent said:
"So that is how fairies fight," Winston said:
"Yeah. Kinda. This is how we fight. Fairies usually use their magic on their own. But since humans from earth can't use magic we use the fairies magic. It's like having a bond between us." Brent said:
"I see. Interesting." Winston said:
"Are you ready?" Brent asked:
"I have been for years now," Winston said taking a hold of the hilt in his scabbard.

"You ready?" Hayden asked:
"Yeah. You got my back right?" Tiara asked:
"Of course," Hayden said:
"The land is silent. Be ready for everything." Core said:
"I will stay close to you," Miu said holding on to Hayden's leg:
"Good," Hayden said.

"Is it that castle up there?" Astralonius asked:
"Yeah," Jezzia answered:
"It quite broken," Astralonius said:
"Yeah. We need to go to the left here. Into the old mansion. I dug a tunnel from that." Jezzia said:
"Okay," Astralonius said.

The night kept moving. The war raging soon. A new war was about to begin and the guardians found themselves in the middle of it. 

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