Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


19. The victory at the old castle.

"Raw Fissure!" Fullbody shouted slamming his hammer into the ground. The fissure erupted over the woods. Astralonius kept his distances. He held the star bow in his hand:
"I need to make sure it hit...I need time to charge the arrow." Astralonius thought. Magic was streaming out of his arm into the bow:
"You will not escape!!" Fullbody shouted:
"I will," Astralonius said. Fullbody jumped at him. The fairy jumped down from a tree and slingshot himself away from Fullbody using his leg on a branch:
"I'm unable to use my arms with this. It's all just a matter of time." Astralonius thought as he ran through the woods:
"You talked a big game but you haven't even hit me once with that bow!" Fullbody shouted as he swung his hammer. The trees flew to all sides:
"Just one opening." Astralonius thought as he pulled on the string:
"You shall die!" Fullbody shouted as he came out from the side. Astralonius placed his foot up against Fullbody's face:
"Astral...Beam!" Astralonius said struggling. A beam came out of his foot. He was blasted to a safe distance and shot Fullbody into the ground. Astralonius coughed up blood:
"I need to focus all my magic on the bow..." Astarlonius thought. Fullbody slowly stood up:
"You're weak. You can't handle my raw...POWER!" Fullbody shouted:
"Oh, I can't?" Astralonius said:
"No, you can't. I got the strength of armies!" Fullbody shouted:
"I see," Astralonius said as he looked at the castle:
"What is that?" Astralonius asked. A bright light shot out of the side of the castle. The light shined brightly in the sky:
"Such light," Fullbody said as he looked at it:
"There it is!" Astralonius shouted as he grabbed the bowstring. A pure violet arrow of magic came into reality:
"What?" Fullbody asked as he turned back:
"Sagittarius. The bow of the stars-" Astralonius said:
"Chiron!" He shouted after as he shot the arrow toward Fullbody. Fullbody smiled and moved his hammer forward:
"That won't work," Fullbody said. The arrow hit the hammer and a bright violet light shined:
"You will not protect yourself from this. I didn't need you to be open. I just needed you to stand still for a moment." Astralonius said. The light became brighter and brighter:
"What is this?" Fullbody asked. The light vanished:
"It's a beacon," Astralonius said. He pointed his hand to the sky:
"Die..." Astralnoius said. The sky lighted up with violet light and a massive pillar of purple light shot down and hit Fullbody. The purple light swallowed him:
"GAH!" Astralonius fell to his knee breathing heavily. Blood leaking from his mouth:
"So much magic...Used in one moment." He thought as he looked at the pillar of light. Fullbody's death scream echoing from inside the pillar:
"I...Refuse!" Fullbody shouted as he moved his hammer into the air using it as an umbrella from the light:
"My hammer...Can't be...Broken...You...Lo-" Fullbody said but then he heard a crack sound. The hammer's metal began to crack:
"You hammer can be broken...This is pure concentrated magic." Astralonius said. You heard a snap sound as the hammer broke in two. Fullbody's eyes widen:
"No..." Fullbody said as the light swallowed him again. The silhouette inside the light slowly faded away. The light vanished and there was only dust left. Astralonius took a few steps forward:
"Unbreakable...My ass." Astralonius said. He looked at Belle Epine and grabbed the blade:
"Better go check up on Jezzia." He said as walked toward the castle:
"One arrow...One arrow took 80% of my magic. A normal astral beam only takes around 5%. This is powerful magic." Astralonius said as the codex levitated in front of him. The page had turned to the sixth:
"Celestial metamorphosis. First chapter. Sagittarius." Astralonius read out loud:
"I now understood what Faust meant with being ready. I would not have been able to use this a year ago. It's all because of the training with Brent each day." Astralonius said as he entered the ruined castle. He kicked the ground:
"Astral beam!" He shouted as he shot himself up to the top floor. He landed safely on it and began walking:
"The castle is in ruins. The first floor's walls are broken. The second floor is destroyed. The third floor is burned and this floor." Astralonius said as he saw the burn marks on the wall and the giant hole in the hallway:
"This floor is destroyed." He said as he saw Jezzia lie on the ground:
"Jezzia!" Astralonius shouted as he ran to her side. He took her up and placed her in his arms. She was sleeping:
"Pew...Good." Astralonius said as he sat down next to her:
"We really did it. We took victory at the old castle." Astralonius said as he saw Pipefog burned corpse:
"How is it going for the other places...I'm worried." Astralonius said as he smiled:
"Nah. It will be fine." Astralonius said as he softly opened the astral codex:
"Now to pulse pure magic to heal her." Astralonius said as he began to use the Astral codex to heal Jezzia:
"Victory is ours." Astralonius said as he closed his eyes.


