Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


24. Two sides of the same coin.

The armor slowly vanished with the pillow. A small amount of blood coming out of Kenji mouth:
"Come now," Kenji said moving his hand forward:
"Maximum input-" Kenji said as you could see the mana in the air levitate toward his glove:
"What now?" Hayden asked:
"Magical!-" Kenji shouted. A giant blue construction started to form:
"Shaker!" He shouted. It was a giant pump:
"Maximum output-" Kenji said pointing at the pump:
"No, you don't!" Hayden shouted moving a hand forward:
"Running Fenrir!" Hayden shouted shooting a running gravitational wave forward:
"Crack..." Kenji said. The pump slammed down into the ground. The earth and ground didn't shake at all but the magic in the air wavered. Hayden's gravity broke apart:
"W-What?" Hayden asked. The pump did it again:
"As long as this is here. Your savage magic won't be able to manifest." Kenji said as he slowly walked forward. He moved his hand along the ground:
"You should not look down on me...Hayden." Kenji said with a grin:
"It's true I'm able to create anything. As long as I know how it works and how it works but that also count for my own ideas. If I know how something is made and how to make it work. I can create new things in the blink of an eye!" Kenji shouted. He moved his hand forward:
"I'm Count Techeye! The head technologies of the high countress army!" Kenji shouted:
"This is bad..." Hayden said stomping the ground. There was no gravity coming forward:
"Savage Beast. You dare try to defile me using savage magic as gravity. If gravity is the strongest force in the universe...Then let my technology conquer it!" Kenji shouted:
"Maximum input!" Kenji shouted. Magic going into his glove:
"Hayden watch out!" Miu shouted:
"Thunder beam!" Kenji shouted moving his hand forward. A small sphere like object appeared in his hand. He held it forward:
"Boom!" Kenji shouted as thunderbolt shot out of his hand. No not from the hand. From the sphere:
"Hayden!" Miu shouted. Hayden couldn't move in time and was hit. Hayden's eyes shivered. His body twitched and he fell to the ground:
"Got you," Kenji said spinning around once more:
"Tower!" He shouted. A tower appeared under him and he got high up into the air. Kenji spun around in the air:
"The strongest gun I could find had 475 calibers..." Kenji said with a grin. He softly moved his hand out:
"Armguard. Shockwave absorber. Metal gear!" Kenji shouted as his arms were covered in techno looking armor. It glowed up:
"Hook shot!" He shouted as the hook grabbed the tower. He stood steady along the side of the tower:
"And now....600 Caliber sniper. The Techeye!" Kenji shouted. A long blue glowing sniper came into his hand. Its scope was the size of Kenji eye and the barrel was two meter in length. Kenji softly held it with both hands:
"Hayden!" Miu shouted. Hayden stood up:
"Die..." Kenji whispered:
"White death!" Kenji shouted. He pulled the trigger and the gun let out a soundless shot. The bullet traveled quickly and pierced Hayden's stomach. Hayden's eyes shivered. He opens his mouth letting blood leak out. He took a step back. The bullet had gone right through him, leaving a see-through hole in his stomach:
"HAYDEN!" Miu shouted:
"Let's take aim for the head!" Kenji shouted as he let go of the hook:
"Aim..." Kenji said low as he took aim with the sniper:
"Winston might have told you I'm the scout and tracker of the 8 bloodlines. That is true. But sorry to say. I'm also more than just that." Kenji said landing on the ground. He knelt down and took aim:
"Hayden please!" Miu shouted:
"D-Damn...I can't...Focus." Hayden thought as he took a step back. Blood falling out of his stomach:
"Die..." Kenji said:
"HAYDEN!" Miu shouted. Hayden's eyes opened wide. Kenji pulled the trigger

