Fairy soul. Red war of vampires

The second book in the Fairy soul series.

After the war between The Lilin Vanessa and the God Faust. The fairy realm had peace for a few months. It's been two years since Brent met Tiffle and the young man now had a new job in his hand. When a new race suddenly reveals themselves and ask for help from the Fairies.


9. The split up!

"Shh," Winston said. He placed his back up against a tree and looked around it. He could see a few vampires walking around:
"Why don't we just attack?" Brent asked:
"Yeah. It would be quicker." Tiffle said:
"It's not that I don't want to. I just want to spare as many as possible." Winston said:
"I think I understand. They are still a part of your people." Mayuri said:
"Yes," Winston said as he peaked around the tree again. The vampires were out of sight:
"Let's go," Winston said as he kept walking.

They continued to walk through the forest:
"We're soon out of the forest. We will then see the blood factory." Winston said:
"I understand," Brent said. They walked for a few minutes and then came out into a clearing. They could see the sky. Or should have seen it. A towering shadow hit them. A mountain with pipes going in and out of it. Red smoke leaving the pipes' cracks and a massive cloud of red smoke coming from the top of the mountain. There were metal hallways on the side of the mountain too. The whole mountain was a factory:
"Wow..." Brent said:
"Are you ready?" Winston asked as he grabbed his hilt:
"We're gonna fight now?" Brent asked:
"Yeah. We can't spare anyone anymore." Winston said as held the hilt in front of him:
"Okay. So what is our plan now?" Brent asked. 

"They are here." A voice said:
"Finally. Did you spot them?" Another voice asked:
"Yeah. They already in the trap." The first voice answered. A person stood forward his umbrella resting on his shoulder:
"I will go then." The second voice answered. He stood forward balancing his dagger on the tip of his finger:
"I will take care of them." The guy with the umbrella said.

"Here!" Winston shouted as he ran to a door. There were two guards at the door. He slammed down a vampire. Brent came from behind Winston and cut a vampire in half with his kusarigama:
"Okay. Unlock the door." Brent said. Winston began to use his keys to unlock the door. The door was at the foot of the mountain. The door opened and inside was an elevator:
"This will take us to the top," Winston said. Brent nodded. They walked into it. 


In the meantime

"It should be around here," Hayden said as he walked:
"I think I can see something up ahead," Tiara said. They were walking in an open field. In the middle of the field was a single house:
"A house here in the middle of nothing? This seems suspicious." Hayden said:
"Get them!" Two vampires shouted as they came out of nowhere. They were about to stab Tiara:
"Cloaked in the shadows!" Tiara shouted:
"Fenrir," Hayden said. The two crashed into the ground, breaking every bone in their body:
"You okay?" Miu asked:
"Yeah. That was close." Tiara said:
"Seems like the vampires guarding this place is able to cloak themselves in the shadows of the shadow grasper," Hayden said. They walked up to the house and softly touched the door. It opened. There was no lock just a simple push opened it. Inside was a stairway downward:
"Think we found it," Miu said:
"Stay close, Miu," Hayden said. Miu hugged Hayden's leg:
"Core. Tell me if you sense anyone." Tiara said:
"As you wish." Core answered:
"Reflect light," Tiara shouted her glass arm began to glow and shoot out small rays of light:
"This lets us see in the dark. This will reflect on anything. So I will know if someone is down there." Tiara said as she walked downstairs.

"Seems like they finally arrived." A voice said. He placed his hand on the wall and the screen vanished:
"Finally..." A voice said. The other figure stood up from the ground. He rolled his fingers and then cracked them:
"Let's just go." The first one said. His glove glowed a bit in the dark:
"Yes!" The other one shouted. The thin long mask he wore was visible by the light from the other one's glow.