In the meantime, all of this happened. Hayden and Tiara had their own struggle.

"It's nice that you can reflect light but try to dimp it down," Hayden said:
"Oh, why?" Tiara asked:
"I have a feeling there someone out there," Hayden said:
"And you are correct." A voice called out:
"Gatling." The voice said. Two hologram Gatling guns appeared in the air. They started to spray bullets:
"Stay back," Tiara said as she moved her hand forward:
"Reflect!" She shouted. A bullet passed right through her hand. Blood shot from her hand:
"What?!" Tiara shouted:
"Back!" Hayden shouted as he blinked. She was tossed to safety:
"Oh, cute. She got reflect and deflect powers." A voice said. The first vampire came forward. Kenji aka Count TechEye:
"Names Kenji. I'm also known as Count Techeye." Kenji said as he moved his hand forward. The Gatling vanished:
"Layer!" Kenji shouted and pressed his hand to the ground:
"Get going!" Kenji shouted. Blue pillar came up from the ground and a figure quickly moved forward jumping from pillar to pillar. The creature moved quickly over Hayden:
"No, you don't," Hayden said as he looked up at the creature:
"Melt." The voice said. Suddenly a large amount of dust came from his hand. Hayden grunted as his eyes were covered in dust. Hayden couldn't use his magic as he rubbed the sand away from his eyes:
"I can help!" Tiara shouted moving her hand forward:
"Ref-" Tiara was about to shout:
"Melt!" The voice shouted. Five daggers came out of nowhere and hit her shoulders and legs piercing her to the wall. Tiara's eyes widen as a hand was placed her on face. She could see a beak between the fingers. 

The figure had black hair with dark green lines going through it. It's shoulder length and almost look rotten. He got red eyes and long sharp ears. He got a long beak-like mask on. The same kinda plague doctor wears. It only covers his mouth and nose. He got this almost dead look in his eyes. He walks around in a dark green jacket. The jacket is open and his stomach is showing. He got dark green rotten scars all over his pale white skin. He got black pants and black patent-leather shoes. He got long slim fingers with dark green nail paint on the nails. He got a few satchels in his belt which is closed tight. 

The beak itself had black markings all over it:
"I'm Count Decay...Nice to kill you." Decay said as he looked at Tiara. The dead eyes looking right into her eyes:
"Hayden...H-Help!" Tiara shouted. An arm came out of Tiara's stomach:
"Reflect!" Core voice shouted. Decay was shot back. He was agile and used the momentum to jump over Hayden and land next to Kenji:
"But people also know me as Slan." Decay said. Tiara fell to her knees:
"This is bad. They have a perfect long ranged and an agile close combat fighter." Core said:
"Just stay close," Hayden said as he took a few steps back:
"Ymir!" Hayden shouted as the giant made out of pure gravity came forward. It slammed its fist into the ceiling:
"Burying us alive?" Kenji asked:
"Clever..." Decay said:
"Tiara!" Hayden shouted. Tiara ran to Hayden side:
"Bare with it!" Tiara shouted as she hugged Hayden:
"All around reflect!" Tiara shouted. All the rocks there should have hit them flew the other way. The whole cave was swallowed by this. The fight in the catacomb was about to begin. With two new vampires and two new heroes. 

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