Hayden was back in Tir Na Nog. He was sitting in the gardens of the castle and breathing heavily:
"You have trained non-stop for the last days. You should really rest." Miu said:
"Not yet...I still can't seem to find my grip around my new techniques." Hayden said:
"I see," Miu said sitting down in front of him. He looked up:
"What is it I'm missing?" Hayden asked:
"When you are calm you can make more concentrated gravity. While when you let loose you can make more aggressive once." Miu said:
"Yeah," Hayden said with a nod:
"I think you might be over thinking this," Faust said as he came walking.
"Aren't you training Tiara?" Hayden asked coldly:
"I am. But I think I got time to give you one little comment." Faust said sitting down:
"Spit it out then. I chose to train alone...Figure things out on my own." Hayden said annoyed:
"One quick comment. You see yourself as two identities..." Faust said standing up:
"This is a little hint," Faust said flipping something of metal. Hayden grabbed it. It was a simple coin.

"Two different identities?" Hayden thought. Time seemed to slow down. The bullet moving slowly toward him. Miu crying and Kenji smiling:
"Two..." Hayden thought. 
"A calm side there can control more concentrated gravity...An aggressive side there makes more powerful gravity...Two." Hayden thought. Hayden's eyes seem to look into nothing. The room lighted up. He stood in a room with another Hayden. Hayden himself stood on a white side. The other Hayden stood on a black side:
"All this time..." Hayden said.

"Die!" Kenji shouted. The bullet moved forward. You heard the flip of a coin and then an explosion. Kenji was tossed to the side, all of his things vanishing. The pump was broken. The coin landed on the ground. Hayden's eyes shined in the fire of the pump:
"The dark side...The light side...Two sides of the same coin...The coin being me..." Hayden said stomping the ground. He held the bullet between his fingers. The bullets tip broke:
"H-Hayden." Miu cried:
"How did you use magic against my pump!" Kenji shouted:
"You said it yourself. Savage magic would not be able. But if I concentrated it like yours...I could use it..." Hayden said:
"I don't need to go ballistic and break everything...I don't need to stay completely calm..." Hayden said tossing the bullet to the ground:
"But I can be angry," Hayden said he looked at Kenji. Hayden's eyes burning with anger:
"The hole...In your sto-!" Kenji shouted:
"I just focus my gravity around it. I will not bleed out." Hayden said. Kenji made a walkie-talkie:
"Kenji!" Decay voice came from the walkie-talkie.
"Y-Yes!" Kenji shouted. Hayden began to laugh:
"BAHAHAHA!" Hayden laughed:
"I want to switch. This one is annoying!" Decay said:
"You want to switch?!" Kenji shouted. He kept his eyes on Hayden:
"Yeah, I know a way for easily destroying the hoodie guy! Just come and take care of this girl!" Decay shouted. Kenji nodded firmly:
"Fine...Give me a mome-" Kenji was about to talk when Hayden stomped the ground sending a shockwave his way:
"Hey!" Kenji shouted:
"Stop talking with your friend. I'm your opponent!" Hayden shouted as he lifted his hand the ground tearing itself apart to chunks:
"Give me a few minutes then I should be there!" Kenji shouted. The walkie-talkie vanished:
"How to do this?" Kenji asked himself:
"Come at me!" Hayden shouted running toward Kenji:
"Ragnarok!" Hayden shouted moving his hand forward. All the chunks of earth shot forward:
"Perfect. I think I got this." Kenji said with a smile. He moved his hand into the air:
"Meteor shower!" Kenji shouted. It started to rain with meteors protecting him from the chunks of earth and also breaking the ground:
"What you trying to do!" Hayden shouted:
"Get us down," Kenji said. Moving his hand into the air:
"Moon!" Kenji shouted a moon appeared in the sky:
"Crash!" Kenji shouted. A smaller moon hit the ground. Hayden ran toward Miu:
"Miu!" Hayden shouted:
"Hayden!" Miu shouted. Hayden's eyes lighted up and Miu was sent flying toward Hayden who caught her:
"Valhalla!" Hayden shouted protecting them. The ground disappeared under them and they all fell into the dark.

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