In the meantime

"So that is the ruined castle tunnel you talked about," Astralonius said as he crawled on all fours. They were in a tight corridor:
"I could only make it this small. Any bigger and they might have spotted it." Jezzia said:
"True," Astralonius said. They came out of the tunnel. It was a dark room they stood in:
"Nouvel Espoir," Jezzia said as her sword began to glow. They were in a hidden room. There was what looked like a door. She pushed it open slowly. The wall of the castle opened up and the two stepped out:
"A secret corridor. Expected of a castle." Astralonius said as he took out his sword. The moment they stepped into the hall they felt an intense pain:
"Ah!" Astraloinus coughed as he fell to his knee:
"This aura...Is this?" Astralonius asked:
"Yes...The magic consumer." Jezzia said as her legs shivered:
"It's like someone is eating my magical energy directly from my skin," Astralonius said as he looked around:
"There isn't a soul around," Astralonius said:
"True. But we aren't alone." Jezzia said as she grabbed the two-handed longsword:
"I can feel it. It's above us." Astralonius said:
"Then let's go," Jezzia said. 

The two of them walked through the corridors. The ruined castle was in a bad state. The wood was rotting. The dust was flying through the air and the floor had cracks and gave out sounds of creaking when you walked on it:
"So they used to live in this castle?" Astralonius asked:
"Yes. but when they created the magic consumer they had to move. The castle was swallowed in the magic consumer's aura." Jezzia said:
"Why not move the magic consumer?" Astralonius asked:
"Because the pedestal they had set up was built into the castle. It's directly connected to the magic lines in the ground. The magic energy is then transported through them to the singular point in Darrkoa with the most magic-" Jezzia said:
"The blood drop." Astralonius finished:
"Yes. You can't move the blood drop. It stuck in place. So they need to transport all magic to it through the magic lines." Jezzia said:
"I see," Astralonius said. They were climbing a pair of stairs.

"It is time." A voice sounded in the stairway:
"What!" Astralonius shouted as he prepared himself. A massive wall of pipe fog came down the stairs:
"Move!" Jezzia shouted as she pushed Astralonius. The fog swallowed her:
"Jezzia!" Astralonius shouted. She fell to the ground in sleep. A man slowly came walking down the stairs.

The man had white hair set into a big ponytail. There was also hair covering his right eye. He had sharp pale white eyes and sharp long ears. He walked around in white robes with black lines moving over it. He wore a belt which was tightening the robe. In the belt was a few pouches which were closed. He could be seen wearing white pants under the robe:

"First one down." He said as he slowly held out the Kiseru. The kiseru was long and thin. It was made out of white metal and had black markings all over it:
"I would presume you are Pipefog?" Astralonius asked as he grabbed to Belle Epine:
"Terinzy at your service. But people know me as Pipefog. Count Pipefog." The man said:
"I'm coming!" A voice shouted. The ceiling broke apart and a giant hammerhead crashed into the ground. Astralonius bearly dodged. He was scratched and blood flew out of his arm:
"Here!" The voice shouted as he grabbed a vial. He got the blood and threw it to Pipefog. Pipefog drank it as his eyes glowed up red:
"Thanks. Fullbody." Pipefog said. The dust cleared to reveal a man.

The man had short spiky brown hair and his eyes were already red. He had a bare chest. He had a red robe belt around his waist and black pants. He walked around in black shoes too. He had a slim body. There weren't any impressive muscles. He had black markings moving down from his shoulders to his arms. 

"It was hard to make a sneak attack using this," Fullbody said as he grabbed the hammer and lifted it like it was nothing. It was a long Warhammer. The head itself was the size of Fullbody. It had a long pole at the side of a lamppost. The dark markings moving up the pole's metal and over the head itself:
"Names Simon. But call me Fullbody." Fullbody said:
"Damn..." Astralonius said:
"I will leave you to it," Pipefog said as he took Jezzia and walked upstairs again:
"Just keep me alert," Fullbody said as he grabbed the hammer:
"This will be hard," Astralonius said as he grabbed Belle Epine tightly. The metal thorns moving over his hand and up his arm:
"This won't be enough," Astralonius said as he looked at the sword. He moved his free hand forward:
"Astral Codex," Astralonius said as the book appeared and started to levitate around him:
"Just you and me...Fairy." Fullbody said.

They had split up finally. But it seems like they were expected. The war had finally begun. 

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